With 2 Weeks to Go, Don’t Get Fooled Again

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Donna Brazile colluded with Hillary’s campaign and Roland Martin to feed debate to questions to Hillary before a debate.

Hillary personally ordered violent protesters to disrupt Trump events.

Hillary, Brazile, and PACS broke the law by colluding on disrupting Trump events.

Hillary Clinton trashed and intimidated the women her husband raped.

Hillary Clinton stole classified material and her minions offered bribes the FBI to help cover up the crimes.

And now people tell us her criminal deeds are less bad than Trump’s words.

I don’t buy it.

I’m not going to tell you you’re un-American if you don’t vote for Trump, unless you have a soul. Unless you’ve read the Wikileaks. Unless want to live free.

Maybe you’re okay with a felon for President, but I’m not. And for all his flaws, Trump has a plan that looks a lot like a plan I’d write.

America fell for Bill Clinton’s lies in 1992. Now, I’ll leave it to The Who.

I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
Take a bow for the new revolution
Smile and grin at the change all around
Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I’ll get on my knees and pray
We don’t get fooled again


Why Are Some Missouri Conservatives Putting Position Before Interest?

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Let’s play a little thought experiment.

Suppose you read that a scientific study proved dark blue socks look best with a gray suit. Then someone known for his remarkable sense of style shows up wearing purple striped socks with a gray suit. What would you do?

Before you answer that, consider this.

You’ve probably heard that a handful of conservative activists are supporting the Democrat running for governor. Those misguided conservatives think the GOP nominee isn’t conservative enough. So they’re supporting someone who isn’t conservative at all. They’re literally working against 90 percent of their own agenda.

I know all those activists. Their hearts are in the right place. Where they’ve put their brains is another matter.

Those activists want candidates like Eric Greitens to agree with them on everything. By everything, I mean critical issues like the best toppings for pizza, the best time of day to shower, and what color socks to wear with a gray suit. A Republican who deviates from their strict list becomes Enemy Numero Uno.

A few of those folks want Eric Greitens to lose because Eric wears the wrong color socks with gray suits. Eric didn’t support a bill in the Missouri legislature last year. Neither did I. My reasons for opposing SJR39 were different from Eric’s, and I like my reasons better than his.

Those pro-Democrat conservative activists, however, not only supported SJR39, they’re willing to sacrifice Right to Work and many other important issues on the altar of perfection. In their narrow minds, a candidate is either perfect or perfectly unacceptable. They live in a Boolean bubble, and they lose a lot.

Those pro-Democrat conservative activists are willing to see more abortions, more anti-police violence, and more economic stagnation for Missouri because Eric Greitens and I disagreed with one point on their very long list of positions. Psychologists will tell you that those activists get a lot of joy out of punishing people, and they’ll take great joy in punishing everyone in Missouri for nominating a guy they don’t like.

Those activists put their positions ahead of their interest and yours, which is also known as cutting off your nose to spite your face.

[Learn how to negotiate better by sorting out positions and interests.]

If you’re like them, you’d vilify that guy with a great sense of style for wearing the wrong socks with a gray suit. You might even disavow anyone who wears gray suits just to prove how committed you are to your positions. Good for you. Your friends will probably respect you for it.

I disavow cutting off your nose to spite your face because sacrificing the greater good for a single position that didn’t matter is akin to doing the Devil’s work. I try not to do the Devil’s work.

Do you?

P.S. SJR39 was meaningless. It was a statement of principle with no teeth. Missouri has too many real problems to waste time with “sense of the Senate” silliness. If the Supreme Court rules that same-sex marriage is a fundamental right and that ministers must perform those ceremonies, state law won’t matter. If you’re worried about this issue, vote for Trump. He’ll choose Supreme Court justices who apply the law well. Don’t waste your energy on helping elect a governor who disagrees with you on nearly everything.


Democrats Rig Every Election

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Donald Trump is taking exactly the right approach on the upcoming rigged election.

Every election since 1960 has involved massive election rigging by Democrats. They laugh about it privately and act all offended by the accusation in public.

Republicans let it happen. Republicans like John McCain believe they have a “duty” to concede even if an election is rigged. They called “honorable.” But conceding a rigged election is actually a moral failing. John McCain lost by a ton, so there was no need for him fight on. He loss was outside the margin of fraud. But many others weren’t.

This election is already rigged. Trump’s challenge is to win beyond the margin of fraud. If he can’t do that, he has a moral duty fight like a dog. I believe he will because of one guy in his corner.

Roger Stone is the only Republican alive who fights like Democrat. Stone led George W. Bush’s fight for Florida in 2000. He will lead Trump’s fight for America in 2016 if necessary.

Let’s not make it necessary. Based on past performance, the Clintons would assassinate a lot of people in that fight, and I am against murder.


Who Gets the Credit Matters Most

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Some people on the right say they won’t vote for Trump. Those people list various reasons, mostly about his demeanor and things he’s said in the past. They think who gets the credit is more important than what gets done. We all know people like that, don’t we?

Most of those NeverTrumpers were okay with Trump’s policies. They all love his Supreme Court list. Most of them liked Ted Cruz’s ideas, and Cruz’s weren’t far from Trump’s. For example, Cruz was for the flat tax, as I am, but Trump only wants to flatten taxes about 60 percent instead of all the way.

I’ll take 60 percent when the other choice is 100 percent in the wrong direction.

Yet some of those NeverTrump people still say “never Trump.” And they know that Hillary would do great damage to the United States and hurt of all of our citizens. She’s like some horrible hemorrhagic virus on freedom and good government. And she’s a criminal who loses state secrets. Yet those NeverTrumps prefer that hemorrhagic to fever over all the good things they’ve said they want, like lower taxes and fairer trade and immigration enforcement.

What NeverTrumpers seem to be saying is, “I want all those things that Trump wants, but I don’t want him to get the credit.”

Sure, Trump would probably take a lot of credit for 4.2% GDP growth and a drop in crime. I can understand why Bill Kristol and Don Adams would rather see this economic malaise continue forever than to hear Trump say, “I did it my way.” Those NeverTrumpers are even okay with paying for abortions as long as it means Trump doesn’t get credit for all the kids who don’t get chopped up and flushed down a toilet.

“Better to butcher a billion babies than to let Trump save them,” say the NeverTrumpers.

It’s too bad NeverTrumpers show such disregard for Ronald Reagan.

Reagan let Democrats take a lot of credit for getting his legislation through Congress. Remember, Democrats controlled the House for Reagan’s entire administration. As Reagan put it, it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t care who gets the credit.

If Hillary becomes President, NeverTrumpers will get the credit they deserve. For everything.

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A Catholic Priest Eviscerates Childish NeverTrumpers

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NeverTrumpers seem to believe that the act of voting is a sort of magic spell that can right all past wrongs. Psychologists call this “magical thinking.” Children do it. Magical thinking is the belief that we can change the outside world with our thoughts. Think of rain dances and crossed fingers. Or, as Dr. Ben Hunt explains, Fed policy.

Father Christopher J. Pollard, writing in Catholic News Agency, destroys the NeverTrump argument in his essay “On Voting.” I’ll give you the link in a moment. But first, let’s think about the thing NeverTrumpers seem to ignore: outcomes.

As Father Pollard notes, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the next President. Voting for anyone other than Clinton or Trump is the same as not voting. Even if a third party candidate won a single state like Utah, nothing changes that outcome.

But the outcome of your vote extends beyond the voting booth.

You will be held to account for what the next President does. Period. If you, like me, vote for Trump and Trump wins, you and I will be accountable for what Trump does as President. I accept that responsibility.

If like NeverTrump, you vote against Trump and Hillary wins, you will be accountable for what she does. Every war she starts, every abortion she funds, every death she causes, every church she shutters, I’ll be watching you.

Father Pollard is no fan of Donald Trump. But grown-ups deal with reality on reality’s terms, not their own. Here’s Fr. Pollard’s key points:

Yes, of course, you are insulted that these are the choices. Perhaps you are mistaking your vote to mean that you think a particular candidate ought to be President. Instead you really are just choosing between one of the possible outcomes, one being better than the other(s).

And then, just when you’re about say, “no, I will not choose the lesser of two evils,” Fr. Pollard frees your soul for you.

Are you thinking that your vote somehow morally unites yourself to that candidate? You will take upon yourself the moral character of the qualities or policies that motivate you to vote. Voting for Donald Trump would make you guilty of sexual assault if that would be why you are voting for him in the same way that voting for Hillary Clinton because she vilified her husband’s alleged victims would make you guilty… something terrible. Both scenarios are highly unlikely. Voting for Hillary Clinton does make you guilty of murder if abortion is one of your reasons for supporting her.

There. Voting for Trump is not and endorsement of the things you despise about Trump. It’s a vote for the better outcomes expected (reasonably) from a Trump administration. Those better outcomes include reduced chances of nuclear war with Russia, reduced rapes and murders at the hands of refugees and illegal immigrants, reduced suffering from underemployment and economic stagnation, just to name a few.

As I’ve written many times, if you want someone like Mike Lee on the Supreme Court, you have to elect Donald Trump. If you don’t, you’ll get Justice Barack Obama.

But there’s a greater danger than the threat to American sensibilities here. The existence of Christianity hangs in the balance. As Fr. Pollard writes:

I contend that this vote is a choice between two poisons. One of them would like to bring about the end of authentic Christianity. The other is simply disgusting. One intends to ensure that abortion, even its most brutal forms, remain legally protected. The other wants to defund Planned Parenthood. If the abortion business had nothing at stake in this race then why would Planned Parenthood give Mrs. Clinton a 100% rating and Mr. Trump 0%?

If you vote against Trump, you are voting against Christianity. How can NeverTrumpers ever enter a church again with that stone around their necks?

I’ll let Fr. Pollard close it out:

If you do decide to vote, please do not do so for the sake of feeling better. Vote because it will bring about the better outcome. And for heaven’s sake, if you do cast a ballot, do not use it to promote abortion. If you have ever done so, please repent. The punishments for those who deliberately kill the innocent, from which God will not be able to spare the impenitent, do not expire after three days or three months or three years or ever.

You can read the whole essay here.

Eyes are on you, even in the voting booth.

Justice Obama

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If Hillary Clinton wins, Barack Obama will take Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court.

You NeverTrump cowards need to go read everything you’ve written about Barack Obama. Read what you said about his sick dream to fundamentally transform America. Read everything you’ve written about his hatred of American exceptionalism.

But go deeper. Stop being cowards for ten minutes and recall what you’ve said and thought about Barack Obama. In private conversations. While reading an article in National Review or Wall Street Journal.

And then admit that your vote for Hillary or for some loser 3rd party candidate is a vote to replace Scalia with Obama.

Think about it.

Why is Obama using the full power of the United States to help elect Hillary? They hate each other.

Obama wants the court, and Hillary will give it to him.

On this measure, Hillary is 10 times the deal-maker Trump is.

Trump has honor.

Trump is a patriot.

Trump would never make that deal.

But Hillary would.

And you would if you don’t vote for Trump.

NeverTrumpers sicken me.


Psychopath or Braggart: The Ultimate Test

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Some people have already decided which candidate to vote for. According to polls, slightly more people favor the psychopath over the braggart.

For the undecided, I thought I’d create a simple quiz that will tell you whether you’re more comfortable with a President who says ugly things and brags about accomplishments or a president who gets people killed and gives away national secrets for cash. I know, it’s a tough call.

Tell us which you chose in the comments.