1. Bill L

    Bill, you did an awesome job. Great turnout. Great atmosphere. Great people.

    You did a good thing today.

  2. Jess

    Bill & Crew, thanks so much for organizing the first steps here in St. Louis. I was glad to attend (“Party Like it’s 1773″ gal) and see there were so many others like me fired up and ready to make our voices heard.

    However, not all of us have Facebook accounts. If you could post the Photobucket/Flickr links here on your blog for those of us not in the FB loop, it would be much appreciated.

    And keep us posted on future events. I’d love to help organize. Tax Day protest, maybe?

  3. Bravo to you guys! You should be really proud of yourselves. I hope that the enthusiasm that you guys have created spreads across the country.

  4. Jim

    Bill, First time I ever attended anything like this, definatly won’t be the last. Great turn out and great people. Now that the ball is rolling lets keep it going!
    BTW I’m the guy that shook your hand on the hill around 10:30 and thanked you for having the @3(($ to put this on! I will be at the next one with more folks in tow.

  5. Brad

    I would hope that you would know that the Boston Tea Party was a protest against taxation without representation. What you did today made no sense at all. It was a huge waste of good tea. May god help the city O’Fallon, because if Hennessey is running the show it will be in trouble.

  6. Jess

    Brad, taxation with representation ain’t so hot either & that’s what the protest today was all about.

  7. Brad,

    First, thanks for coming down today even though you obviously didn’t understand what we were saying. I know these economics are difficult for some people to comprehend the first time they try.

    Second, I am not that Bill Hennessy. And I don’t spell my name that way.


  8. Bill,

    My family and I had a blast! Thank you for all your hard work in getting this organized.

    BTW – Channel 4 or 5 lied and said there was only about 400 people there (I wasn’t watching the television, my Libtard neighbor called me up to rub the inaccurately reported low number in my face). That 400 number is an outright lie because I was counting and compared my numbers with two other people who were also taking count. I had around 1500. The other two had a few more than that. The St. Louis Post Dispatch reported over 1000.

    It probably depended on when exactly the count was taken.

    Obviously, the television stations are trying to downplay it by reporting obviously wrong numbers. And, it seems to have worked on my Libtard neighbor… So, what else is new, eh?


  9. Shirley

    Would like a louder bull horn next time. Couldn’t really hear the speakers.
    And I agree with the comment above. I don’t have a facebook account and would like to be able to readily find out about other events without signing up for one.
    Thanks for your efforts today. And thanks to the musician.
    And to the people who came with signs: Great signs. Great imaginations. Great Americans.
    I was proud today to be part of this event.

  10. Shirley, you and me both. That’s my fault. I figured 50 people would success, 100 would be magnificent. When Dana told me she’d bring a megaphone, I appreciated it, but wondered if we even needed that!

    One remarkable outgrowth of this event, which I will blog about later, is the closet conservatives who are telling me, “Next, call me.” Some of these folks have direct access to the stuff we need for 1,500 strong events.

    The signs were awesome. I especially enjoyed the little girl with the “Obama: I need more toys–NOW!” and my buddy Bill Lux’s Tax and Spend diagram.

  11. Shirley

    My conservative friend in Sacramento wants to go to something like this out there. Do you know how she would hear of any rallies out there? I recently was out there at a wedding, and I think met all the conservatives in California!
    Thanks again! Am looking forward to St. Louis’ next rally.

  12. Bonnie

    Can anyone tell me when and where will the next Tea Party be held? We did not know about the one Feb. and my husband and I want to attend. Thanks! See you all there.

  13. GREG


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