Is Obama Using SEIU to Terrorize Citizens?

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Interesting.   Mounting evidence suggests the White House may have been complicit in SEIU’s terrorism (as defined by U.S. Patriot Act) of a banker’s teenage son


Quit the SEIU.  No decent person would belong to an organization that openly, and with the federal government’s approval, uses terrorism to get its way.

Quit the DC Metro Police Force.  The President is using you to promote domestic terrorism.  Fight him—the real enemy.

Finally, is there anything more hypocritical and disgusting than a healthcare worker who joins the SEIU?  I suppose they use their thugs to drum up business. Sinful.

Read a great book on criminal history of the SEIU and its leaders: Devil at My Doorstep.


  1. And when Congress passes the forced unionization of all police and fire fighters will we have police that don’t respond to SEIU thugs, and fire fighters who let the homes of citizens targeted by the Obama Admnistration burn?

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