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  1. Piemaker

    The bill, sponsored by Earl Pomeroy (“At-large” and only Congressman for ND), is H.R. 3936, with the misleading title, “Preserve Benefits and Jobs Act of 2009.” If you look up this bill, and get the full text PDF from the General Printing Office, you will not only find that it is 106 pages long, but in searching the bill for the terms “union”, “labor”, “local”, “SEIU”, “AFL-CIO”, they were not to be found. Scanning the bill, I realized it was craftily written and thoroughly opaque, consisting of “replace the word ‘A’, section ‘B’, paragraph ‘C’, subsection ‘D’, with the word(s) ‘X’, and inserting a new section to be titled ‘Y’…you get the idea. COMPLETELY inscrutable to this mature and literate citizen.

    I wish I could confirm, for myself, what this bill does. (Honestly, I am not going to live long enough.) If it does what is alleged, since my “Republican” Congresswoman’s husband is a lawyer, registered at the Missouri Ethics Commission website as a lobbyist for 12 unions, including two AFL-CIO affiliates, and my “Republican” Congresswoman is one of the 44 cosponsors of this bill, I think this is just a tad questionable.

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