1. cds

    Great article, you nailed it. I wouldn’t give the Republican Party machine a dime after what it did to conservative activists in 2008. Unfortunately, I doubt you can teach those old dogs new tricks and they won’t relinquish their little slice of the pie (power) – either never, or until they are backed into such a dark corner by present political circumstances that they have no other choice. In other words, things won’t be fixed quickly.

  2. Kevin Jackson

    Ideologies don’t change as easily as you suggest in this article. If a union chief supported a Democrat governor and attorney general, then he liked their policies. If he didn’t, then he was there for political expediency, and was unwilling to take a stand.

    What the grass roots is, is smart. They are no longer willing to tolerate snakes within our midst. I don’t know if this guy is a snake or not, but it’s certainly ok to question his motives.

    The decision to allow this appointment was done by ONE person, not the movement, and I suspect many people have an issue with that.

    Personally, I don’t find everybody in this movement so open to new ideas and the broadening of the tent. I find a lot of petty individuals more intent on personal gain at the expense of others. I think people expect grassroots organizers to be much more unlike the political “leaders” we are trying to depose.

    1. Anonymous

      You’re right Kevin I see that too. I see alot of so called grassroots organizers organizing petty infighting attacks on each other instead of acting how they preach at events and book signings.

  3. Shirley

    Tea Party people are honest, you don’t have to worry about whether someone who joins is ok or not. The Tea Party is speaking truth, you don’t have to remember what was said to whom. Dems have lied over and over again and then they pay people off to keep them loyal but when people realize this payoff is destroying their children and grandchildren and they are sincere and honest they do not want that result. We do not want this nation destroyed, the challenge to keep it strong draws people in. Some may not care, they just want another dollar, but one day they will realize that dollar is choking them. Some are too frightened to speak or stand up, they need courage. Hopefully, it will not be too late for them. We want everyone, but Gideon’s 300 is sufficient. Shirley McFarland

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