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  1. Janies

    A lot of people don’t vote in presidential election but vote on state & local issues. Some don’t bother to vote because they view the entire system as hopelessly corrupt & beyond redemption. Many are waiting for the system to collapse.

  2. RickBad

    This article is stupid.. Being capable of voting effectively doesn’t have much to to do with knowledge or understanding of the government, like who the senators are or who the speaker of the house is. There are other domains of knowledge (like common sense and ability to determine who is lying) besides “the us government and how it works”.. I think the author of the voter IQ test questions should have to score over 100 on a regular IQ test. Although I agree most Americans are too dumb (or just uninformed) in order to vote effectively.

  3. RickBad

    This guy makes conservatives look bad, the best thing he can do for his cause is to put down the pen.

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