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  1. Dave Schmitt

    Sorry, but I don’t get your point.

  2. A more specific expaination of who is who and what is what would eliminate the guess work of your post.

  3. I’m a bit confused over the examples as well. A bit more to the point would eliminate the guess work, sorry….

  4. Janie Reifsteck

    We need to support Todd Akin, while the enemy is attacking him, hold steady. stand up for principles and values…………….even if we are out numbered. God also provided victory for Gideon with a very tiny army against a huge massive enemy. Don’t give up. The underdog can win.

  5. Kenneth Roe

    I think Bill is illustrating that any one of us may be called upon to sacrifice our plans for the plan of God. I cannot put the pieces together any more than Bill, but I have been wondering the same thing.

  6. patriotsoul

    Where is a list of progressive/Communist/Obama and friends “gaffes” ?
    Compare, and the age of enlightenment they have been pushing, will die out quickly.

  7. Jim Frost

    Number one Todd is a Conservative. Number two Clair is a LLLL, (Left Leaning Liberal Loon).
    Voting for Todd, who was not my first choice, is a no brainier.

  8. Janie Reifsteck

    Read Judges 6:14 thru 7:22 about Gideon and how against all odds He defeated the huge army with only 300 soldiers…..because GOD promised to help him if he would obey God’s orders. Todd can win even if he is not the “PARTY” Candidate.
    He is the “We The People’s Choice”

    1. Miracles do happen. Betting on miracles, though, seems risky.

      As another commenter pointed out, Akin got only about 1/3 of the primary vote.

  9. Dave Schmitt

    Akin got slightly more than one-third of the primary votes. In other words, Missouri Republicans voted 2-to-1 against him. Although I will support him or any other GOP candidate against McCaskill, he can hardly claim to be the People’s Choice.

    Furthermore, I don’t think we should be too harsh about the withdrawal of GOP support. Akin’s situation vis-a-vis the national party is not the same as those recent elections where the GOP establishment refused to support a “Tea Party candidate” who bested the party’s “moderate” choice in the primaries. Akin had full GOP support until he showed incredible political naivete by answering the unasked question. His phrase “legitimate rape” could be forgiven as a simple slip of the lip in which he meant to say “forcible rape.” But then he committed a Biden-esque gaffe by running off at the mouth with a silly statement about how a rape victim’s body rejects pregnancy. (See my other post about why he may have been statistically correct but technically wrong.)

    If we think Biden is unfit for office because of his crazy gaffes, perhaps we should apply the same standard to Akin. OTOH, Biden served in the Senate for many years along with other goofballs like Ted Kennedy, so perhaps Todd would fit right in. Like Jim Frost and (I hope) most other MO Republicans, I intend to do everything in my power to see that he gets there.

    1. Very well put.

      Btw, I’m catching up on emails, comments, and work after a week spent on the phone.

      Thanks for keeping the blog lit up with comments.

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