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  1. To all Jews: If you did not know before, you should know by now that Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrat/Statists are not your allies. The Democrat/Statists led by Obama dropped a clause included in the 2008 platform that read: “Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel.” They then put the language back in because of the optics, not because of sincerity as espoused by New York Rep. Nydia Velazquez, “We try to avoid this type of conflict by providing ammunition to the other side to exploit.”

  2. marina

    perfectly said greg!!!!! JEWS AND AMERICANS need to get hip to obama and Not vote for him HE IS NO FRIEND TO ISRAEL……OR AMERICA HIS ALLIANCE IS WITH PALESTINE–MUSLIMS–ISLAM period

  3. Greg Petrovic

    I don’t see anything wrong with excluding religion from politics, since every president has been Christian to some degree and it has prevented none of them from making heinous decisions that actively made people’s lives worse. Tying a party platform to religion doesn’t even make sense, because then everyone gets bogged down in what the official religion is, whose god is God, and pointless squabbles about who is more religiously right end up dominating the conversation. God has a place, just not in politics.

    Also, Israel has been on a tear ever since 1948. Egging them on by recognizing their claim over the most historically significant religious city in the world, which is just the cherry on top of an insane conflict that has been driving both them and Palestine nuts for 60 years, doesn’t seem like a just move. Let alone a good one.

    1. You’re certainly entitled to those opinions, even though, as the video demonstrates, the DNC’s leadership disagrees with you on both points.

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