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  1. Ellen

    Thanks Bill. I am voting exactly like you are!

  2. Rob

    The only deviation that I may have is Koster over Martin because of the NRA rating. Our 2nd Amendment is the the only tool we the people have that can stop a tyranny.

    1. The NRA endorses incumbents by default. It’s the most meaningless endorsement on the planet. Look at the NRA’s history of endorsements. It’s why I don’t belong. And never have.

  3. Larry Slater

    I agree with your selections. However, I believe we all need to contact the RNC and question the wisdom of them not providding support for Todd Akin. The Senate race is to critical to be playing these stupid games.

    1. I concur. I stopped donating to the RNC, the NRSC, and the NRCC four years ago. They really don’t care about Constitutionalism.

  4. TruthSayer

    So I suppose your Idea of Giving Communities Control over their Local Affairs is just Not Honest..

    Why else would you seek to deny The St Louis City Control over who its Police Commissioners are and to deny The City control over its OWN Police Department..

    Well while we are at it.. Let us Give State Control to Ballwins Police Department, Manchesters, Ellisvilles, Town And Countries, Ladues, Chesterfields.. O’Fallons.. St Charles.. And on and on.. If it is Good Enough for the City of St Louis it Must be good enough for All the rest right? Heck while we are at it.. Lets Go ahead and Federalize them all .. I mean that would be the Logical Next step in the Distancing Control from the Actual Residents and their Elected Officials like Pesky Mayors.. You are all Frauds.

    1. Actually I’m for the status quo. Very simple. It is less broken than the prescribed change.

      Conservatism must, at times, conserve something, after all.

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