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  1. John Boehner is a weak Speaker and needs to be replaced. We have Obamacare because of cry baby Boehner. And you should know by now that the Republicans will get blamed for anything bad. BTW the Republican Party did not lose badly, they gained some seats in Congress and lost some seats in the Senate by running some RINO’s. As for President, Romney was not Barack Hussein Obama, but held many of his views. Aside from voter fraud the fact is Romney is not a Conservative and I believe many people drew a line in the sand and decided not to vote for a RIno in Romney. Wrong time to take that stance with the possibility of two Supreme Court Justices retiring. Furthermore, Romney could be persuaded more easily to following the Constitution than Obama.

  2. Ellen

    Thanks Bill for a great explanation of what Washington could do. Let’s hope they choose the least destructive path for the Republicans. We have a lot of ground to make up after last week’s election.

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