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  1. Larry Slater

    It has only just began and I am betting the unemployment rate will be at least 10% by the end of 2013. Thanks to Obama Mania.

  2. The rank and file have to trust and follow union leadership – or so the leadership tells us. The Teamsters were always pretty good to me and my colleagues but when I “graduated” to the NEA I had a hard time seeing any benefits to my membership. Most of the time it’s impossible to see that union leadership might not have our best interests in mind. At other times its possible to look the insanity in the face. For example, the insanity of the Mineworkers union leadership while they endorsed the current president – who essentially promised to shut down the mines. Current motto: keep your eye on all of them – and pray a lot.

    1. Great comment. Thanks.

      William F. Buckley told a story about John Dos Passos–the Marxist writer who converted to conservatism and edited National Review for a time.

      Dos Passos traced his ideological migration. First opposed Big Business.Then he opposed Big Government. Then Big Unions.

      He concluded that he never really changed his thinking. He just applied his ideology to more dangers as life and experience allowed him to see the world from a higher plane.

      What was his ideology: he was anti-Big Anything.

      I’ve always thought Dos Passos’s progress is a great lesson. It teaches us that letting any entity grow too large and too powerful leads to tyranny.

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