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  1. All is not gloom and doom. Haven’t we have taken ~60% of the Governorships and ~60% of the State Legislatures with Republicans… …as we continue to Occupy the Republican Party with Libertarian and Conservative Principles!

    It’s taken years for Progressive Republicans to take the party leadership. It’s going to take years to undo the damage the Progs on both sides of the aisle have done — not a couple election cycles.

    We are well on our way! Do not lose heart!

  2. Bill – one area that the Tea Party can make real strides in is running candidates in areas that the “establishment” or traditional Republicans are afraid to run in. Nearly a third of the state representative districts in St. Louis County were won by Democrats without any Republican opposition (and the Libertarian and/or Constitution party candidates, if there even were any, weren’t considered credible candidates). All but one of the St. Louis City districts were uncontested by Republicans. Local municipality, school board, fire district, etc. elections are excellent training/proving grounds for candidates and elected officials, as well. Conservatives have to run candidates in the enemy’s prime territory, or we’ll keep losing ground to their “the government is here to help you” message.

  3. I’m on a lot of discussion boards, forums….. There are a lot of good pro-active conservatives but……More like minded folks need to run for local office, volunteer for campaigns and actually do the work that needs getting done. The power is in people power, not just forum evening quater backs!

  4. kahki

    Questions, observations and a suggestion:

    1. Does the Tea Party, in chapters, recruit candidates or does it support conservative/libertarian/constitutional candidates who are already declared?

    2. Is the Tea Party, in chapters, active in supporting or opposing legislation at the federal and state levels?

    I don’t have a preference, just interested to learn more about its role. Even though I’ve passively followed the TParty since its inception and supported it financially, it’s amazing how little I know about its functions.

    Observation: Mainstream media have taken the lead in erroneously defining and mischaracterizing the TParty. In a couple of blogs, I asked who is the conservative candidate in the MO senate race. I was informed quite confidently by several respondents that the TParty had endorsed Sarah Steelman. I found media reports that Tea Party Express had endorsed Steelman. Further research revealed that many local MO TParties responded with press releases that apparently nobody read, declaring that they had not endorsed any of the candidates. That seemed more accurate. When Ryan was announced as Romney’s running mate, on Fox news he was introduced as “Tea Party favorite Paul Ryan…” Hmmm, really? That was the first I’d heard of his association with the TParty. Many people are suspicious that the TParty is a Christian organization that wants to dictate certain restrictions on constitutional rights, even though there is nothing in the political platform for this impression.

    Suggestion: if the TParty does assume a more public presence, it may consider tying it to civic good works or acts of charity, which is certainly in line with conservative ideology. TParties provided support for victims of the Joplin tornado. Acts like these can help build a positive public image, set an example and offer opportunities to better explain its positions on issues.

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