1. Dave Schmitt

    That’s why I’ve come up with a great business idea: marijuana K-cups. We would sell an automatic joint roller and a line of MJ cartridges in various flavors and blends. Pop a cartridge into the machine and out pops a nicely rolled doobie. The perfect give for the stoner who has everything. For groups, buy our party-size cartridges for use in our hookah. Perhaps we could get Warren Buffett to invest. What do you think?

  2. notforsale

    I agree with you Bill – for all the reasons that you have stated. I have wondered IF Washington and Colorado’s laws will in some way be overturned – due to the United Nations Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, adopted in 1961 to outlaw “illicit substances” across the planet. I believe that the US signed on to that and cannabis is on the yellow list of that treaty. So, it seems that the US would be in violation of a UN treaty. This COULD get interesting and MAY make citizens aware of threats to national sovereignty in public policies, international treaties and agreements?

    1. You make a fabulous point. In fact, the UN is already leaning on Obama to send the feds into Colorado and Washington. See this blog: http://usahitman.com/untcwoml/

      This news–the idea of the UN dictating our states’ laws–should rally conservatives to the cause. Let’s stand up the UN and reassert our independence. Maybe July 4, 2013, should a massive demonstration of our national and state sovereignty. #LegalizeIt

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