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  1. When al those who voted for the present POTUS get their first pay check and see the “change” in their take home pay I doubt if they’ll have any idea who to blame for that! Surely not their guy?

    1. You know, when those Obama voters start complaining, the press will have wiped clean any Democrat fingerprints from the “McConnell Tax Increase.” Politico has already started.

      And “low information voter” is a code word for “Democrat.” They won’t go look it up. The GOP establishment is still playing as if Rostenkowski and Tip O’Neill were the rivals. McConnell and Boehner don’t have a playbook for battling true believers.

  2. Dustin

    I don’t think taxing income, whether at a flat rate or at progressive rates, is the answer to the debt problem. The income tax started out as a flat rate for crying out loud! Look where that has gotten us. There are so many problems with the 16th amendment and we have the GOP to thank for it. I stand against any direct tax on income (where income = success), and I especially stand against the 16th amendment giving the government the ability to levy taxes without apportionment among the states.

    1. I’m not addressing the debt problem, per se, but the complexity of the tax code. Let me ask this: would you prefer a flat tax to the current tax code?

      1. Dustin

        I prefer many things over the current tax code. But changing the current tax code is highly unlikely, since BOTH parties constantly use it as a means of trading favors.

        For the record, though, I support taxing consumption to raise revenue for the Federal government’s enumerated duties.

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