1. Heidi

    Make it a legal issue on some kind of fraud!
    Can we?

    1. HC

      How can we contact Hanaway? Linkedin?

    2. wiliamthennessy

      I don’t think so. But Catherine hanaway might be on a ballot near you soon.

  2. CMAK

    Taking ANY Federal money makes you a slave to the national corruption. If you are for taking more Federal funding, you are not a [r]epublican, but a Republican. The State is sovereign, but when you accept money from the Union of States, i.e. the United States of America, you then forfeit the right to be free and give then the right to control that power. You lose the greatness of numerated powers, and tell the corrupt Centrists in D.C. that it is ok to take control and give our people less freedom. It is despicable and troubling that anyone that calls themselves a Republican would ever allow this. A line must be drawn.

    1. I assume you’re referring to states taking federal funding, not individuals. I was in the Navy for a decade and got paid.

      When you say “you are not a republican,” do you mean that in the Montesquieuan sense of republican? If so, I’d have to disagree, since a republic, as understood at the time of the founding, is simply a public government–either democracy, aristocracy, or oligarchy as opposed to a private form of government, such as a monarchy.

      And, while I agree that we need to increase fidelity to the Constitution, I think that’s a continuous and long-term process. In the meantime, states have little choice but deal with federal funding, and the people who work in those governments should be able to do so without feeling like traitors.

      The measure should be whether we’re moving closer to Constitutional fidelity every year or further away.

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