1. mary

    I was watching Beck last night, and i learned that the last time a filabuster like this happened was 1856 ” the crime of kansas” and the repuplican party was born and took the senate, house and the presidencey in 1860 with Lincoln as POTUS, it would be awesome if this would happen again, and the republicans would return to small gov. and free enterprise, low tax, ruled by the people, freedom loving party they once where.

  2. sulli159

    I have always respected you Bill as the leader of the STL TP. My grandson and I were there at the first one at the arch and many there time.

    Staying on the topic. I have associated Liberterian as a “dirty” word after listening and commenting on social networks to the Ron Paul supporters and is absolutley disgusting.; “Ron Paul is totally above critism, the saviour of America, 100% correct about everything 100% of the time.” I try to do my home work and do my own vetting and based on facts and reliable source. And Ron Paul is no exception. He has associated himself with many qustionable groups and even the ones they Paul supporters land infowars gurus love to hate. Peter Thiel on Paul’s campaign committee was a Bilderberg member. Among others a white supremist group Stormfront, David Duke, Chris North (a Christian Reconstructionists), Adam Kokesh, Occupyy Wall Streeters
    And Rand also developed associations with Kokesh and his Code Pink group.

    How much is Rand ollowing in his father’s footsteps remains to be seen. Or is he just making a name for himself for a 2016 run?

    Appreciate Rand’s historic filibuster, but the issue should of been that Brennan converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia and his sympthacies with the terorists groups Hamas and Hezbollah. Just imagine that as director of the CIA. And Rand voted for anti-semetic Hagel, who want to gut our military.

    It’s really hard to stay informed takes 24/7. And it is disappointing that Republicans like “Cain” and others compromising and being so ill and/or misinformed. But at least if we go third party Liberterian-let’s do define excactly what they stand for. The always fail to mention what limits they want to have in government, etc… No government at all would be talking themselves out of a job and Anarchy is another “dirty” word.

  3. sulli159

    Sorry about the spellings and the syntax; having trouble with my PC software.

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