1. Frieda

    Thank you Bill. You always hit the nail on the head or right between the eyes. I have been working with a couple of liberal/progressives lately on the Paper Ballot issue and started talking to the Sierra Club folks in my hiking club and it has opened my eyes. Generally, we all want the same things, but we always talk right past each other until you start discussing a specific issue that we can all agree on. So whats the way forward ? I think it is more listening and less shouting but don’t lose your focus and determination – or don’t let yourself get preempted.

  2. Well, you gave the nail a second thwack: “talking right past each other.”

    That’s a sign of not listening to hear, but listening to argue.

    I wrote about some key insights from an FBI hostage negotiator last week on my Simple Strategies blog. The key to getting people out of a hostage situation alive is listening, understanding, feeding back, and open-ended questions.

    [LINK: http://simplestrategies.me/2013/03/15/how-to-persuade-like-the-fbis-top-hostage-negotiator/

    Done right, the hostage-taker will realize that what he’s doing right now isn’t helping him get what he really wants. But you can’t reach that point in the conversation if you’re arguing.

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