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My friend Scott Oppelt mentioned his complaint that the GOP has so many great candidates all at once. Why can’t they be spread out over 20 years?

Great question. History being what it is, we can’t spread them across time, only across government. So this week’s poll is a little fun.

The rules:

You must fill the next White House cabinet using only the current candidates for President. You do not know who the President or Vice President is, so assume it’s none of the current candidates. My choices are below. If you don’t want my votes to taint yours, take the survey before scrolling

Because this question is complicated, I can’t embed it into this page. But have fun.


There’s still a little left to take last week’s survey on candidate qualities that matter.

Here’s what you said about Donald Trump.

Here’s what you said about a service ethos.

Okay, here’s my cabinet:

Secretary of State Jeb Bush
Secretary of the Treasury Rand Paul
Secretary of Defense Lindsey Graham
Attorney General Ted Cruz
Secretary of the Interior Donald Trump
Secretary of Agriculture George Gilmore
Secretary of Commerce Carly Fiorina
Secretary of Labor Scott Walker
Secretary of Health and Human Services Dr. Ben Carson
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Mike Huckabee
Secretary of Transportation George Pataki
Secretary of Energy John Kasich
Secretary of Education Bobby Jindal
Secretary of Veterans Affairs Chris Christie
Secretary of Homeland Security Rick Perry

Secretary of State Jeb Bush: The Bushes actually know how to handle jobs like this. Bush would restore credibility to a damaged office. He’ll be far away from education and immigration unable to do damage.

Secretary of Homeland Security Rick Perry: The border is secure.

Attorney General Ted Cruz: Do have to say why?

Secretary of Labor Scott Walker: [I’m laughing too hard to type.]

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Chris Christie: The VA is screwed up. Christie is the kind of leader needed. Heads will roll; stuff will get fixed.

Secretary of Defense Lindsey Graham: You might think I want a hawk running the military. Not really. I want a pro-defense secretary, but Graham is too hawkish. Working daily with generals and admirals might modulate his attitude a bit.

Secretary of Treasury Rand Paul: Audit the Fed.

Secretary of Education Bobby Jindal: Education is Jindal’s first love, and he has some great ideas. He will quickly fix the problems Arne Duncan has created. This might be the most important position, though its probably seem less urgent to many.

Secretary of Health and Human Service Dr. Ben Carson: Typecasting a bit, I know. I could also see Dr. Carson at HUD.

Secretary of the Interior Donald Trump: He will love the great outdoors. And the more time he spends out of cell phone coverage, the better.

Bottom Line

The good news about the crowded field full of many people I could happily vote for is we have a stable of great cabinet officers ready to begin the work of undoing years of neglect.



  1. I re-tasted last nights boneless chicken wings seeing more Bush in government. It is time for a trim!

    Land use, environmentalism and regionalism are tools of the Department of the Interior (EPA, BLM, etc). It uses these tools to destroy Self Governance at the most most local and personal level. Donald Trump does not understand this. Sarah Palin does. You need a grizzly momma bear taking chunks out the DOI hide! And soon…it is close to achieving its objective.

    1935 – “Regional Factors in National Planning”

  2. Too wierd, a dear friend and I were discussing our dream cabinets on Friday evening! At first I was shocked to see Bush in yours but your explanation made sense and yes for the love of all the is holy keep him away from education.

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