Paris Attacks Expose The Narcissists of Mizzou

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People tell us who they are, but we ignore it. Because we want them to be what we want them to be.

–Mad Men

You can’t make this stuff up.

Concerned Student 1950, the group that seized public ground for private use at the University of Missouri has a new concern today. It seems the kiddos are upset that ISIS deigned to steal the headlines by killing 120 to 150 people in Paris, wounding 200 others.

narcissism: psychology: extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.

As news of the horror in Paris unfolded, the narcissistic, privileged, spoiled, petulant children of Mizzou’s protest movement took to Twitter to demand the spotlight return to Columbia.

Here’s the story on Right Scoop by Soopermexican. Because many of the tweets have been deleted (maybe on the advice of a sympathetic Mass Media instructor at Mizzou?), here’s a sample of narcissism run amok at University of Missouri:

It’s black kids trapped in their rooms at #Mizzou but y’all talking about #PrayforParis. Fuck Paris #PrayforMizzou –Sleaze Rich Porter (@Sleazemontana)


Paris is all over my local news but I didn’t see shit about the KKK threatening #Mizzou ????? –@masturbad


I do pray for Paris, but people need to start seeing what’s going on in our own country. I BARELY saw anything about #Mizzou. Quite sad –@jkleimz


Now people are desensitizing #BlackLivesMatter and #Mizzou for what’s happening in Paris, have you no common decency? –@Alasia_Justine


Don’t use the tragedy in Paris to try and undermine the awful things that are happening at #Mizzou. Both of these events are terrible. –@curvyyandcurlyy

People tell you who they are. I have no doubt each of these people is sincere. The kids on the quadrangle at Mizzou truly believe their plight is the equal of the victims in Paris.

We call them “kids” for a reason. They haven’t lived. When they say stupid things, we say “that’s not really who they are.”

But we’re wrong. They’re wrong. And some adult should say, “you are wrong, child. You are wrong.”

Now you know who #ConcernedStudent1950 is: a spoiled, privileged, child mired in the quicksand of extreme narcissism. With a little race hatred and fascist control-needs on top.

Hope your 15-minutes were worth it, kids. Just like the kids at Yale.

See more on Right Scoop.

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UPDATE: Breitbart has more.

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  1. The thin skinned, big eared, narcissistic, Community Agitator, Hussein Obama sidea with the agitators at Mizzou. And why wouldn’t he, after all he supports the protests and is behind the racial tension throughout the country.

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