Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck Were 100% Right about Katrina Pierson

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UPDATE: Originally I mentioned “apparently fake twitter account.” I’ve learned (after lots of research) that I was mistaken. I’ve removed that statement. Please continue reading. My carelessness was completely my own. 

I agree with Ted Cruz. And welcome Big Government readers.

Senator Cruz said, “Katrina Pierson is an utterly fearless principled conservative.”

That was just two years ago. Katrina Pierson was challenging Pete Sessions for Congress.

I also agree with Ted’s dad, Rafael Cruz, who said of Katrina, “She’s a strict constitutionalist. She’s a strong conservative and she wants to do what’s right.”

I also agree with Glenn Beck who introduced his radio audience to Katrina this way:

Katrina Pierson is running against Congressman Pete Sessions here in Texas… To call Pete a massive disappointment is a massive understatement. And you should get to know Katrina. Ted Cruz, who doesn’t throw these things around lightly, called her an utterly fearless principled conservative, which I think is about the highest praise you could get from Ted Cruz. (Source: glennbeck.com)

I even agree with (in carefully measured doses) this Dave Weigel story in Slate from 2014:

Pierson’s claim on the Cruz brand is more intimate. Nanoseconds after she announced for Congress, she was endorsed by FreedomWorks, the D.C.-based Tea Party powerhouse. FreedomWorks has warred for its own Cruz pixie dust—when Sen. John Cornyn’s campaign hired the group’s old grassroots coordinator Brendan Steinhauser, FreedomWorks insisted that he “was not in charge of our political efforts in 2010 or 2012.”

Steinhauser strayed, at least in the view of FreedomWorks. Pierson did not. She’s a pure Tea Partier, one of the shrinking group of conservative activists who gained unimagined political stardom, compared to the average freshman congressman, thanks to media interest in the movement, especially from Fox News. She’s biracial, which she insists will drive the left batty when (never “if”) she wins. “You could call me a racist,” she says. “Good luck with that! You could say I’m out there pushing the war on women. Good luck with that, too.”

Dave Weigel covered the Tea Party movement for Washington Post and Slate since its earliest days. He knows who was there.

I Figured She Was a Prima Donna

I’ve known Katrina Pierson since 2009, but I first met her in 2010. She and many Tea Partiers from Texas came to St. Louis for the September 12 event under the Arch. I knew Katrina was a star of the Texas tea parties, and I expected her to be a prima donna. But I quickly learned otherwise.

It was hot. I was playing host by escorting a group of VIPs on foot, about eight people in total. We had a few of blocks to go. The women were mostly in heels walking on rough pavement in downtown St. Louis.

A big, black SUV came along, recognized a few of the faces, and offered a ride. “I have room for six,” the driver said.

Some of us looked around. A few people simply jumped into the SUV. Katrina said, “It’s okay. I can walk.” So I walked with her. (I was a host.) I believe one other gentleman walked with us. Prima donnas don’t give up an SUV ride.

That simple act of humility when no one of consequence was a round to see it told me a lot about Katrina.

Conservatives Gone Wild

Today, a conservative blogger pieced together snippets of some of Katrina’s past statements to build a case that Katrina is actually a radical leftist.  In elections, even good people often lose their minds.

But Glenn Beck took to Facebook to pile on Katrina. Without bothering to check the validity or context of the piece, he labelled Pierson “dangerous.” And that’s a shame, because Glenn once had something to offer. Like when he gave Katrina a platform in her 2014 race against the “disappointing” Pete Sessions.

As blogger Dan Riehl points out on Twitter:

Yep. Especially when Glenn Beck attacks her. Remember, Glenn is the same guy who, in 2009, said that he would have voted for Hillary Clinton over John McCain and that he expects Barack Obama will be better for the country than McCain would have been (video below).

Look, I get that elections make good people crazy. I’ll blame it on National Review. And I get that conservatives have problems with Trump. But let’s try to remember two things:

  1. There will be a tomorrow no matter how the Iowa caucuses shake out, and
  2. If there is no tomorrow, Revelation tells us the good guys have won.

Katrina Pierson really is a pure tea partier, a fierce conservative, and a strict constitutionalist. She didn’t stop being those things when she became Trump’s spokesperson anymore than Beck stopped being a conservative when he declared a preference for Hillary and Obama over McCain.

Katrina is a friend and a soldier in the war on establishment values. She has lifted me up and pointed back toward the front in our war when I’ve stumbled and felt weak.

Find a way to elevate Cruz without destroying your sister-in-arms.



  • First time here. I’ll make it short- it seems to me the basic disconnect is some people who are used to working in campaigns think this is a campaign, while the general public views it as a potential revolution. My two cents.

  • ilovevictoriasbows

    OK, I get it now. Initially, we were quick to denounce the Tweets as fake but now that they’ve been proven to be hers, it doesn’t matter.

  • PeaceLover

    It is sad that things have come to this, where conservatives, tea party-ers and GOP are all attacking each other and some are even resorting to twisting the truth to try to gain points. We need to pull together to win this upcoming election, regardless of which candidate wins the nomination. Let’s not slash each other in the process of trying to assist our favored candidate. What’s the point of winning if we lose our decency, civility and integrity in the process? Somebody should remind Glenn Beck about that…

  • ntoforsale

    Trump has had all the right talking points and I have said any times . . . he definitely has someone around that has their finger on the pulse of THE PEOPLE – their concerns, frustrations, fears, anger, etc. Sounds like Katrina Pierson is that person. (Tea Party bona fides and all.) Trump was wise to hire her (female, bi-racial, political, outspoken, activist ) and it’s up to us to decide if his motive for hiring Pierson (11/15) was a shrewd calculation to capture the vote of the Tea Party crowd or a “good fit” of political ideology. Pretty much the same for Pierson – she became Trump’s spokesperson because:

    A) She truly believes in him.
    B) It’s a great paycheck
    C) Exposure for political future/job
    C) All the above

    For me . . . Trump has ended up in my ELIMINATED pile – (many of the reasons were addressed by shadowsnomore). It’s an on going process of daily weirdness.

  • Chuck

    So where is it the tweets are fake??

    • I understand that the sexually explicit ones may have been photoshopped. The ones with links are valid.

  • Ellen Elmore

    I don’t trust anyone who supports Trump. By supporting Trump Katrina has bought into the lie that celebrity is more important than character. Trump is a self-absorbed, arrogant egomaniac. If that is who Katrina chooses to support then she is just as bad as Trump himself.

  • Well perhaps you should forward your advice to Donald Trump and his staff! Where was your outrage when Trump and his spokespeople claimed that Ted Cruz was WORSE than Hilary Clinton? Were is your outrage against Trump and his staff when they attacked Mr. Cruz for his loans? They said he was beholden to Goldman Saks and Citibank for taking out loans to finance his campaign.Yet, Mr. Trump has taken out business loans from these very same institutions yet he is somehow exempt from this same criticism? Trump stated Mr. Cruz is worse than Hilary Clinton because he filed the wrong forms to disclose this information! Worse than Clinton who broke the law regarding her government emails, allowed our Ambassador and other men to die in Benghazi, covered up and harassed women whom Bill Clinton sexually assaulted, Whitewater and countless other scandals and illegal actives! Can you honestly support a man who spews this kind of rhetoric and lies?
    Let’s not forget how he has attacked Carly Fiorina and her business skill. These attacks coming from a man who has declared bankruptcy four times after amassing huge debts. A man who said he profited and used the government system to leave shareholders, small business owners and workers unpaid and in many cases financially devastated because of his poor business skills. Yet we shouldn’t point out the flaws of Mr. Trump or of his staff?
    I understand many are angry with the establishment politicians, pundits and lobbyist. What I can not understand is how many in the conservative and Tea party movement can turn a blind eye to Mr. Trump’s liberal background and his very own words about embracing the establishment. Please DO NOT use President Reagan’s conversion from the Democratic party to the Republican party as an argument. President Reagan was a converted conservative for many years before he sought the office of President. Mr. Trump is NO RONALD REAGAN! Trying to cast him as such is an insult not only to President Reagan, but to those of us who supported and loved him. President Reagan had many detractors both in and out of his party. He never resorted to the petty name calling and mud slinging which Trump does on a daily basis. President Reagan had a record and history to support his conservative values, Trump does not. President Reagan used truth, integrity, humor and firmness of conviction to spread his message to the people. Mr. Trump is the exact opposite.he treats his opponents and critics with open hostility, spews hate and lies, and has an over abundant amount of arrogance and hubris.
    I had always believed that being conservative meant one had a belief in smaller limited government, restoring and preserving the rights of individuals and the Constitution, having a understanding that an balanced budget and vast federal debt was destructive to the nation and her people. Yet, many individuals within the conservative movement have shed these values and beliefs to support Mr. Trump. Mr Trump supports Eminent Domain, Universal Healthcare, has voiced support for continued funding of planned parenthood, ethanol subsidies, a form of amnesty, and has said he would use executive orders to enact his wises. How is this different from Obama, the democrats or the establishment Republicans? In fact, many establishment Republicans are now backing Mr. Trump because they feel he will cut deals and work with them unlike Mr. Cruz. Ted Cruz has a record and history of voting and maintaining his conservative values. But some of the conservative voices that I have respected i the past are now jumping on the Trump bandwagon. Why? How can they turn a blind eye to Mr. Trump’s words and history?
    I have heard stories that sites like Brietbart, Drudge and Gateway Pundit are receiving funding from Mr. Trump to support their sites in return for favorable coverage. I hope this is untrue. If it is true then they are no better than lobbyist who sell their souls for profit and power. I question if Sarah Palin has been offered a cabinet position for her support? Has politics and power corrupted every facet of conservatism? I find it so hypocritical of you and others who cry “fowl” and “unfair” when Mr. Trump and his staff are help under a microscope or their record and history attacked. Yet daily, on social media, blog sites and press, Mr. Cruz, his supporters, and people like me are attacked, vilified, threatened and have hate and personal attacks leveled at us. So, in your very words Mr. Hennessy, find a way for you and Mr. Trump’s supporters to elevate their candidate without the personal destruction I and other conservatives have had by Mr. Trump’s supporters.

    • Katrina’s not the candidate.

      • No she is not but like her candidate, she has attacked others personally and spread lies on social media. I guess it’s okay if she does it but no one can question her and her background?

  • Doug

    Is Glenn Beck still around?

  • John Miller

    Excellent post. The only criticism I’d make is to say that Mr. Hennessy should check his spelling before writing the names of Biblical books. It “Revelation” not “Revelations.”

    • Thanks! Fixing now. Fast fingers, slow eyes. You should have seen all the errors a couple hours ago when I first posted. 🙁