Permission to Trump

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Ever feel like it’s not okay to admit you’re for Trump?

Everybody who listens to this new podcast, Permission to Trump, will benefit in one way or another. Some people will feel liberated. Others vindicated. Everyone improved.

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  • Grant Hall

    Great podcast.

    It’s probably likely that Trump is more liberal in some areas than he portrays. What do you think those areas might be?

    • Great persuasion question. You’re probably right. I don’t care. I care about the things that matter, namely preserving the culture that made limited government possible. As long as he does that, I’ll happily debate the fine points later.

    • Thanks! You must know a lot about persuasion judging by the way you set up your question. I’m mostly concerned with Trump’s broad understanding that the American culture is under attack and we need to conserve our way of life. Once we’re secure, we can get back to the finer points of policy. But if we lose the battle for our cultural core, the other points won’t matter.