Mike Flynn, RIP

When the BBC called Brexit for LEAVE at about 12:30 a.m. CDT today, I thought first of my friend Mike Flynn. Mike had a keen sense of history. He put the Tea Party movement into proper perspective, as he did with all events. Mike kept us from overstating both the Tea Party’s effect and its potential. Or he put them in context and reminded us that our potential depends on ourselves, not outside forces. Among nascent political operatives and activists, Mike was the adult in the room, even among people many years his senior.

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God Bless the Brits! Freedom Rings!

As an American, I am proud of the people from whose loins our nation sprang. United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union. The Brits rejected globalist, elitist threats and insults to vote for independence. Like America did in 1776.

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Why Government Employees Should Be Scared of Trump

Some people say they’re afraid of Donald Trump for bizarre reasons. I’ve heard he’s a dictator, a fascist, a genocidal maniac, and a lousy businessman. If any of that is true, there’s no evidence of it, so he must also own all the media already. And the internet. In fact, if Trump is a lousy businessman who managed to bungle his way to a $10 billion fortune, he must really bad at dictatoring, because he hasn’t even conquered his home country in 70 years.

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