Media Conspire to Suppress Republican Turnout

Reading Time: 1 minutesSt. Louis’s is doing its fair share to suppress the Republican voter turnout. They’re pumping a handful of counted votes to give the impression that Obama is walking away with the national popular vote: Here’s the scam. Only 42 votes have been counted in a country of 150 million registered voters. In other words, …

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Turns Out The Guy Dumping On The Middle Class Is Joe Biden

Reading Time: 2 minutes  A couple weeks ago, Joe Biden made the news by declaring that the middle class in America has been getting dumped on ever since he and Obama took their oaths of office. The statement marked the first time Biden got something right since that day. What Uncle Joe failed to mention was that he …

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St. Louis Police Department Is Crumbling, But You Can Vote to Save It

Reading Time: 2 minutesYou get the feeling that Rex Sinquefield holds a grudge against his home state, and he’s using some of his fortune to punish us. Rex gave a quarter million dollars to Obama’s Lawyer, Chris Koster. But that wasn’t his first assault on us. Rex’s war against the St. Louis Police Department is older and far …

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Which Barack Obama is Right?

Reading Time: 1 minutes  A genius is someone who can hold contrary concepts simultaneously in mind. What, then, do we call a person who simultaneously argues two contrary concepts? How ‘bout “demagogue?” A few weeks ago, Barack Obama told America’s business owners that they are not responsible for their success.  “Someone else built that.” Today, the same Obama …

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I Told You So! Democrats BOO God, Israel

Reading Time: 1 minutesAs if reading from a script written by the Romney campaign, the Democrats on Wednesday managed to mangle their public image even further, this time by booing God and Israel. On Tuesday, the Democratic National Convention stripped God’s name from their platform and rejected Israel’s choice of Jerusalem as its capital. Wednesday, the party panicked …

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The Karl Rove School of Sanctimony

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhen I read about Todd Akin’s unfortunate comments to Charles Jaco, my first thought was uncharitable.  “I could just kill him.” “I could kill him,” is an idiom. Its cousins include “wring his neck” and “poke his eyes out.” Idioms hyperbolize our emotional reaction to an event. I was angry because Todd Akin gave the …

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If We Don’t Flip Some Toss-Up States, Romney, Ryan, and the USA Are Screwed

Reading Time: 3 minutes  Choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate was a great Romney move. Looking ahead, Romney sees movement conservatives working hard right up to the election—even if he or his advisors continues to say stupid things.  That was necessary. SCROLL DOWN FOR TWO IMPORTANT EVENTS THIS WEEK But it wasn’t enough to win the election …

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Thanks to the Candidates Who Took My Survey

Reading Time: 2 minutesThanks, so much, to the candidates who took a moment to respond to my survey.   Here are the results, including the candidates’ verbatim responses. I will oppose tax credits for private development except for extreme cases, such as recovery from disasters. Agree 3 100% Disagree 0 0% I will reject federal funds that come …

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