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Momentum is the mass and velocity of an object.

The object is the American ideology.

The impetus is the conservative grassroots.

The velocity is medium.

The direction is right.

The tactics and tools to keep the dominos falling to the right might change, but the energy and ideals don’t.  What brought you out to the tea parties, to the street parties, to the lit drops, and to the door knocking and phone banking parties must carry you forward in 2011 and 2012.

The dominos are falling to the right. 

Please consider a donation to the St. Louis Tea Party so we can broaden our base and build our movement in 2011.

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Cincinnati Tea Party HUGE

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Michelle Malkin has impressive photos from the Cincinnati Tea Party.  Thousands upon thousands of angry tax payers.

Perhaps they were spurred on by Barack Obama’s accusation that anyone who has done well financially in the past 8 years is a criminal who will be punished.  Directly from his budget, page 5:

While middle-class families have been playing by the rules, living up to their responsibilities as neighbors and citizens, those at the commanding heights of our economy have not.

That’s one huge indictment from a many who’s appointed more tax cheats to cabinet posts than any president living or dead.

His cure for this risk-taking he so despises is to prevent risk-takers from realizing rewards.  Taking risks is fundamental to growth.  Under Mr. Obama, there will be no growth, apparently.

Consider these:

~ Cap and Trade is $700 billion a year tax increase to be paid by consumers.  At least that’s what Obama told the San Francisco Chronicle.

~ Individuals making over $250,000 a year will be punished for their productivity under tax increases and deduction limitations.

~ Judges will be permitted to rewrite home mortgages, reducing any sane bank’s willingness to create new home loans.

I could go on all night.  But there’s more.

The federal government has quadrupled last year’s massive deficit in just 2 months since Obama’s inauguration. The enormity of US debt has China, our leading lender, balking at buying more US Treasuries.  This will eventually unleash inflation that could be significantly higher than in the 1970s.  That’s according to Obama-voter Warren Buffet.

My prediction:  Things will look good for the next 4-6 weeks.  What Obama described as the worst economic calamity since the Great Depression only last week is now over, according the same Barack Obama.  The stock market is taking on some cash that’s burning holes in people’s pockets.

Then the first quarter numbers on GDP, business activity, productivity, and unemployment will hit.  Interest rates will have crept up rather nastily as China cools its Treasuries buying and institutions shift from bonds to stocks.   The high cost of capital will create a teeter-totter effect:  even banks willing to lend will have to do so at interest rates that frighten away borrowers.  The prosperity that Obama now sees just around the corner will turn out to be a mirage.

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Get Your Tax Day Tea Party Apparel and Stickers

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366529887v0_350x350_Front_Color-BlackWhite The St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party store is open! Proceeds will keep the movement going forward.

This is a 10-round fight that will bring about a truly conservative House of Representatives in 2010. You’ve already done much just by visiting this site and attending the rallies. Now, show the whole world that you’re fed up with an irresponsible, tax-and-spend government that has grown beyond the consent of the governed.

High quality shirts, stickers, and mugs that remind everyone you meet that we are a Republic and we intend to keep it!

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Tell the World You Support the Tea Party Movement

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Cafe Press has dozens of shirts, stickers, and mugs that let you tell the world you belong to the Tea Party Movement.

The lefties proudly wear their Che t-shirts and those idiotic coexist bumper stickers.  Conservatives shy away from Public Displays of Protest. 


While we’re brewing up some St. Louis-flavored Tea Party logos, grab the generics now.  You’re kids will thank you some day. 

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Post-Dispatch Out of Touch (no matter what Eric Mink says)

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The St. Louis Post-Dispatch was once a powerful, respected cornerstone of the Pulitzer publishing company.  Today, it’s little more than a community newspaper.  Some near-tomorrow, it will go the way of Rocky Mountain News.  Its demise can be traced in large measure to the arrogance of its editorial board.

Take Eric Mink.  This is a man who rose through the organization by leveling unfair, nearly libelous attacks on anyone who deviated from Mink’s party line.  In the early 1980s, when Mink was already over his head writing about television, he launched an attack against Douglas Leonard, then head of programming for KETC Channel 9.  Mr. Leonard’s crime was preempting a Nova episode of KGB, anti-Reagan propaganda. 

This week, Mink’s thin skin exposed itself in his editorial, “St. Louis Is Not Conservative.”  Mr. Mink’s sole criterion for measuring conservatism is, of course, election results.  In Mink’s little mind, conservatives vote Republican, and liberals vote Democrat.  To “prove” his point, Mink gerrymandered a statistical lie, weaving together 12 counties in the Southern Illinois-Eastern Missouri region which, added together, voted Democrat in their presidential votes in 2000, 2004, and 2008. 

Also this week, the Post attacked the thousand-plus people who attended the Tea Party Protest at the Arch.  An unnamed editorial the people who gathered to preserve and defend our Republic of selfishness.  Editorial board member, Eddie Roth, went even further in his denunciation of our protests.  First, Roth extended the paper’s accusation of pure greed against those who protested on February 27.  Then Roth proclaimed that we protesters are imposters to the conservative creed:

I also think that true conservatives recognize the dissonance of staging a rally in these times in which the chant, essentially, is “me, me, me, me.”

We shall see.  Mr. Roth, it seems, subscribes to the sick and twisted notion that only government can save us now.   He ignores the fact that every step the government takes makes matters worse.  Did the Wall Street bailout in September prevent a 6.2 percent GDP contraction in October through December? No.  Did the stimulus pork stop the stock market from falling another 20 percent?  No.  Did Obama’s socialist budget stop the market from reaching mid-1990s levels?  No.  Has the government arrested the acceleration in joblessness?  No.

Mr. Roth may pray on bended knee before the alter of Big Government until his pants rot; I will march alongside my fellow patriots and conservatives and small business owners until Washington Repeals the Pork and its authors Retire from public life.

With great assistance from Ed Martin, I have submitted a response to that editorial and to Mr. Roth’s little tantrum.  

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Obama’s Approval in Free Fall

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Obama's Free Fall
Obama's Approval Free Fall

Barack Obama is now less popular than George W. Bush at the same point in their respective presidencies according to Rasmussen.

The poll also indicates that deficits are more important to Americans than anything else.  This could be the result of the Tea Party movement which drew more than 30,000 people in 40 cities to take to the streets over the weekend.

At this rate, Obama’s overall popularity will turn net negative this time next week.

Look for more Democrat defections, as Obama’s popularity is no longer a safeguard against voter backlash for members of Congress.

The Nationwide Tea Party movement plans major events on April 15 and July 4.  The messages are:  

  • Repeal the Pork, and Cut Taxes
  • Repeal the Pork, and Learn the Constitution

Let the Constitution education begin with the Tenth Amendment.

Tax Day Tea Party and other news

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Repeal the Pork and Cut Taxes

The next Tea Party event is April 15:  Tax Day.  Learn more at Tax Day Tea Party.  Register for the St. Louis event on FaceBook today.  Tell your friends.  Possible locations include the Old Courthouse in St. Louis, the Federal Reserve Building, and several others. 


Repeal the Pork and Learn the Constitution

Start planning for an enormous protest on July 4, 2009.  While this is a ways off, it’s already late for planning and gaining commitments from friends, neighbors, co-workers, small business owners, and the community.  For one year, do the noble work of preserving the Republic on this holiday.  

I Hate to Ask, but . . .

To keep up with everything, I’ve incurred some unplanned expenses.  If you would like to help defray some of these costs, please use the donation tool in the right sidebar.  All donation will go toward past or future event and movement related expenses.