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Obama & Hillary Have Lost Control of Cop Killer Rhetoric

Hillary, Obama, and much of the Democrat Party have fomented race hatred for years. They’ve ratcheted up their lies in recent months, hoping to turn race hatred into votes. They are that cynical and self-serving.

Now, Hillary and Obama have lost control of the fire they started. Crazed, racist murderers all across the country have declared war on police officers. From Dallas, Texas, to Ballwin, Missouri, to Baton Rouge, Louisianna, Hillary has sent a message that says it’s okay to kill a cop. Today, one of those racist, crazed killers murdered three Baton Rouge police officers and shot three others, according to CBS News and the Baton Rouge mayor’s office. Reports are still coming in. One assailant is dead, two on the loose.

Spurred by Democratic politicians’ lies, almost twice as many cops will die on duty in 2016 compared to 2015. Twenty-nine officers have been shot and killed so far this year. In all of 2015, there were 33 officers shot and killed. Hillary’s message is clearly working.

If you do anything to help Hillary, you are helping kill cops. There is no third path for you Never Trumpers.

Before you say I’m overreacting, I am not alone. Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams sees the same thing:

Let me give you an example of how Clinton and her supporters in the media have pushed us to the brink of a race war. This article in the Washington Post tells us that although cops kill more whites than African-Americans, we still have a police racism problem because blacks are killed in greater proportion to their relative population. That’s all true, as far as I can tell.

But what got left out?

Well, for one thing, it doesn’t address the fact that most police shootings happen in high-crime areas (I assume). And high crime areas in the United States often have high concentrations of African-American citizens. If the police accidentally shoot someone in my neighborhood, the victim will almost certainly be white, Asian, or Indian, because that’s who lives here. But if police accidentally shoot someone in a predominantly African-American neighborhood with a high crime rate, the odds are high that it will be an African-American victim. Does that tell us anything about racism?

And in another post, Adams points out that more and more people now believe that Hillary encourages cop-killers:

The biggest change is not the FBI’s decision on Clinton’s email scandal, although that is clearly part of it. To my eyes, the biggest change is that Clinton’s team just became the cop-killing side. At least that’s how it looks to our irrational minds. Your brain thinks cops are probably Trump supporters (true or not) while you probably see cop-killers as Clinton supporters (true or not). And that means the recent slaughter of five policemen in Dallas changed your mental equation.

With every horrible attack on innocent cops, innocent vacationers, innocent club-goers, more and more people realize that Trump is America’s last hope because Hillary’s team is the cop-killer side.

UPDATE: Crooked Hillary addresses NAACP convention tomorrow. She needs a Sister Souljah moment. Expect her to get booed at this event in a cynical attempt to win back the law and order vote.

my wife and my mother-in-law

Convict Hillary

A lot of people are mad at FBI Director James Comey. Comey read a list of crimes committed by Hillary Clinton, then announced he couldn’t recommend prosecution for those crimes. On its face, it sounds like Comey caved.

Let’s play the imagine game. Imagine Comey decided to refer Hillary Clinton’s crimes to the Department of Justice for prosecution. What would happen?

First, you’d never hear about it. The FBI and the DOJ don’t discuss active criminal investigations. There would be no official statement of any kind. Disgruntled FBI agents would probably leak some of the details to the press, but most people would dismiss these leaks with the help of brain manipulation by the press. Loretta Lynch, the Attorney General who was ambushed by Bill Clinton, would have no incentive to act on the recommendation. Lynch would also have no reason to dismiss it. Lynch’s best strategy, had Comey recommended prosecution, would be to do nothing, saying nothing. It’ll all be over in a few months.

Had Comey recommended prosecution, you’d probably never hear about the matter again except for conservative talk shows and blogs. That huge pool of voters who don’t pay much attention to politics wouldn’t know that Hillary put American lives in grave danger in violation of federal law.

But Comey took a different path. Comey recited, point by point, each of Hillary’s crimes. He left absolutely no doubt about Hillary’s guilt. James Comey convicted Hillary Clinton of crimes without the burden of a prosecution. And Hillary has passed up her chance to refute any of the charges. She made one feeble attempt to lie about Comey, but she got caught on that, too.

Comey’s reputation is taking a beating, but Comey might have done something heroic. If you saw his Congressional testimony, Comey agreed with every point Trey Gowdy made. That damning video is below. You will want to watch it in a moment.

Comey did not seem angry at Gowdy’s questioning. Comey did not act like Lois Lerner, the IRS bureaucrat who tried to have Tea Partiers arrested as part of a political war on conservatives. Instead, Comey seemed very cooperative. He seemed to want people to conclude that Hillary Clinton is guilty as sin. After Comey’s testimony, a reasonable person must conclude that either Hillary Clinton is a crook or Hillary Clinton is an imbecile.

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Maybe I’m being too nice to the FBI Director. Or maybe James Comey just threw the election to Donald Trump. Either way, even Hillary’s most ardent supporters privately admit she’s a corrupt and crooked person.


Is Petraeus Paying Price for Hillary’s Crimes?

Beyond Top Secret.

Hillary famously kept an email server in her private bedroom where it was safe from being used as Bill’s YouPorn hub. (I’m pretty sure Bill Clinton hasn’t visited the inside of his wife’s sleeping chamber in the 21st century.)

Being plugged into the internet, though, and lacking even the most rudimentary security, Hillary’s server was exposed to the prying eyes of Chinese, North Korean, Russian, and Anonymous spies.

Today the United States Inspector General revealed that some of the documents on that insecure server contained the highest secrets of national security--Top Secret/Special Access Program. The TS/SAP information joins its Top Secret, Secret, and Confidential cousins which previously disclosed.

Apparently the only thing Hillary didn’t have on her server was the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa’s body–and husband Bill’s.

And who’s reporting this? Not just Fox News. Not just National Review. But that bastion of right-wing demagoguery and partisanship NBC News admits Hillary is in deep doo-doo.

As I tweeted earlier, this bombshell means only corruption at the Department of Justice or a presidential pardon can keep Hillary out of jail awaiting trial. (To which one brilliant person responded, “I’ll take corrupt DOJ for $500.”)

So what does Petraeus have to do with this? I’ll tell you.

General David Petraeus, architect of the Iraqi Surge, pled guilty to allowing his mistress to see classified material. That was four years ago. He took his punishment and moved on.

Today we learned that Secretary of Defense Ash Carter is considering retroactively demoting Petraeus. The demotion would be belated slap in the face to a remarkable military leader, and the Army’s top prosecutors opposed the move in 2012 and again today.

So why is Carter considering a new round of punishments for Petraeus?

Perhaps to insulate the White House should the Department of Justice indict Clinton. 

Think about it. When the Hillary email story broke, the lazy press immediately dredged up comparisons to the Petraeus case. (In fairness, the similarities were strong. General Petraeus had an affair with his biographer, and Hillary is married to Bill Clinton.)

Seriously, though, an indictment of Hillary would unleash the entire Clinton Mafia against the DoJ and the White House.

What better defense than to say, “look how seriously we take breeches of security protocols. We demoted a legendary Army general for allowing just one trusted person access to notebooks that could not easily be copied or further disseminated. We have no idea how many copies now exist of Hillary Clinton’s TS/SAP emails which she illegally stored on a prohibited server.”

I’m not saying Clinton will be indicted. But I do suspect Petraeus is the victim of White House ass-covering in case she is.

We can only hope.


How To Create Hate and Discontent in America

I haven’t written about Ferguson because I’ve known too little to add value. But ignorance hasn’t stopped others from stirring up hate and discontent. For example, Missouri’s shakedown artist, Lacy Clay.

Lacy Clay, speaking from a private island in the Carribean, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that Michael Brown was murdered. Clay knew or should have known the effect of his words: more violence. Either Clay meant to incite violence or he has a casual disregard for the effect of his irresponsible speech. Then again, it’s easy to stir up hate and discontent if you can fly away to some private island when the killing starts.

Lacy Clay represents only one bastion of ignorance in the sordid and embarrassing affair playing out in North County.


  • Michael Brown’s autopsy has not been released.
  • No video of the incident has been released.
  • No witness has testified under oath.
  • The police officer who shot Mr. Brown has not testified under oath.

On the other hand, here’s what we do know:

  • An 18-year-old is dead.
  • The police officer who shot him is on leave.
  • Hooligans have destroyed blocks of businesses in Ferguson.
  • The police have harassed the innocent and ignored calls reporting looters.
  • Hundreds of millions in lethal military weaponry did not stop looting and shooting.

These lists–what we know and what we don’t–leave very little for responsible grown-ups to discuss regarding Ferguson. We can mourn the loss of life. We can pity and pray for Mr. Brown’s parents. (When my daughter died, a clergyman told me, “no parent should ever know what’s like to bury a child.” ) We can decry the looting. We can criticize those like Lacy Clay who make irresponsible assertions that they cannot defend. And we can question the value of arming local “constables,” as Mark Steyn describes police, with weapons designed to kill scores of people in war.

Let’s go with that one: weapons of mass destruction in the hands of local cops. 

Militarized, dehumanized constables confront pedestrian in Ferguson, MO

Before I get into my rant, let me tell you that my father was a St. Louis city police officer, and I was accepted into the academy. (Another job offer came along before I classed up. We needed the money.) Please don’t call me “anti-police.”  I am not. I am anti-oppression.

Why do police need armored personnel carriers, Bradley fighting vehicles, and Humvees? Seriously. I trust my neighbors and concealed carry permits far more than I trust a militarized and segregated police force that’s rapidly turning itself into an armed and dangerous occupation force.

As Mark Steyn says:

So, when the police are dressed like combat troops, it’s not a fashion faux pas, it’s a fundamental misunderstanding of who they are. Forget the armored vehicles with the gun turrets, forget the faceless, helmeted, anonymous Robocops, and just listen to how these “policemen” talk. Look at the video as they’re arresting the New York Times and Huffington Post reporters. Watch the St Louis County deputy ordering everyone to leave, and then adding: “This is not up for discussion.”

“But, what about the looters?” you ask. What about them? The police failed to respond to reports of looting and gunfire on Friday night. I know this from police officers who were at the scene. Meanwhile, the heavy weaponry deployed earlier in the week, along with strong-arm police tactics, made enemies of civilians while failing to intimidate the looters and criminals. We know this beyond the shadow of a doubt.

The looters are free to wreck whatever havoc they wish on Ferguson, as long as they don’t chant or pray. Back to Mr. Steyn’s wonderful commentary:

Really? You’re a constable. You may be carrying on like the military commander of an occupying army faced with a rabble of revolting natives, but in the end you’re a constable. And the fact that you and your colleagues in that McDonald’s are comfortable speaking to your fellow citizens like this is part of the problem. The most important of the “nine principles of good policing” (formulated by the first two commissioners of the Metropolitan Police in 1829 and thereafter issued to every officer joining the force) is a very simple one: The police are the public and the public are the police. Not in Ferguson. Long before the teargassing begins and the bullets start flying, the way these guys talk is the first indication of how the remorseless militarization has corroded the soul of American policing.

Until we know more facts revealed under oath and following the criminal trial procedure, I strongly urge everyone to stop ignorant speculation and wishful thinking. As we await the results of the process, pray for the people in Ferguson, especially those who lost a loved one. Pray for the business owners who may have lost their livelihoods. Pray for peace. And tell Congress to demilitarize our neighborhood constables before St. Louis County turns into Mogadishu.


Not All Lies Are Meant To Fool

What line of work was Tony Soprano in? james-gandolfini-dead-best-tony-soprano-quotes-people-122382

Waste management.

Did Tony Soprano expect people to believe he was in waste management?

No. Tony Soprano expected people realize he was a wise guy and treat him with due respect–or what you and I call fear.

Some lies are meant to make the liar seem more successful or more talented or better than he thinks he is. Trust me, I’ve done it.

Other lies are meant to get the liar out of trouble. Been there with Bill Clinton.

But the scariest liars are the ones like Tony Soprano. They don’t want to fool you. They’re not getting out of trouble. They’re saying, “I can tell you whatever the fuck I want and you can’t do shit about it because of who I am. Got that, Sparky?”

Or as Chili Palmer said in Get Shorty, “I’m the guy who’s telling you the way it is.”

When the Obama administration first announced that Lois Lerner’s hard drives ate all her email, I knew what kind of lie it was. It was a “waste management” kind of lie. It was a Tony Soprano lie.

A lot of people seemed shocked that IRS Commissar John Koskinen was so smug, arrogant, and combative at his first House hearing last week. I wasn’t. I knew the whole hard drive story wasn’t an attempt to deceive, but an attempt to belittle and intimidate. There’s nothing more demeaning than being told an obvious lie.

John Koskinen is a Capo in Barack Obama’s  . . . thing. He knows nobody can lay a finger on him. Nobody. Why? Because he as an army and he knows where everybody lives. He knows how many kids they’ve got and where their wives get their nails done and where their husbands play golf.

John Koskinen knows every credit card transaction, every ATM withdrawal, and every gas station Darrell Issa pulled into at 12:45 a.m.  Same goes for you, and you, and you.

I hate myself for the stupid lies I’ve told in my life. The lies intended to make me bigger made me smaller, and the ones intended to get me out of jam got me deeper into the jar. Over the years, I’ve gotten better about avoiding lies. Well, I try, anyway.

But I never used a lied as a form of intimidation. Maybe I would have if I actually had the power to destroy someone’s life. I don’t know. Happily, I’ve never had that kind of power.

But Barack Obama and John Koskinen have the power to ruin people–innocent people. They have the power to disappear people, audit people, ruin people.

And when one of Obama’s Capos says “sometimes a hard drive is just a hard drive,” they’re really saying “it’d be a shame if something bad happened to that little girl of yours.”

Stop trying to disprove the hard drive lie. No one bought it, and no one was supposed to.


Why I’m Changing My Mind About Impeaching Obama

A lot of good people I know grumble that the House Republicans don’t try to impeach Obama.

I usually don’t say much in response. After the disaster of the ill-conceived Clinton impeachment fiasco, impeachment seems like a superstition. Like a unicorn. I think impeachment is a dangerous tool and should never be used for political purposes.

Besides, Harry Reid’s Senate wouldn’t consider articles of impeachment if they included NSA video of Obama throwing adorable, drooling toddlers off the George Washington Bridge.

Even further, I’m not sure that he’s committed a crime worthy of removal from office.

Until now, that is.

The Bergdahl terrorist exchange changes everything in my view. Everything.

Here’s what we know about the bizarre and troubling Bergdahl-for-murderers swap:

The United States has lost 2,323 troops in Afghanistan. Fourteen of them were reportedly lost looking for Bergdahl in the weeks after Bergdahl deserted–a crime punishable by death in wartime.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration’s Susan Rice extolled Bergdahl’s honor and heroism on the Sunday talk shows. This was the same Susan Rice who lied to the nation about the video tape after the Benghazi 9/11 massacre. Soldiers who served with Bergdahl prior to his desertion are “appalled” that anyone would call Bergdahl a “hero.”

Add it all up, and you have a pretty clear case. Obama dishonored every man and woman who ever wore the uniform with honor. He released enemy combatants to return to the field of battle and kill more innocents. He did so on behalf of an Army deserter with dubious allegiance to the United States and whose actions reportedly took the lives of 14 soldiers.

For these crimes against the United States and by aiding and abetting terrorists wanted for crimes against humanity, I now want the House of Representatives to start impeachment hearings against the President. The next Congress would have to hold the hearings and trial, but this Congress can get the ball rolling.

The Obama Administration has insulted millions of American service members and veterans. It traded terrorists for one deserter. The President broke the law in his quest to aid the enemy or to make himself look like a badass or whatever. I don’t really care what his motives are. I just want him punished for his crimes.

Shout It Out: Renegade Arizona Sheriff Intimidating Citizens *UPDATE*

The incompetent Sheriff Dupnik of Pima County Arizona has intimidated speakers in an attempt to shut down the Tucson Tea Party.

clarence-dupnikNow, Tucson’s asking for our help.  Jennifer Humphries wrote to Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft. She asked Jim of his help defending the First Amendment rights of the people of Tucson. Those rights are under assault from an incompetent and irresponsible sheriff who has now turned to intimidation to silence dissent.

I don’t know if Ms. Humphries would want me, but I’d be honored to speak in Tucson on April 30.  I’d be honored to defy the Sheriff’s attempts to quash free speech in his county.  And I’d love to see a swarm of folks from Missouri and Illinois fill the arena for that showdown.

What You Can Do

1.  Make plans, if you can, to attend the Tucson Tea Party, April 30, 2011

2. Donate to the Tucson Tea Party

3.  Ask members of U.S. House and Senate committees on Judiciary and Civil Rights to investigate Department of Justice’s involvement in political intimidation.

When the Tea Party launched, its first theme was “Repeal the Pork or Retire.”  We retired a lot of them in 2010, but we have a long way to go.

Keep up the fight!


I sent  a short questionnaire to Sheriff Clarence:

I have received reports that your office has intimidated speakers scheduled to speak at events sponsored by Tucson Tea Party.

1.  Do you deny this charge?

2.  Will you attempt to intimidate me from speaking in Tucson at a Tea Party event?

While we await his reply, let’s have a sing-along:

Sheriff don’t like it
Rock the county,
Rock the county.

Left Doubles Down on Threats

What would you do? 

Suppose you did something stupid.  You blamed the wrong person, for instance, for a capital crime.  Then supposed one of your comrades compounded your . . . error . . . by threatening to kill someone on national television?

BillMaherAngryIf you’re an American leftist, you might double down by issuing even more death threats to even more people.

That’s what’ happening right now in America.  Death threats are pouring into Trent Humphries, Tucson Tea Party organizer, Dana Loesch, Sarah Palin (who vows not to be silenced), Glenn Beck, and more.  The self-proclaimed conscience of America—collectivist lefists—have essentially declared war on the right. 

Gateway Pundit and the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition issued a press release on January 17 denouncing the left’s continued threat of violence as means of advancing its anti-liberty agenda.

To counter the left’s increasing vitriol and violence, please publicly thank three people today.

I’ll start:

Thank you, Jim Hoft, for bringing to our attention the mounting threats Trent Humphries is receiving.

Thank you, Jen Ennenbach for crafting a great press release on the issues.

Thank you, Dana Loesch, for continuing to keep our voices in the national ear.

And a bonus:  thank you for honoring by reading my little web missives. 

*UPDATE* J. Eric Fuller issues apology to Trent Humphries.