If Donald Trump Scares You, You Should See a Depression

Reading Time: 2 minutesGuest post by Lee Presser. America’s fiscal year is October 1 to September 30.  With two month left in FY16, the U.S. Treasury has already paid creditors $380,925,428,211.67 in interest costs.  (That’s $381 Billion)  http://www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/reports/ir/ir_expense.htm The average interest rate was just over 2%.  http://www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/rates/pd/avg/2016/2016_07.htm  It is expected that the last two month’s of this fiscal …

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Don’t Make These Simple Mistakes About Debt

Reading Time: 1 minutesOur present crisis is  the result of: Too much borrowing Too much spending Too much government control Too much taxing Those who argue that America needs to borrow, spend, regulate, and tax more are simply wrong, wrong, wrong.  Their argument is absurd  on its face. The way to increase revenue to government is to increase …

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80 Percent of Americans Read This Blog Every Day

Reading Time: 2 minutesI’ll be honest with you: I’ve lied. Usually out of desperation. I’ve lied to those closest to me—those most willing to forgive the thing I lied about.  I’ve also told the truth to my own detriment.  In the long run, the latter works best. In fact, telling the truth works best in the short run, …

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Simply Staggering

Reading Time: 1 minutesThe federal budget deficit in the month of February 2011 exceeds the deficit for all of 2007 by 40 percent. Simply staggering. Yet Senate Democrats refuse to cut more than a paltry $6 billion. They refuse because they seem bent on collapsing the American system – the economy, the government, and the people themselves. But …

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4 Ways Government Can Help Create Shared Value

Reading Time: 2 minutesLast week I wrote about Creating Shared Value. In that post, I pointed to a Harvard Business Review article by Michael Porter and Mark Kramer. If you haven’t read both my post and the Michael Porter piece, please do so now.  I’ll wait. Now that you’re up to date, let me add the Tea Party …

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Jay Nixon Putting Party Ahead of Missouri? *UPDATE*

Reading Time: 1 minutesLast week, the Illinois legislature passed a massive income tax increase on individuals and businesses.  Overall, it represents about a 67 percent income tax increase. In response, neighboring states of Wisconsin and Indiana have wisely mounted massive campaigns to suck businesses and people out of Illinois.  Even New Jersey’s fabulous governor, Chris Christie, plans to …

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Ideas Have Consequences—Even Stupid Ones

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen Barack Obama became president in January 2009, he began a campaign to weaken America. I’m not talking about military cuts; I’m speaking of America’s stature.  Barack Obama famously refused to acknowledge American Exceptionalism in 2009. He bowed to kings and princes, then denied doing so, then bowed again and again. His White House has …

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3 Signs of Economic Disaster

Reading Time: 2 minutesEach day, more economists jump onto the Double-Dip bandwagon. Signs abound that the natural economic recovery that would normally follow a deep recession won’t happen. Instead, the economy is now saddled with so much debt, so many regulations, and such onerous new taxes that the Obama Administration tells us to be happy with 9.5 percent …

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