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Not Just Wrong–Evil

Today was a particularly busy day for me. I had a series of meetings. Like every hour, another meeting. From 9:00 on. I saw the text from my wife.  I didn’t have time to click on a video. I was in a room full of people. Important business. Major client and all that. And I …

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How Do You Justify the Death Penalty?

The Arena

I’m not being judgmental or rhetorical with that title. I’m curious how other people deal with capital punishment. Here’ my story: Once upon a time, I advocated for the death penalty. Loudly. Shrilly, at times. In the 1980s and into 1990s, I read a lot. Philosophical. Religious. Legal. Historical. Lots of angles, but few perspectives. …


One Sentence Explains Everything About Pope Francis

An enduring criticism of the Church over a millennium involves its wealth and opulence. Its cathedrals were often the  most expensive and ornate structures in entire nations, save for monarch’s palaces. Lavish ceremonies mark significant milestones, such as the installation of a new pope. So Pope Francis’s instruction to the bishops and faithful of his …


Unto Dust We Shall Return

Today begins Lent. Lent prepares us for the cycle of mortality and resurrection, perfected by Christ, without which life has no meaning. It’s a time of humility. We call to mind our human brokenness in hopes of making ourselves better imitators of Christ. On Ash Wednesday, we mark ourselves with the sign of the cross …


What Makes Us Happy?

Marc, at Bad Catholic, rocks. In this post on Obama’s continuing jihad against Christianity, he answers a burning question: did human happiness exist before artificial contraception?  Put another way, is chemical birth control a natural state of humanity? Before you answer, read the post. Think about it. 


The Romans Had Nothing on Us | *Video*

Do you know the most persecuted religious group on earth? History speaks of the massive Roman persecution of Christians. The catacombs of Rome, housing the remains of thousands of Christian martyrs, tell us the story and give voice to the dead. But the Romans had nothing on we moderns when it comes to persecuting Christians. …