The Best We Can Do: Freedom and Independence For America

Reading Time: 6 minutesTim Gerrity: We may not always get what we want. We may not always get what we need. Just so’s we don’t get what we deserve! –True Colors, 1991 Do you ever get the feeling we’re getting exactly what we deserve? As the Crisis deepens, 13ers will feel little stake in the old order, little …

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Loretta Lynch Mob **UPDATE**

Reading Time: 2 minutes“I think it’s important that as we again talk about the importance of free speech we make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not America,” said Lynch. “They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted.” (source: Daily Wire) Take a slide on the …

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This Seems Like a Really Big Win

Reading Time: 2 minutesI am so embarrassed. I didn’t even know that Fred Sauer, Gretchen Logue, and Anne Gassel were suing Missouri over Common Core. Did you know that? (I probably knew it and forgot. Sorry.) But here’s the thing: THEY WON!!!! Wait. YOU won. You won because Fred, Gretchen, and Anne stuck their necks out for you. …

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The tangled web of net neutrality

Reading Time: 3 minutesA friend asked my thoughts on net neutrality. I hemmed and hawed and told her a story she probably didn’t want to hear. The best I could come up with was: I don’t trust the FCC or the Obama Administration to do anything honest I don’t trust the Republican establishment to do anything right First, the Obama …

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Republican Party Animal
Congress Adjourned and You Need a Drink

Reading Time: 1 minutesIt’s the Heritage Action Christmas Party Wednesday, December 17 at 6:00 pm Scarecrow in Chesterfield ( map ) Heavy Hors d’oeuvres complements of Heritage Action for America. Let’s talk about 2015 and $2.15 gasoline. You don’t have to RSVP, but we’d appreciate it.    

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count obamula-obama
It’s Not Pro-Immigrant; It’s Anti-American

Reading Time: 1 minutesLet’s be honest with ourselves: President Obama’s unilateral, dictatorial action on immigration is not to benefit illegals. It’s to punish American voters for rejecting him. This is personal. In two years, the next American president will let this and many other Obama executive orders expire. Executive orders are not law. They expire with the term …

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Michelle Obama’s Dictates Force Eureka High PTO To Beg

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhen did first ladies become dictators? Seriously. The president’s family has no more authority than anyone else. The reason people show contempt for activist spouses of presidents is the same reason history hates Marie Antoinette. I know, the all-Democrat Congress passed the school nutrition law in 2010, but Michelle Obama wrote it. Michelle Obama has …

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Who Will Be America’s Clothing Czar

Reading Time: 2 minutesAre you ready for America’s first Clothing Czar? According to, this person, “will decide what you will wear every day for the next four years. If you’re a Goth, what if the Czar disallows Goth? What if he’s an 80s fan and orders collars up? What other questions do you have for the new …

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