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John Brunner’s Charade, Part II

This is part II of a three-part series. Here’s part I.

That Shadowy Paul Holzer

Paul Holzer is a former Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander and a medical student at Dartmouth in New Hampshire. (Oddly, his bio shows MD, MBA, even though is still in medical school and simultaneously working toward an MBA.) Holzer also runs a biotech 501c3 and a political consulting firm, Draper Sterling LLC. He did some work for Donald Trump’s campaign, and he was John Brunner’s chief of staff last year.

Holzer’s brother, Adam McLain, also worked for Brunner at the same time. After leaving the Brunner campaign, Holzer and McLain formed the Patriots for America super PAC, which does not disclose its sources of funding.

When the anti-Greitens video dropped, Paul Holzer worked pretty hard to hide his involvement. Remember when a Missouri Times reporter  colluded with Holzer and a partner trying to discredit Greitens without revealing Holzer’s identity? At the time, the SEALs demanded anonymity because, they claimed, revealing themselves would put their lives in danger:

Due to their desire not to seek fame or notoriety, as well as the fact that their service has put themselves and their families in danger, the SEALS could not have their names or ranks printed . . .

“A lot of us don’t want our names in the public because of what we did overseas. There’s a security threat to ourselves and our families,” one said.

But Holzer was not exactly anonymous in March. According to a Fortune magazine profile of Holzer’s shadowy political consulting firm Draper Sterling:

Adkins’ partner in that consulting firm was Paul Holzer, who is best known in Massachusetts political circles for his work helping to elect Gov. Charlie Baker.

What’s important to remember, here, is that Holzer worked very hard to hide his identity in March. But before that, Holzer proudly talked about his service as a Navy SEAL in Dartmouth’s medical school magazine. And, contrary to his claims that SEALs should never profit from  their military experience, Holzer’s biography on his biotech startup’s website proudly displays his SEAL service and suggests that service is important to his company’s mission:

Paul Holzer served as a US Navy SEAL Officer for 10 years and attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander. While serving overseas, he witnessed the horrific effects of severe burns and other combat injuries, fostering an interest in improving the availability of effective, life saving medical devices.

Plus, Xeno Therapeutic’s photo of Holzer shows him in his Navy uniform, including his SEAL pin.

On John Brunner’s campaign website, we again see Holzer advertising his service as a SEAL:

Chief of Staff Paul Holzer (Boston, MA): Paul Holzer is Chief of Staff to John Brunner. He served as a United States Navy SEAL Officer from 2003-2013, deploying to combat four times including Iraq and Afghanistan; he ultimately attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander and was awarded two Bronze Stars

Look, Holzer sounds like an impressive guy. But he also sounds kind of shady. According to a Huffington Post profile of Daper Sterling LLC:

  • A top Republican source says, “he [Holzer] is infamous for burning bridges and for exaggerating his position.”
  • He left Brunner’s campaign to work with Patriots for America, the PAC responsible for the phony Greitens website that was the topic of discussion on the recorded call between Greitens and John Brunner
  • Patriots for America has $56,000 in debt to Holzer’s other firm, Draper Sterling
  • The phone number listed for Patriots for America forwards to Grace’s Grantham Cafe
  • Holzer’s startup, a 501c3, appears to be housed in a 1 bed, 1 bath apartment in Boston that has no phone number
  • But no one associated with Xeno Therapeutics is listed as a resident of that building

Shadowy or shady?

Let’s be honest here. Paul Holzer was not hiding his SEAL service in March for the reasons he claims. Nor was he hiding his name.

Instead, Holzer was hiding his association with the Brunner campaign–or with whoever hired Draper Sterling  or Patriots of America to make that video.

Find out my hypothesis in Part III tomorrow.


John Brunner’s Charade, part I

Why in the world would a political operative who once worked for John Brunner out himself and expose Brunner as either a liar or a patsy two weeks before an election?

Reggie Lampert: Of course, you won’t be able to lie on your back for a while but then you can lie from any position, can’t you?
Charade, 1963

Things just got weirder in Missouri. After the stunning revelation that people associated with John Brunner’s campaign did, in fact, produce a false, negative video attacking Eric Greitens, you might be wondering what’s going on?

First, in case you missed it, Eric Greitens exposed Brunner’s deceptions at a recent debate. Watch:

After months of denying any involvement in the video, Brunner’s only response was a lame intra-military joke. Brunner’s later attempts to deny Greitens’s charge seemed coached and desperate.

Now, recall that my predictive skills have been very sharp of late as I try to unravel this amazing story of political charades. It’s like a great old movie.

As I pointed out last year, John Brunner was never supposed to win the nomination. It seems clear that the smirking political class used John Brunner and his money to try to damage Eric Greitens, as I reported July 18, 2015, by attacking Greitens and splitting the outsider/conservative vote.

Now it seems that strategy might fall apart. In this year of the outsider, Greitens and Brunner consistently poll first and second in public polling. But it’s pretty clear that Republican elites–some loyal to Catherine Hanaway, others loyal to Peter Kinder–encouraged Brunner to run for governor in 2016.

Second, in that July 18 post, I pointed out that the GOP consultant running Brunner’s campaign has a bit of a conflict, too. That consultant is a longtime friend of Lt. Governor Peter Kinder. They both grew up in the tight Republican community of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Peter Kinder is also a candidate for governor.

To be fair, I spoke to several Republican Party insiders who are supporting Greitens to varying degrees. They assured me that Brunner’s consultant, David Barklage, is not working with Peter Kinder behind the scenes. So I’ll take their word for it. But there’s a lot of psychology in play with these people—Brunner, Kinder, and Barklage. So I’m going to explore that in a bit.

But first, let’s talk about that shadowy Navy SEAL who came to town a couple weeks ago and the bad things we learned about John Brunner.

The Big Reveal

We all know that John Brunner denied any involvement in the SEALs video. Flat denial, many times. Brunner gave himself zero wiggle room. Even Bill Clinton couldn’t weasel his way out of Brunner’s denials.

Then Paul Holzer came to town.

Paul Holzer is a former Navy SEAL and much more, as we’ll see tomorrow. Two weeks ago, Holzer went on a media tour around Missouri, outing himself as the man behind the attack video. But even last week Holzer tried to conceal his

But even last week Holzer tried to conceal his paid position on Brunner’s campaign.

According to STLToday, Holzer specifically denied any involvement in the Missouri governor’s race.

Here’s the truth. About the time I was writing that July 18 post, Paul Holzer and his brother, Adam McLain, worked on John Brunner’s campaign staff. Holzer alone raked in nearly $100,000 from the Brunner campaign last year before leaving to work with two shadowy organizations.

For months, the Brunner campaign denied any involvement in planning, producing, and distributing the video. Last year, Brunner denied any campaign involvement in a fake Greitens website operated by Holzer and McLain. In between, Brunner denied leaking a surreptitiously recorded phone call from Eric Greitens, even though Brunner had exclusive access to the recording. Clearly, Team Brunner has been less than forthcoming all along.

The revelation that Brunner’s former chief of staff produced the hit video raises many questions:

  • Who commissioned the video?
  • Who told Holzer to out himself last week?
  • Who paid for Holzer’s media tour in Missouri?
  • Why is Holzer so disloyal to Brunner?
  • Was Brunner really lying, or did someone keep him in the dark all along?

Over the next three days, let’s see if we can build some logical answers to these questions that go to the heart of the Missouri Republican charade.

Part one of a three-part series. 


Why I’m Voting for Eric Greitens Governor

I believe the greatest threat to human freedom and thriving is the political class. That smirking political class infects both Washington, DC, and Jefferson City, Missouri. And I believe only one candidate has the courage, the brains, and the commitment to destroy that political class in Missouri. That candidate is Eric Greitens.

Do you want to live as a slave to that smirking political class? Or do you want to live free and thrive?

Three Republican candidates for governor have crawled to the political class for help. One has not. That one is Eric Greitens.

Some of my friends attack Mr. Greitens, even on the St. Louis Tea Party blog, which I operate and fund. I let their attacks go out, under my name, not because I agree, but because I trust the people.

We have a simple policy for the contributors to that blog: write what you believe. If other contributors disagree, they can write what they believe. The people will sort it out. So, now, it’s my turn.

Remnant No More

Many Tea Partiers want to remain political remnants. Political martyrs. Slaves to a self-imposed conformity. Self-righteous worshippers at the altar of the smirking political class. I know their feelings because I was a remnant for most of my life.

The president of the American Enterprise Institute, Dr. Arthur C. Brooks, explained the phenomenon in his book The Conservative Heart:

The Tea Party rebellion, and the conservative grassroots it has energized, thus have some choices to make: Does it want to remain at step one, settle for 19 percent support (and falling), and become a permanent political remnant— capable of setting political brushfires, but too weak to bring about real lasting change in our nation? Or does it want to make a run at majority status and build a popular social movement that changes our country forever? Do Tea Party activists want to remain little more than the guardian of fiscally conservative orthodoxy holding the Republican establishment’s feet to the fire? Or can the Tea Party become something bigger— a transformational, majoritarian force in American politics that does not simply rebel against American decline, but reverses it?

The truth is, if we want to reverse American decline, and not just rail against it, then we do in fact need a conservative majority to prevail. That requires that Tea Party patriots start thinking like a majoritarian social movement.

A vote for anyone other than Eric Greitens is a vote for permanent remnant status.

Yes, Eric Greitens began life as a Democrat, just like Ronald Reagan did. Yes, Eric Greitens applauded Democrats’ speeches, just like Ronald Reagan did. Yes, Eric Greitens wrote in support of big government programs, just like Ronald Reagan did.

But Eric Greitens has seen fit to move to the right because he’s seen the damage done by the policies he once endorsed. Sensible people would help him make those corrections. Eric Greitens is fully equipped and prepared to fix Missouri.

The more Eric sees government in action, the more he seeks to restrain government.

Just like Ronald Reagan.

And Greitens is the only Republican likely to beat the Democrat in November.

The Political Class Bleeds and Chokes Conservatism

Eric’s opponents in this race have two things in common:

  1. They’re (mostly) good people who love America and recite the conservative credo by heart.
  2. They’ve all pledged allegiance to the smirking political class.

As long as that smirking political class holds sway in Jefferson City, our limited-government movement will remain a remnant, a faction, of frustrated grassroots activists waving signs that no one else reads or understands.

That’s why I believe Americans have a duty to blow up the political class first.

Combat First Aid

In military first aid class, we learned a three-step system for treating seriously injured shipmates:

  1. Stop the bleeding.
  • Start the breathing.

  • Treat for shock.

  • The smirking political class is a sucking chest wound on this country. It’s bleeding us dry. Until we stop that bleeding, nothing else helps.

    Crony capitalism sits on the chest of the American economy, suffocating growth. Until will corral crony capitalism, our solutions will fail.

    And government-first thinking has shocked our constitutional, limited government system, almost beyond recognition. But our solutions will be wasted on a patient who’s bleeding, not breathing, or dead.

    If your priority is anything but blowing up that smirking political class, then you’re going to kill the patient. He’ll bleed to death.

    If you tolerate crony capitalism, then you’re going to kill the patient. He’ll suffocate.

    The only way to save the patient is to stop the bleeding by blowing up the political class, start the breathing by destroying crony capitalism, and then start the breathing of limited government.

    All four Republican candidates say they’ll treat for shock, but three of the candidates would be performing mouth-to-mouth on a corpse. Only Eric Greitens will follow the proven, lifesaving method of field first aid.

    Without reservation or purpose of evasion, I wholeheartedly and proudly repeat my endorsement of Eric Greitens for governor of Missouri. And I ask you to join me in saving our country. 


    Continue Your Support of Good Local Government

    You have another chance to improve government and fight petty tyranny by supporting Senator Eric Schmitt’s latest bill to hold local government accountable.

    Last year, Senator Schmitt became the champion of responsible local government with SB-5, a bill designed to end “taxation by citation” in local governments.

    This year, Senator Schmitt is back to close a loophole that some cities are exploiting to suck more money out of residents who can least afford it. SB-572 applies caps to revenue raised through tyrannical enforcement of local ordinances and building codes, some of which written explicitly to generate revenue outside the state-permitted tax laws.

    Before I post  my written statement to the Senate Committee, here are some of the things you can do to promote this bill

    1. Write your State Senator and Representative asking them to support SB-572. (Click here to look up your legislators)
    2. Promote the bill to your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media
    3. Submit a witness form supporting SB-572 before the hearing on Wednesday, January 13. (Click here for witness form)

    Here is my testimony:


    To the Committee:

    I strongly support SB-572, and I urge the Jobs, Economic Development and Local Government committee, the Missouri Senate, and the Missouri House of Representatives to pass the bill. I urge Governor Nixon to sign it.

    Governments exist to promote the safety, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of those they govern, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed. Everyone understands these simple truths, but we sometimes ignore them when thinking about local government. But history shows that tyranny can happen at any level of government. Let’s call this “petty tyranny.” Here are a few examples:

    * In Hazelwood, Missouri, two schoolgirls were cited for selling Girl Scout cookies illegally from a stand they had constructed outside their home. These aspiring Bonnie Parkers were in violation of a city ordinance that bans the sale of commodities from people’s homes.

    * In Burnsville, Minnesota, a man named Mitch Faber was charged with a building code violation and placed under arrest for failing to finish a siding project on his house, a project that had been stalled by financial troubles. After receiving an ultimatum from the city, Faber spent $12,000 on a stucco façade to cover up the partial work that had been done, only to be told by a city inspector that this was not good enough. This visit was followed up by another from the police, and Faber was taken into custody and charged with the heinous crime of remodeling his home in an unacceptable manner.

    * In San Juan Capistrano, California, a town that was founded in the 1700s as a religious mission, Chuck and Stephanie Fromm were fined several hundred dollars for holding private Bible study meetings in their homes without a “conditional-use” permit. The statute that was applied prohibits religious organizations from holding services in residential neighborhoods.

    * Washington, D.C. resident Patricia White has so far racked up fines totaling over $2,000 for not recycling her cat litter, which she makes at home from newspapers and junk mail. District of Columbia laws require that cat litter always be put in a recycling bin, even though Ms. White’s homemade variety is not really suitable for salvage. Employees of the Department of Public Works have discovered her violations of the rule while picking through the trash in the waste bins outside her apartment building, which is apparently something they are instructed to do at random locations throughout the city as a part of their regular duties.

    * In New Orleans, volunteers from the Hope Church in Metairie, Louisiana, were stopped from handing out free water bottles with the church’s name and address imprinted on them during the most recent Mardi Gras celebration. The reason? It was because they did not have an occupational license and had not registered to pay sales tax. An agreement was subsequently negotiated that allowed the church to distribute free hand sanitizer outside of temporary porta-potties instead.

    * Three young girls in Midway, Georgia, were busted by the police for selling lemonade from a homemade stand without first acquiring a business permit. In justifying the crackdown on the nefarious activities of these aspiring arch-criminals, the chief of police stated that “we were not aware of how the lemonade was made, who made the lemonade, and of what the lemonade was made.” Jack Webb as Joe Friday couldn’t have explained it more concisely.

    The list of examples of petty tyranny could go on for  hours.

    I understand the need for ordinances that promote safety, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But I also recognize that city governments are often seduced by the easy money from fines–taxation by citation, as Senator Eric Schmitt calls it. In our work in Ferguson and St. Louis County in 2014 and 2015, my friends and I discovered disturbing patterns of petty tyranny that drove a wedge between residents and the justice system. By treating citizens like ATMs for government, some cities in the area have built walls between government and people. People come to distrust all authority and determine to take back whatever they can. Petty tyranny kicks off an endless cycle of fines, resistance, and anger.

    SB 5 was a major first step on the road to better government and freer people in Missouri. SB 572 is the logical and necessary next step on that journey.

    I urge this committee to recommend SB 572 to the full Senate.


    William T. Hennessy

    Thanks to Senator Schmitt for continuing his work for good government and against petty tyranny.


    Eric Greitens’ Shocking Revelation Could Shatter People’s Faith

    Were you shocked when you learned that Navy SEAL, author, humanitarian, and charity founder, Eric Greitens, was born and raised and voted Democrat?

    I was.

    Sure, I’d heard the rumors. The whispers spread by some Republican campaign operatives. But I’ve learned to trust those campaign operatives about as far as I fund the national debt.

    Then, Senator John Lamping sent me a link to this Fox News story:

    Former Navy SEAL: Why I am no longer a Democrat

    So, the rumors were true. Eric Greitens was a Democrat.

    Obviously, I read all of his confession.

    I was raised as a Democrat. I was taught that Harry Truman was the greatest president ever because he was strong, stood up to the communists, and most important, he was from Missouri. I was taught to stand up for the little guy, and that bigger government was the best way to do that.

    But the worst was yet to come.

    I registered to vote as a Democrat, and several years ago some Democrats even tried to recruit me to run for Congress.


    Reading Greitens’s words on Fox News, I realized that this story will likely shatter some people’s faith. How could it not?

    Imagine growing up in the Millennial era, born after about 1981. By the time you started paying attention to things like politics, Bill Clinton was President. The federal budget was balanced. Unemployment was impossibly low. Ordinary people were building McMansions with oversized garages for wintering their express cruisers. Peace and prosperity abound. Two interns in every pot.

    Your mom and dad might have been Republicans or Democrats, but all your favorite teachers were Democrats. So were the cool kids. And they all sort of laughed at the few geeky kids who admitted they were Republicans. Or, funnier still, conservatives.

    Then, of course, came George W. Bush and, like, thank GOD you told everyone you were a Democrat. I mean, ya know. Right?

    Now, you read this. A guy who’s like the Avengers version of every good quality you were raised to admire writes, “I am a conservative Republican, but I didn’t start out that way.”


    You google this dude and everything SCREAMS Democrat. He went to Rwanda and Croatia to help the people Republicans hate, right? And he worked with homeless kids in Bolivia. And with Mother Teresa. And then he turned down a bunch of money from hedge funds and investment banks to start a charity. Does that sound Republican to you?

    I mean, sure, he was a Navy SEAL and all. And he was a championship boxer in England, too. But he was a Rhodes Scholar with degrees in philosophy.

    How could a role model be a . . . Republican? And call himself a conservative?

    OMG! What if I’m . . .?

    You read on, hoping that whatever turned this Greitens dude Republican doesn’t infect you.

    As I got older, I no longer believed in their ideas. Even worse, I had concluded that liberals aren’t just wrong. All too often they are world-class hypocrites. They talk a great game about helping the most vulnerable, with ideas that feel good and fashionable. The problem is their ideas don’t work, and often hurt the exact people they claim to help.

    Weird. Still talking about helping people. (I thought he was a Republican?)

    It’s not that I doubted their intentions. But good intentions are easy. Even easier when you’re spending other people’s money.

    Okay. That sounds pretty Republican.

    I became a conservative because I believe that caring for people means more than just spending taxpayer money; it means delivering results. It means respecting and challenging our citizens, telling them what they need to hear, not simply what they want to hear.

    Well, duh. Of course, caring for people means results. Like how many Facebook likes you get, right?

    I was raised to stand up for the little guy, for working families and the middle class. I am committed to that principle today more than ever. And if I thought the Democratic Party had the right ideas to do that, I’d still be one of them. But they don’t. And if I trusted career politicians to fix the problems they created, I’d still be standing on the sidelines. But I don’t.

    So Eric Greitens lost faith—in the Democratic Party, in liberalism, and in career politicians. Because each of those had a heavy hand in creating the very problems he recognizes need fixing before his kids get old enough to deal with them.

    At this point, some people’s faith will shatter. Not the faith of people who’ve been praying for a leader like Eric Greitens—but the faith of people who blindly followed the mob into the great abyss of liberal “caring” and establishment selfishness.

    I believe Greitens’s testimony will shatter some lifelong Democrats’ faith in their party. It will shatter some casual voters’ faith in selecting the “lesser of two evils.” Eric Greitens will shatter the revolving door through which the parties rotate to advance their interests and their friend’s interests at the expense of good government.

    I am reminded that Ronald Reagan was a Democrat until he delivered his famous speech for Barry Goldwater in 1964, “A Time For Choosing.” In his opening remarks, Reagan said, “I have spent most of my life as a Democrat. I recently have seen fit to follow another course.”

    Reagan was born in 1911; he was 53 when he converted. Eric Grietens needed only about 40 years to reach the same conclusion as the Gipper. (Maybe all that book learnin’ did Eric some good after all.)

    Some of us “cradle conservatives” might question Greitens’ bonafides. That’s fine. I suggest they find someone who served with Greitens—in Rwanda, in Croatia, in Iraq, or anywhere he’s served his country and his fellow man. Ask those who’ve been in the line of fire if Greitens has the steel to carry through on his mission.

    And what is that mission?

    So what would I do? I believe in limited but effective government. I believe in replacing ObamaCare with something that actually works. I believe in putting working families and job creation ahead of special interests. I believe that in a free society we have to defend religious liberties and the 2nd Amendment, and protect innocent life, so everyone has the freedom to pursue happiness. I believe in reforming welfare, so every person can have a chance at a life of dignity, purpose, and meaning. And I believe America’s public schools should be the best in the world

    In other words, I believe we have a lot of work to do.

    Not a long list but people with long agenda seem never to get around to accomplishing the first item. Ronald Reagan came to office with an even shorter list: fix the economy, shrink the government, and restore respect for America around the world.

    As for me, my faith in the political establishment was shattered long ago. I’ve had too many career politicians lie to my face about matters both specific and general. (You know who you are.) I’ve seen career politicians seduce and corrupt wide-eyed activists with promises of access to famous people and campaign jobs.

    My faith in government was shattered when I realized the war on poverty has taken $22 trillion out of the economy and into Washington—the spoils of war distributed between academics, bureaucrats, and crony capitalists while poor neighborhoods deteriorated, poor families lost whatever pride they once had, and “caring” became synonymous with handouts to “keep the rabble quiet.”

    Something’s gotta break.

    I hope Eric Greitens’s op-ed on Fox News shatters some people’s faith. We need some converts. We need some reinvigorated cradle conservatives. And we need a leader whose entire life is defined by action and results, not promises and excuses.

    We need a leader whose actions speak for him.

    We need a leader whose actions say simply, “follow me.”

    Please consider using the social sharing buttons below to spread the word.

    Read more:

    Providence and Hope in Missouri

    Why Hope Beats Anger

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    The Greater of Two Goods

    The SEAL, the Race, and the CEO

    Approaching Excellence


    Then, watch this video


    The Missouri Torch

    Check Out The Missouri Torch

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    The Missouri Torch
    Duane Lester’s Missouri Torch.

    Duane Lester has built a fantastic blog. The Missouri Torch captures the most important Missouri political news every day and sends you a convenient link list.

    Plus, Duane’s original pieces are crisp, smart, witty, and dead on. And, like Rush Limbaugh, Duane is almost always right 99.872% of the time. Plus, the site design is elegantly miminalist, easy to navigate, and easy on the eye.

    Good work, Mr. Lester.

    P.S. I am not a paid sponsor and no one asked me to write this.



    Surprised? Transportation Empowerment Act Was Ronald Reagan’s Idea—In 1967!

    Last week I blogged that Ronald Reagan would love the Transportation Empowerment Act (TEA). I included audio of Reagan talking to Bill Buckley on Firing Line about the burden on states from onerous federal taxes and grants.

    Forgive me, but that was sort of a tease. Here’s the meat: Reagan wrote a proposal for the Republican Governors’ Conference of 1967 to allow states to keep  about 2 percent of all federal taxes raised in the state. Ninety-eight percent would still go to Washington for defense and studies of monkey sex lives and whatever they do with money up there, but the states would retain two percent.

    Here’s the Gipper:

    Now, please call Ann Wagner’s Ballwin office and ask her to co-sponsor TEA. It’ll help her Heritage Action Score.

    The Transportation Empowerment Act is the right way to deal with Missouri’s overwhelming bike path problems and provides a smart alternative to the biggest tax increase in Missouri’s history.

    2 Awesome Military Stories for Independence Day Weekend

    I love this video. And I’m going to ask you a small favor for my son Jack, so please read all.

    WARNING: Strong Language

    What’s So Great About It?

    You have to love this American Army sergeant telling the Iraqi police how it is in strong language. Perhaps if the Iraqi police had listened, they wouldn’t be defending Baghdad against the Islamic State right now.

    But they are.

    I know some of you might object to this sergeant’s direct assault on these men’s manhood and character. Don’t be. Like Patton, this sergeant knows these men need to grow spines and to take responsibility for themselves, their comrades, and their country. Not because it’s cool, but because evil men will try to take their country–and their lives–from them.

    This sergeant deserves a medal.

    If You Don’t Get the Sergeant’s Speech, You Don’t Understand War

    People who’ve never served might not understand that war is violent. The purpose of war is to break an enemy’s will to fight, to break down an enemy’s psyche so thoroughly that the enemy society cannot function without assistance from the victory.

    Like the Democratic Party, the propose of war is to make a whole race of people completely dependent on others.

    Unlike the Democratic Party, the US military tries to rehabilitate the vanquished society, restore its dignity, and help its people become independent, functioning, proud citizens of their reformed nation.

    That means just war is morally superior to the Democrat Party, which Alexis de Tocqueville perfectly described 176 years ago:

    Above this race of men stands an immense and tutelary power, which takes upon itself alone to secure their gratifications, and to watch over their fate. That power is absolute, minute, regular, provident, and mild. It would be like the authority of a parent, if, like that authority, its object was to prepare men for manhood; but it seeks on the contrary to keep them in perpetual childhood: it is well content that the people should rejoice, provided they think of nothing but rejoicing. 

    AT2 Jack Hennessy on Mighty MO
    AT2(AW) Jack Hennessy on USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor

    Independence Day isn’t a furniture sale. It’s a commemoration of a nation’s rejection of the arbitrary rule of other men. July 4th symbolizes a bold American spirit that, like the sergeant in this video, will risk everything to live as free people, free from the tyranny of unlimited state power.

    And some risk more than others.

    Now My Real Purpose of This Post

    That’s why I spent nine years on active duty and nearly three years submerged on a submarine—to preserve and protect our republic and her people.

    And that’s why I’m so proud to tell you my son Jack is re-enlisting today, July 4, on board the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

    Congratulations, Jack. And congratulations to the US Navy and to the United States.

    Now for that small favor.

    Would you mind leaving a short note to Jack in the comments of this blog post?