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Spy Tactics for Conservatives: 7 Easy Steps to Protect Yourself

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You are a target. They want you dead.

You are a conservative activist. They call themselves “progressives.”

You want to live. And you want to remain active in politics.

They want you dead. Or submissive. Like a slave. Or a battered woman.

No, you can’t attack them. You shouldn’t engage them. They’re rabid animals. Neither reason nor normal persuasion can change progressives from their deadly habits.

So what do you do?

You prepare. You practice. You learn. You train. You carry on.

Here’s a 7-point plan to make yourself as safe as possible while continuing your noble work as a conservative, patriotic activist.

  1. Put Your Damn Phone Away. Awareness of your environment is the most important asset you can you have. A gun does no good if you don’t see the attack coming. And your phone steals 100% of your attention. Your phone won’t save your life. The police aren’t that fast. The call or the text can wait. Put the phone away.
  2. Practice a Soft Focus. Look at a spot on the wall. A door knob. Anything small but distinct. Stare at it. Concentrate on that thing. For 20 seconds. Now, notice how your peripheral vision diminishes. How the room disappears. All you can see is that spot. Now, relax the muscles around your eyes. Keep your pupils pointed at that spot, but notice how much of the room you can see. The ceiling. The floor. The walls on either side. Everything. That’s a soft focus. It will improve your driving and your situational awareness. Practice this twice a day until it becomes a habit.
  3. Carry a Tactical Pen. I carry a Hoffman-Richter Stinger pen (pictured). This pen is mightier than the pen that’s mightier than the sword. When your Spidey Sense tingles, pull out the pen. When someone threatens, use it. Like an ice pick. You can carry this pen anywhere—on a plane, at work, at the ball game. You can’t carry a gun everywhere, because the First Amendment lets you carry a tactical pen everywhere.
  4. Carry a Credit Card Knife. I have one in my wallet at all times. No one has ever stopped me. This weapon takes more time to fold out for use, but it’s a lot like the pen. Plus, if you’re trapped or stranded, it gives the most important tool you can have. Something to cut with. It’s the most important survival tool you can have.
  5. Carry Cash. Carry cash in 3 or 4 places. 1) Wallet. 2) Back Pocket. 3) Shoe. If you lose all other forms of payment, stashed cash could save your life. CIA spy Jason Hanson carries $80 cash in his belt, plus what’s in his wallet. It’s save his life.
  6. Know the Baseline. People have baselines. Places have baselines. Know what’s normal. Normal for people. Normal for places. Normal for times. When something’s not normal, try to figure out why. Evaluate the threat level. Have your tactical pen ready.
  7. Be Assertive. Step forward, not back. Predators attack the weak, not the strong. Not the crazy. When a threat emerges, look it in the eye. Address the threat. “Do you know what time it is?” is the ultimate lifesaving question. It stops the predator. It activates their limbic brain. They have to answer it. It forces them help you. Emotionally help you. And it’s hard to attack someone you’ve helped. “Do you know what time it is?” Ask anyone who scares you. And look them in the eye while you’re asking. And while they’re processing. But have your pen in hand, just in case.

This is the world we live in. We’re all CIA spies in a foreign land. We might as well get used to it. Get good at it. And carry on.

If you want to learn more about everyday survival, read these books:

Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life by Jason Hanson (CIA Agent)

The Spy’s Guide to Thinking by John Braddock (CIA Agent)



Reading Time: 1 minutes

President Trump wins praise from all side for his strength, dignity, and leadership following the left’s rifle attack on Republican members of Congress.

“We can all agree that we are blessed to be Americans.”

How the Washington Post Radicalizes Murderers (video)

Reading Time: 2 minutes

To liberals, the murder of a Republican is like the swatting of a mosquito. They oppose violence in theory, but they also want the pest dead. They’re just too lazy to get out of their easy chairs to do it themselves.

Cass Sunstein, a leftist who’s happy whenever a conservative dies early, wrote a book called Nudge. It’s a good psychology book. Nudge is about persuasion, which is my chief interest. Sunstein teaches people how to get others to swat mosquitoes for us.

The mainstream media revere Sunstein. The right hates Sunstein. The left applies Sunstein’s science to manipulate people from a distance. Like swatting mosquitoes without leaving your easy chair. Conservatives, on the other hand, pooh-pooh psychology and neuroscience. They think it’s voodoo or witchery.

Because the leftist media like CNN, Washington Post, New York Times, and MSNBC use psychology, they can influence their fringe to attack and kill conservatives. They’re very good at psychology.

Today, we saw a fringe leftist shoot at 30 Republican members of Congress and their staffers. It happened on a baseball field in Virginia. The shooter was a 66-year-old man from Belleville, Illinois. His name was James T. Hodgkinson. Hodgkinson was radicalized by the mainstream media. And I think they radicalized him on purpose.

See Scott Adams explain his brilliant “radicalized” meme.

The media actually celebrated Hodgkinson’s attack on the unarmed Republicans, until they tried to erase the incident with a lie. For example, The Gateway Pundit noticed that a Washington Post reporter justified the shooting on Twitter.



Cass Sunstein would be proud. Sunstein probably shot (no pun) Harris a note congratulating him on great persuasion technique. Malcolm Harris radicalized the next James T. Hodgkinson.

Earlier, The Gateway Pundit pointed out how Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas programmed his minions to believe Republican deserve to be shot.

Finally, as I predicted at about 1:00 this afternoon, the Washington Post invented five unnamed, anonymous sources to smear Trump and knock the radicalized James T. Hodgkinson off the front page. WaPo posted a mostly fabricated story about Robert Mueller shifting his investigation from Russian election tampering to obstruction of justice.

That’s another Sunstein move: waving shiny objects to distract the gullible.

I’m not that gullible. I know their game because it’s a game I study and play in a different way.

Unlike Washington Post and the left’s mainstream murder advocates, I use persuasion to help get what they want. Like a personal trainer. But the techniques are the same whether they’re used for good or evil.

The left uses psychology for manipulation, to radicalize its fringe.

Just thought you should know.

This is what it looks like when the MSM succeeds in radicalizing leftists.

Mark Steyn explains just how vile and hateful the left has become.

James Comey’s Review of Donald Trump

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I read a lot of reviews. I do it for work. It’s a great way to get a feel for a client’s culture.

I’m smart enough to discount reviews from people who were recently fired from the company. I don’t ignore those reviews, but I discount the negative stuff.  There’s a good chance that the disgruntled former employee is just venting. They feel wronged, even if they were terrible employees.

But I pay close attention to anything positive from these people. I figure, if someone just got fired, any positive reviews of their former employer are credible.

In case you’re not familiar with Glass Door, it’s a site that lets employees and contractors review the company they work for. Employees rate the company on a few aspects, then get to write open text reviews on three areas:

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Advice to Management

Today, James Comey, former FBI director, reviewed the boss that fired him. Instead of using, Comey vented his spleen to the United States Senate.

Comey’s testimony might as well have been a Glass Door review of President Trump, the guy who fired him.

Comey doesn’t seem to like the guy who fired him. That’s not unusual. Comey called Trump a liar. A lot of people who get fired call their bosses liars. Maybe the bosses are liars. Maybe not. Doesn’t really matter. People assume that the recently fired have a self-serving view of their own performance. And they probably have a worse opinion of their bosses than those bosses deserve.

I’ve been fired, just like James Comey. For weeks after, I painted the guy who fired me in the worst possible light. Doing so made me feel better for a moment.

But even while I was badmouthing my old boss to friends, I knew I shared the blame. Even though everything I had said about that boss was true (to some degree), I was conveniently leaving out the things I did to make his job of firing me easier. I painted myself in the best possible light.

So, let’s look at the positive things Comey said about Trump. Or the opportunities to implicate Trump that Comey dismissed.

James Comey admitted there’s no evidence of collusion with the Russians. In fact, he admitted that Trump was never even under investigation for wrongdoing.

Previously under oath, Comey swore that he never felt any pressured to end the Russian investigation or any other investigation.

And, even though Comey now thinks he can read Trump’s mind, Comey admits Trump never asked him or directed him to end the Flynn investigation. Everyone who knows the rules on obstruction of justice knows Trump did nothing wrong. Comey exonerated Trump today.

Most telling is this. Asked if he believes the guy who fired him did anything that constitutes obstruction of justice, Comey said he doesn’t know. No one would have blamed Comey if he’d said, “why, yes. Lordy, lordy, I think the obstructed justice.” It probably took a lot of strength for Comey to pass up that opportunity.

It’s pretty clear that Comey requested to testify to the Senate so he could make himself feel better by badmouthing the guy who fired him. On television. On the record. Yet, Comey wouldn’t go so far as to say the President did anything that might be illegal.

Look, if I got fired and then had a chance to stick it to the guy who fired me, I’d probably take it. So I can’t fault Comey for trying to paint Trump in the world possible light. Nor can I blame him for trying to make himself look blameless.

But I tend to discount negative reports from recently fired employees. And I assume anything they say that’s positive is an understatement. Given that methodology, Comey overstated Trump’s negatives and understated Trump’s innocence.

In a few months, Comey will be telling people that Trump merely hoped he’d be fair to General Flynn, and hope isn’t a crime. It’ll give him closure.


Gullible Evil Losers at CNN Criticize London Cops for Using Too Many Bullets. UPDATE

Reading Time: 1 minutes

Maybe we should consider CNN employees enemy combatants.

CNN’s latest hate-crime: CNN is criticizing London police for using too many bullets. 

That’s right. CNN will soon demand a UN war crimes tribunal to try, convict, and hang the London cops who put down the London Bridge terrorists.

This photo caption appeared below this critical headline.

CNN has not responded to my request for comments.

Specifically, I asked CNN to provide the exact number of rounds police are allowed to use to stop a terrorist.

While we wait for Jeff Zucker’s precise bullet limit, I’ll supply my own: police should stop shooting terrorists when their last magazine is empty. 

UPDATE: CNN has removed this ridiculous story from the top of their home page.

Shark-Jumping Update: the Left Is Losing It

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Previously on Hennessy’s View:

Because of tolerance, it’s getting harder and harder to make people laugh with Trump jokes. Everybody’s heard them all. So comedians have to ramp up the shock factor. And they have been. And it was working.

Until Kathy Griffin went too far.

Comedians and leftist news people are bound to go too far. It’s bio-chemical response. And now, so many leftists are in a race to the top on excess and insanity. Even the horrible Washington Post has noticed.

The story tells you what probably already know. Bill Maher is in trouble for using the N word Friday night. Stephen Colbert is in trouble for a gay slur directed at Trump. And, of course, Kathy Griffin’s career is over for beheading Trump as a joke.

This was all to be expected. Comedians and commentators get a dopamine rush when people laugh at their jokes or approve of their rhetoric. But when they stick to one topic too long, the only way to keep getting the same feedback is to make their jokes and rhetoric stronger. The same way smokers increase to a pack a day. In the brain, nicotine addition is almost identical to laughter addiction.

You’re seeing society say, “enough is enough.” Especially in light of the horrible terrorist attacks in London and Manchester.

People are ready for election season to be over. They’re ready to hear less about the president and Congress. They’re ready to get back to work. They want better jobs and more employment options. They want less crime and safer streets.

In short, people want the benefits of having elected Donald Trump and a Republican Congress. They want less of the process that should have ended last November. And everybody’s sick of hearing about Russia.

So, comedians can find new topics or find themselves getting real jobs. Their tickets to the Trump train expired last week.