Stop By Tony Pousosa’s Campaign HQ Saturday

Just got a reminder from Tony Pousosa, Republican for St. Louis County Executive: We will be opening up our campaign HQs on Saturday 3/29 at 5pm. 111 Clarkson Executive Park, Ellisville, MO 63011. Please join us if you can. I plan to stop by. You should, too.

Russia's Ukraine Adventure

This Book Predicted Russia’s Ukraine Adventure. Poland’s Next.

Did you ever read a book and think, “I need to tell people about this?” Then you didn’t tell people about it. I mean, you didn’t blog about it. You didn’t “officially” proclaim the book “required reading.” Then something happened that you knew could happen because of the book, but you don’t get credit for…


We Interrupt This Blog To Gloat Over T.J. Oshie and Team USA

TV hockey color man Eddie Olczyk said during the USA vs. Slovakia game that TJ Oshie would become well-known in the hockey world during these Olympics. Eddie nailed it. @OSH74 scored 4 shootout goals in 6 chances to lead Team USA to 3-2 win over Russia this morning. The official St. Louis Blues website: T.J.…


When Will Minimalism Reach Government?

Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something. –Robert Heinlein I threw away some of favorite clothes. It was 2008. The economy was crumbling. My job hung by a thread. Even sober, wise people warned of global economic collapse. So I threw stuff away…

Kent State

Let’s Not Prove Karl Marx Right

Karl Marx foresaw something that’s now playing out. As corporations cut labor costs to increase profits, they also destroy the markets for their goods and services. This chart shows corporate profits (red) and wages as a percentage of GDP (blue) from 1944 to 2012: When the blue line is higher than the red line, you…

Empire State Building

A Freaky Index Says 2014 Will See Economic Crash

I wanted to write this post earlier today, so you’d all think I’m really smart. But I had to work until 10:00 tonight. I never go to it. Now, things are happening that might make this post less prescient. I’m writing it anyway. The Weirdest Index The financial world has a lot of weird indexes.…