Ashcroft Passes on Opportunity to Deny Medicaid Expansion Fix

Reading Time: 1 minutesLast week, I wrote about the Missouri Republican Establishment’s plan to win a windfall for lobbyist Kit Bond via Senate candidate Jay Ashcroft. Not that the Establishment cares about Bond, but they want Medicaid expansion passed before they beg for money for 2016 from the Missouri Hospital Association and Chamber of Commerce. Well, the St. …

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I was talking about defunding Obamacare before it was cool

Reading Time: 2 minutesOkay, I’m fired up. I’m fired up about Obamacare. I don’t know what got me onto this, exactly. I talked to Jim Durbin tonight, so maybe that was it. I’ve been looking for video of a speech I gave at the Million Med March in Clayton, MO, in 2009.  Two-friggin-thousand-and-nine. (I’m a quarter German, so …

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Guest Post: An Open Letter to Millennials from Bob the Retiree

Reading Time: 1 minutesSubmitted by Bob, the retiree: To the Millennials of America, All you sniveling, whining, crybaby Millennials need to quit your complaining and get signed up with Obamacare as soon as possible. We really don’t care what it costs you. I am retired now and drawing my Social Security and will sign up for Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps …

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William F. Buckley clipped from http://granitegrok.com/blog/2013/07/notable-quote-william-f-buckley
What Would Buckley Do?

Reading Time: 5 minutesI wanted to be William F. Buckley Jr. All I lacked was his intellect, education, and unique experiences. Well, I didn’t want to be him. I wanted to be the next one. Every day, I wrote a 750-word piece. Poorly. I believed that practice would improve my writing. It didn’t. One day, I realized, as long …

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Shutdown Week Could Turn Into Big Win for Republicans

Reading Time: 1 minutes“I shouldn’t have to offer anything.”  Barack Obama on why he’s shutting down the government. Obama keeps forgetting he’s not a dictator. Or maybe I keep forgetting he is. Did you see that list of government shutdowns? 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1990, 1995. Those first four shutdowns came with Democrat majorities …

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I’ve Learned the House GOP Is A Lot Tougher Than Senate

Reading Time: 3 minutesI was wrong. As the continuing resolution fight approached, I expected House Republicans to cave. I expected Boehner to make a half-hearted attempt to use debt ceiling, instead of continuing resolution, as leverage to stop Obamacare. And I expected Republican Senators to make a stand. But that’s not what happened. In reverse order, Senate Republican …

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How Lonely Is Roy Blunt?

Reading Time: 2 minutesImagine how isolated Roy Blunt must feel. Senator Blunt is a party man. He believes in following leadership. He doesn’t rock the boat. And his leader, Senate Minority Leader Slick Mitch McConnell, has decided to help Harry Reid get the 60 votes needed to invoke cloture on the continuing resolution. Once debate closes (via cloture), …

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Mitch McConnell. Photo by ConspiracyofHappiness
Mitch McConnell Vows To Help Harry Reid Fund Obamacare

Reading Time: 1 minutesHarry Reid needs six Republicans to fund Obamacare. Mitch McConnell signed up immediately. In a statement, McConnell announced he plans to vote against Obamacare by voting for cloture, allowing Harry Reid to strike the defunding language from the bill. McConnell will, of course, vote nay on the final bill. But that’s just a gimmick. McConnell’s slick …

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