Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats could be headed toward a final showdown over abortion and the right of men and women to choose their moral direction.  Obama has promised in […]

Michelle Malkin calls is “Palin Derangement Syndrome.”  William F. Buckley called it “liberal mania.”  I call it “angry cynicism.”  Call it what you will, the leftist media’s treatment of Sarah […]

Many on the right claim they’ll vote Democrat if McCain chooses a pro-choice veep. I’m as anti-abortion as anyone on the planet. I think my perseverating brethren need to learn […]

Rush Limbaugh came close, today, to a telling insight into the left’s love of Obama.  He finished short. Let me complete Rush’s thought:  The left worship Obama hoping for absolution […]

Pope Benedict XVI will receive the highest honor the United States can bestow upon on a visiting head of state: the President will meet him at the airport.  Afterwards, the […]