How You Can Help a Brave Missouri Senator and Win an AR-15

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For years, conservatives have relied on a handful of brave State Senators to block really bad bills.Brian_Nieves One of that small group is Senator Brian Nieves.

Here’s how you can help ensure Missouri has some spine in the State Senate for another 4 years. Print 10 copies of this page and hand it to friends. Ask them to join you at Senator Nieves’s Sporting Clays event

State Senator Brian Nieves

**General Laws Committee Chairman and Senate Majority Whip, Invites you to a Special Event Honoring the TRUE Intent of Our 2nd Amendment where YOU may win a Premium AR15!**

Sporting Clays Shoot & AR15 Give Away!!

October 12th, 2013 (Saturday) St. Louis Trap & Skeet Club, Pacific Mo.

Shoot 10am-Noon’ish – Lunch 11:30am to 1pm – Awards and Drawings at 1pm

Just Lunch – $20 AR15 Chances – $100(1/50 Chance per ticket!) Shooters – $100(Includes Lunch)

Sponsorships & Chances for a Sig Sauer 516 Patrol

$100 Station Sponsor: Signage at Shooting Stations (similar to hole sponsor in golf tourney) $250 Lunch Sponsor: Prominent Advertising of Company or Entity throughout Lunch Area. ____________________________________________________________________

$500 Sharp Shooter Event Sponsor: Four Shooter Packages & Three Station Sponsorships. (Sharp Shooter Packages is a $700 Value!!) $1,000 Marksman Event Sponsor: Four Shooter Packages, Four Station Sponsorships and FOUR of only Fifty Chances ($100 each) at the Sig Sauer 516 Patrol AR15! (Marksman Package is a $1,200 Value!) $1,500 Sniper Level Sponsor: Four Shooter Packages, Six Station Sponsorships and TEN of only Fifty Chances ($100 each) at the Sig Sauer 516 Patrol AR15! (Sniper Package is a $2,100 Value!) *******************************************************************************************************************************

Register as a Player/Sponsor Today! There are 50 or Less chances for the AR! Grab yours NOW! Please provide the following Info and a check made out to “Citizens for Nieves” or call Brian at (314)324.8101

Name ________________________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________


Number of Shooters in your group________________________________________________

Sponsorship Level/Chances for Sig AR etc …________________________________________

Paid for by Citizens for Nieves, Dave Bailey Treasurer, Dave Schroeder Asst. Treas. Make Checks Payable to “Citizens for Nieves” and mail to – P.O. Box 1026, Washington, Mo. 63090

Here’s the Secret to Finding a Perfect Candidate That No one’s Telling You About: Guest Post

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There’s no such thing as a perfect candidate.

So quit waiting for one, and quit staying at home and casting a protest vote.

We need your help. Who are we you ask? The voters who have been getting their asses handed to them. We have about a hundred years of making up to do and we need to get started with a strategy.

If we can elect a candidate that we agree with:

  • six out of ten issues. . .we’re over the hump

  • seven out of ten issues. . .we’re getting somewhere

  • eight out of ten issues. . . we’re winning

  • nine out of ten issues. . .we won

  • ten out of ten issues. . .we’re fooling ourselves

We’re currently operating somewhere between losing and lost.

Even a five out of five currently would be a great start.

Now comes the difficult part: staying engaged with the elected representative.

Turn the five into a six, the six into a seven. . .etc.

Turn your anger into action.

Make sure your elected official knows you are engaged.

It’s really not that difficult.

Apply the above formula to every elected office from dog catcher to President of the United States.

Put the burner on simmer and warm until the next election.

Oh, one more thing, if you’re currently staying home and casting a protest vote:

It’s not working!

Guest Post: Why is it that we expect more from elected public servants than from ourselves?

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Historic Veto Session leaves Missourians frustrated.

Why is it that we expect more from elected public servants than from ourselves? We demand and expect them to stand up, sometimes alone, in a chamber full of their peers and fight for us, yet we don’t do it in our own communities!

When we get frustrated with our elected representatives in Jefferson City (and Washington) who don’t stand up for us, our knee-jerk response is to try to elect someone else in their place and hope that new representative will listen to us.

But think about it . . .

How can we get mad at an elected official who goes to Washington or Jefferson City and doesn’t represent us when we don’t take care of business in our own backyards?

Here is an example. The education agenda for the 2013 Legislative Session put forth by the Missouri GOP lead by Speaker Tim Jones.

This was an agenda that was strongly supported on both sides of the aisle, especially those representing failing urban districts. Now what they did get passed may not be considered historic, as they had first hoped in the early days of sessions. But some represantives showed admirable courage, prudence, and fortitude Pushing the reforms.

Yet many Missourians were left feeling hopeless and frustrated that the “meat” of the legislation didn’t pass. The feeling was compounded because the GOP holds a super majority in both state houses!

Some say it was those “Rural RINOS” who don’t have the guts to stand up against their Superintendents and School Boards back home. But, is that really the problem?

I say NO

.In my opinion, we are the problem!

It is time to look in the mirror and ask ourselves a couple of questions:

· Do I have the fortitude to stand up to my local school board or city council?

· Do I have the courage to publicly disagree with the teacher’s union of which my child’s “favorite teacher” is a member?

· Do I have the courage to stand up in public and disagree with my neighbor who is a member of the school board?

The hallways and chambers in Jefferson City were packed for a few days this past week. People traveled from all over the state to see this historic veto session. Yet our county, city and school board chambers remain literally empty. People who will drive 200 miles for rally at the Capitol won’t drive two blocks to influence their school boards

Need I remind you that, “change begins at home” and that “all politics is local”.

Self-governance is your duty, not someone else’s

If you want to influence change, you have to get informed, educated, and engaged in issues involving your local communities.

If you are not willing to publicly challenge your school administration or board, than don’t expect your elected officials to do it for you in Jefferson City or Washington DC.

And please drop the excuse regarding fear of backlash to your kids, because that is what the bureaucrats running these broken systems count on: fear.

When we stop freezing out of fear and start acting out of courage in our local communities, politicians in Jefferson City will do the same!

Eileen Tyrrell

Eureka MO

Eilleen Tyrrell co-founded Rockwood Stakeholders for Real Solutions. Her leadership influenced Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich to audit Rockwood School District. The audit uncovered numerous scandals, forcing the superintendent and two board members to resign. Eileen is president-elect of Meramec Republican Township.

Who Will Be America’s Clothing Czar

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Are you ready for America’s first Clothing Czar?

According to, this person, “will decide what you will wear every day for the
next four years.

If you’re a Goth, what if the Czar disallows Goth? What if he’s an 80s fan and orders collars up?

What other questions do you have for the new Clothing Czar?

The good news: you can vote for the Clothing Czar of your choice.

What questions would you ask?

In the Right Question Institute’s exercise to get young people to vote, the facilitator lets them know there is no Clothing Czar.

But there is a President. And Congress. And, together, they appoint judges.

And in Missouri, there’s a governor and legislature and judges on the ballot.

And these real offices make decisions about your life every day. Maybe they’re not as personal and immediate as What Not To Wear. But the decisions government makes for you are far more important.

The government is about to decide very personal things:

  • Healthcare
  • Housing
  • Taxes
  • Security
  • Schools
  • Jobs

And the NSA listens to your phone calls, reads your emails, and, potentially, spies into your bathroom window with a drone.

So, while the Right Question Institutes wants to you write down as many questions as you can about the fictitious Clothing Czar, I want you to consider just one question:

Why would you let anyone make those decisions for you?

I understand that in our representative system, we elect people to handle some details we don’t want to bother with. But the list above includes personal life decisions, not general, boring government activity.

Why wouldn’t you want to own your own life instead of renting the one some bureaucrat chooses for you?

In the end, that’s the only reason I dabble in politics and self-governance. I want to own my own life, and I want everyone else to be free to own theirs, too.

If you want to own your own life, say so in the comments. It’s an important question. Your life, literally, depends on your answer.

Firing John Kerry Is Obama’s Only Hope for Credibility

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John Kerry isn’t fit for Secretary of State, and the whole world knows it.

If Obama every had a strategy for Syria, John Kerry destroyed it in a matter of minutes Monday.

First, Kerry said any American response to unspeakable humanitarian crisis in Syria would be “unbelievably small.” Man, you know that fired up the Marines floating off the coast of Syria. I can see them, Mae Wests on, ready to charge the beach, hearing that dreadful command: “Fix bottle rockets!”

Then, with the entire internet still laughing at his first gaffe of the day, Kerry went further. He said Syrian president Bashar al Assad had one week to surrender his chemical and biological weapons.

Immediately, the State Department contradicted Kerry. But it can’t. The State Department reports to John Kerry. Only the President can overrule a diplomatic offer from the Secretary of State.


But it was too late, and the Russians know their protocol.

Putin offered to oversee the inspections and control of Syria’s biological and chemical weapons. Then the White House tried to claim responsibility for the maneuver. The progressive press doctored up stories claiming this weapons surrender was in the works weeks ago.

The trouble is, everyone watched Obama’s Keystone Cop chief drooling through diplomatic hell. The truth was out there and obvious and disturbing. Shep Smith put it best: “we just got played.”

Barack Obama appointed Kerry to a very important job. And John Kerry has proven himself perfectly capable of accidentally launching World War III.

Obama owes himself, the United States, and the world relief from the risk posed by Kerry’s incompetence.

Until our Secretary of State is a sober adult, we have no business considering military action.

Obama’s Utterly Incoherent Syria Strategy

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Obama pitched war to a war-weary America, and all he got back was a yawn.

Tonight’s speech was touted as the most important of his life. I doubt many will remember in 3 years.

“I have asked Congress to find something else to do for a couple of weeks,” seemed to be the theme. Or “there’s something wrong with you people for wanting to bomb a Middle East country. I mean, they’re Muslims for God’s sake.”

But having made my decision as Commander-in-Chief based on what I am convinced is our national security interests, I’m also mindful that I’m the President of the world’s oldest constitutional democracy.

So, only a madman could watch the YouTube videos from Syria and fail to throw bombs at Assad. While I’m no madman, I’m going to let Putin deal with this.

Seriously? This guy makes Jimmy Carter look like Tony Soprano.

And he made no attempt, really, to demonstrate that Syria’s civil war threatens American lives or interests.

I’ve told you what I believe, that our security and our values demand that we cannot turn away from the massacre of countless civilians with chemical weapons.

Countless? I thought the number 1,451. Unless you ask anyone other than the US war machine. The UK, France, and the UN put the number closer to 500. (So maybe instead of “countless,” he meant “disputed.”)

But what about that justification? At least Bush made the argument that Saddam had violated numerous UN directives that Iraq had signed and threatened his neighbors. Obama’s only justification for war in Syria is value-perturbation.

Yes, Bashar al Assad is an evil bastard, as are many (most?) of the forces fighting to topple his government. Yes, we want to contain and eliminate chemical weapons. But war is a serious things, and once you lob a rocket—or shoot an Archduke—there’s no telling where things will go.

So . . .

This would not be an open-ended intervention. We would not put boots on the ground.

You really can’t say that.  As I wrote earlier, bombs influence behavior of the target, and not always the way you want. The Japanese expected the USA to fold after Pearl Harbor. That didn’t happen.

Where does that leave us? I’m not sure, and neither is Obama or his Secretary of State. Boehner seems happy to go back into a fetal position over the continuing resolution.

On his speech, though, we know the score. Unless his goal was to just get it over with, he failed.