Minneapolis-St. Paul Bridge Collapse

UPDATE and Bump: Predictably, the idiot left has begun blaming George W. Bush and the Iraq War on Terror for the bridge collapse (Gateway Pundit). They know they’re full of manure. Saturday, liberal Bob Beckel on FoxNews admitted that there was no connection, but he went to explain the liberal lies: “Those of us who are opposed to this war will anything to advance our point.”

It’s nice to hear a Democrat fess up to lying.

I came home feeling feverish and went to bed earlier. I woke up at 9:30, planning to do some blogging.

But my first glance

around the world began with Captain’s Quarter where I learned of the bridge collapse and of Ed Morrissey’s search for his

dauther-in-law and granddaaughter. They are okay.

Michelle Malkin has continuing coverage.

CNN has continuous live feed. ***UPDATE*** CNN’s live feed stopped at 10:40 p.m. CDT.

Nothing else deserves comment. This deserves only my prayers.

Here’s the bridge before the collapse for reference–you’ll be seen plenty of the after photos to compare.

Obama’s Little Mind on Foreign Policy

Barack Obama proves he would be a dangerous commander-in-chief.

Two weeks ago, he told us that the United States is obliged to stay out of wars, even to prevent genocide. He would not have fought Germany in World War II unless Germany attacked the United States. He would not stop the genocide in Darfur or Congo. He would not have gone to Somalia or Bosnia.

That, again, was two weeks ago.

In last week’s YouTube debate, Obama told us that as President his first foreign policy blunder . . . move would be trips to North Korea, Chile, Cuba, and Syria. He clearly doesn’t understand how dictatorships work, thinking such visits would do any good for the people of those country. As was know, dictators capitalize on naive foreign leaders by turning state visits into propaganda devices.

Now this week.

Yesterday, Obama changed course again. Now he’s all for going to war with Pakistan. An AP analysis sees right through Obama’s stance:

This new policy is designed to show that Obama would be a tough commander in chief when times demand it, even though he opposed the Iraq war and wants to open a dialogue with foreign foes.

But Obama goes further than the analysis indicates. By invading a sovereign country without its consent and in violation of treaties, Obama would likely start a war with a nuclear power. The chain-reaction of such an invasion would be unpredictable and immensely dangerous. India could pre-emptively strike Pakistan, hoping to take out its nuclear missiles. Israel might do the same, drawing Syria, Egypt, Iran, and other into an all-out Middle East war. How would Pakistan’s other neighbors respond? How many men would join al Qaeda in response?

Ed Morrissey, blogging on Obama’s shifting stance, says this latest foreign policy gaffe ought to end Obama’ career as a serious candidate for president. I agree. (See Ed’s links to Michelle Malkin, too.)

Barack Obama has evolved from curiosity to wonder to worry. His handle on how the world works is very loose and shaky. One more blunder, and even his race, curiousness, and “wonder boy” status won’t save him. Party leaders will have to look hard at the weak mind that lies beneath his polished surface.

Thompson Remains in the Lead

The latest Rasmussen poll of likely primary voters completed July 31 shows Fred Thompson in front:

In the race for the Republican Presidential nomination, former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson remains nominally on top with support from 26% of Likely Republican Primary voters. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani remains essentially even as the top choice for 24%. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and Arizona Senator John McCain are each preferred by 12% (see daily history).

The significance, here, is not the margin of the lead, but the consistency. Thompson has now led the poll since mid-July, except for a one day tie on 7/25.

Additionally, the poll finds that Thompson is the only candidate who voters consider “conservative.” That is huge come the general election. If the Republican party nominates a moderate or liberal, then we might as well for the Democrat and get the real thing.

Numerous races, including Reagan and Norm Coleman, show that the GOP’s best hope is to run a conservative who starkly contrasts the Democrat opponent. Head to head, conservatism always wins because it works. Liberalism loses because it fails every time its tried.

UN Approves Darfur Force

The UN Security Council, today, finally got around to approving a 26,000-strong force to control the violence in Darfur (FoxNews.com).

I have a depressing suspicion that this means there are no Christians left for the Muslims to kill in Darfur. Expat Yank thinks the same:

There are only two reasons a predator state engaged in fomenting widespread slaughter (the UN has not termed Darfur “genocide”) will voluntarily allow in a UN peacekeeping force: 1) that state has already accomplished most of its ”slaughter” goals (remember, this conflict began in February 2003), or 2) it doesn’t believe the UN force will be able to accomplish much of anything anyway, so its best to let it be deployed in order to get the “international community” off its back.

Sadder, still, is the lack of blog and editorial reaction to the news. A couple of years ago, even Barack Obama was calling for action in Sudan–even unilateral US military action. Today, nothing.

Either genocide has become too familiar to notice, or the economy is providing enough distractions that otherwise good people don’t care.

Also, Theo Spark has the official banner of the operation.

Thompson Campaign Alive and Well

Thompson’s enemies in both parties–all Democrats and the Republicans running for President–are acting like the $3 million raised by his exploratory committee in June dooms his candidacy.


First, Fred formed the committee on June 4.  It takes a while to get the money flow started, to get people going to the websites, etc.  If the average daily gross for June 24 – June 30 were no greater than that of the first week, I’d be more concerned.

Second, Fred’s donations are coming mostly from grassroots conservatives.  While the lefties want people think we’re all Rockefellers and Gateses, we’re not.  Some of us woke up giddy today because it’s pay day. 

Third, Fred Thompson’s support, in my humble opinion, comes from people and places who are not usually interested in candidates this early.  Like Reaganites, they don’t contribute to campaigns, they don’t work phone banks, they don’t put signs in their yards or stickers on their cars unless they know the candiate personally. 

Let’s see how Fred’s fundraising dinners go, and how his opponents overplay their hand on this phony contribution story.  And cast a gimlet eye towards the blogs that quote “Republican” insiders; the party insiders I know are always working an angle.  Pity those who fret that Fred Thompson has out-witted himself.  On the other hand, some Thompson supporters not associated with the campaign apparently were floating ridiculous numbers to the press.  That doesn’t help. Managing expectations should be left to the professionals, not attempted by armchair Roger Ayleses.

Brookings Institute Says US Gaining in Iraq

Linked from Hugh HewittThe headline would have read, “We’re Gaining in Iraq,” but I didn’t want to confuse any liberals for whom the “we” in Iraq is al Qaeda.

The surge is working according two liberals from the Brookings Institute writing in the New York Times. And according to Dean Barnett blogging on HughHewitt.townhall.com, their former friends on the left are ready to do to them what it appears Chuck Schumer did to the Chief Justice.

Barnett writes:

Characteristically, both [liberal attack] pieces didn’t take issue with what Brookings-men Kenneth Pollack and Michael O’Hanlon reported seeing in Iraq but instead attacked them personally. If you’ve studied the moonbats in their native habitats as I have the past several years, this comes as no surprise. After all, what is the chickenhawk meme but an attempt to win an argument by attacking your opponent rather than engaging his ideas? Has anyone come back from Iraq recently and not seen progress? Wouldn’t an effective rebuttal of O’Hanlon’s and Pollack’s article sought out such friendly sources?

Of course, liberals attack with personal insults. They have no reason, no logic, no defense, no apology for their positions. They arrive at their positions the way a water bug arrives at the edge of a table.

In “Up From Liberalism,” William F. Buckley described this as “the liberal mania.” To date, medical science has found no cure, and society has invested far too little in its eradication.

H/T Discerning Texan

Did Chuck Schumer Try To Murder Chief Justice Roberts?

Not much time tonight . . . watching a movie with the family

Chuck Schumer’s an Idiot: Over the weekend, Chuck Schumer (see Malkin) picked up the theme started by Republican Sentator Arlen Specter. The two Senators are looking to indict Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito on perjury charges.

Schumer’s justification for effectively abolishing the Supreme Court is the so anti-historical and anti-Constitutional it’s almost funny.

The burden of proof lies with the nominee to prove that he is something other than what the President chose him for.

Really, Senator? The Constitution places no burden of proof upon nominees. They are appointed by the President (not recommended, but appointed) with the “advice and consent” of the Senate.

While idiot liberals my try sophomorically to argue that “advice and consent” means a burden of proof upon the nominee, they would be, as always, dead wrong. Advice and consent is the mildest of standards. Where the framers believed a strong burden existed upon one party in order to prevail, they said so.

Schumer and Specter are small, weak, petty men. They understand so little of the law they studied. They display no historical or Constitutional perspective, as if the law popped into existence with their passing of the bar and will die out like a fading star with their retirements from politics.

Did Schumer or Specter somehow induce Chief Justice Roberts’s seizure? I’m sure they and their friends are giddy over the news of Roberts’s hospitalization, as Michelle Malkin points out.

If Bush caused 9/11, then it stands to reason that Schumer tried to kill the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Now, go to Captain’s Quarters and read about the liberals who protested Sen. Norm Coleman’s (R-MN) father’s funeral. His father’s funeral! Liberals are scum. If conservatives acted as irresponsibly as these various bastards, Jesse Jackson would be rhyming up a storm, the ACLU would be suing God, and Al Franken would sacrifice a goat on the front lawn of the White House while CNN and MSNBC praised their restraint. Bastards.

TexasRainmaker summarizes more hate speech from the party of compassion.

New UK PM Praises, Thanks Bush

The Sun Online carries the story of new British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s rather effusive praise of George W. Bush’s leadership.

In his speech, Brown referred to Winston Churchill:

The Prime Minister vowed to take Winston Churchill’s lead and make Britain’s ties with America even stronger.

Mr Brown stunned critics by THANKING President Bush for the fight against Islamic extremism, and insisted the UK-US relationship will be his No1 foreign policy priority.

He said on his first visit to the President’s US retreat at Camp David: “Winston Churchill spoke of the ‘joint inheritance’ of our two countries.”

Many expected Brown to chill US-UK relations on the heels of Tony Blair’s tight relationship with the White House.  If chill is to come, it will come another day, I suppose.

(H/T DrudgeReport)

US Sinks North Korean Ship?

The Gateway Pundit (which you should read every day) discusses a Debka File report claiming the US sank a North Korean ship bound for Iran carrying nuclear weapon making cargo.

Debka is notorious for reporting stories that are, well, stories that aren’t true.  But such a heavy-handed action by the US could explain North Korea’s recent cooperation on the nuclear front. 

We’ll keep our eye’s peeled.