Why Tea Party?

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A college student asked me a question:  Why join the Tea Party?


He was wondering why anyone would want to associate with people who behaved reprehensibly at two earlier Republican debates.

Here’s how I replied:


Sorry that I’m just getting to this.  I get a lot of email, and sometimes I miss things.

I organized the tea party in St. Louis in 2009. I did so because I’ve seen that governments accumulate power until they crush liberty and freedom. Governments use every means to increase their power over the people.  Most recently, it’s been debt.  

Did you know that you owe about $50,000 in federal debt–in addition to all other debts and taxes? You.  If you get married, you’ll have a combined $100,000.  

You’ll pay that debt in one of three ways:  taxes, inflation, or reduced income.  Either way, you have no chance of out-earning me if you follow my exact career path and work just as hard.  

But that’s just money. What about life and liberty?  

No weak government ever committed a holocaust.  But powerful governments do it all the time.  The Nazis.  The Soviets.  Pol Pot.  Ho Chi Minh. Mao.  Castro.  

Talk to someone who fled one of those regimes.  Learn what happens when all the power, all the police forces, all the taxing and permits and borrowing and judging accumulate to a small group of people.

Hell is what happens.  

Show me what happens when good people, people of character, are free to live their own lives. 


Were there idiots at those debates?  Sure.  Then again, look at the idiots at OWS encampments, defecating on police cars and raping women. Put 100 people in a room and 5 will lack the ability to form human bonds.  

Do we need police and anti-trust laws and other regulations?  Of course. But we also need a constant and vigorous defense of our liberty. 

That’s why I called for a Tea Party in February 2009, and that’s why I hope you’ll join our little band in St. Louis. We stand on guard for your liberty.  And that’s one of hell of an important job. 

Here’s some other people’s views on Why I Tea Party


Bill Hennessy

Why do you tea party?

Get Off Your Duff and GoVote.com

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You have a great new way to participate in the political life of America thanks to GoVote.com

GoVote.com - National News

With GoVote.com, you can

  • Rate politicians, blogs, organizations, and more
  • Find all of your elected officials in one place
  • Find easy links to important web sites
  • Keep track of news that most important to you
  • Share your views on events, people, and organizations
  • More

Take a few minutes to register and explore the site this weekend.  It’s one more weapon in our fight to roll back tyranny in 2012.

The extraordinary heart of a charity founder

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Have you ever thought, “I need to do more for others?”

I have. And I’ve made feeble attempts to satisfy that urge. Feeble.

Still, when I’ve done something “good” for others with no expectation of return, I kind of thump my chest and smile at myself in the mirror like I’m some kind of big shot.

Then my wife introduced me to Valerie Hays, and I realized how much more a person can do.

In 2007, Valerie and her husband, John, decided to start a charity. Their aim was to adopt a single orphanage in Kenya to help people suffering from hunger, illness, and cold. Here’s why:

When you hold an orphan child in your arms, and tell them that you care about them and that you will do what you can to help them live a long and healthy life…..well you can’t break that promise.

In America, the number one health problem of those living in poverty is obesity.  In Kenya, the poor deal with AIDS, starvation, and death from illnesses that we consider mild inconveniences.

Valerie and John pour their vast wealth into . . . oh, wait.  She’s a school counselor, and he’s a cop.  As if they don’t already do enough service to the world, they began this mission without massive treasure. Valerie told me

[I am] far from a millionaire- but so incredibly blessed. My God owns the hills and the cattle on them. He has always provided. I always pay for my own trips, I never use Mercy’s Hope funds for trips. To me there is not another place I would rather spend my vacation money than [Kenya].

How do they fund their mission?  Every way imaginable. Val-Performing-Village-Books

On Sunday, I had the honor of attending Valerie’s birthday party fundraiser. It was an 80s roller party to raise money. 

(You can donate to Mercy’s Hope here.)

Val also runs the Village Bookstore and Coffee in Warrenton, Missouri. Proceeds from the store help fund her mission, which includes her annual summer pilgrimage to work in the orphanage.  (This year, she wants my wife to go with her.)

That’s not all.

Valerie’s an accomplished singer and songwriter. On many Saturday nights, you can catch her show at Village Bookstore.  Her covers and her original music are worth the trip from St. Louis, as is the coffee and conversation. 

Valerie’s commitment to the orphans seems to have grown stronger over the year I’ve known her:

Many people make promises to people in poverty, but few stick with it for long term. I made a promise to God, the children and myself that I would give those children a voice. Not to mention I got a tattoo on my wrist of Africa with the word Hope- so I am in for life.

Some people who work with people in need become depressed, lose hope, or get jaded.  Asked if the work gets depressing, Valerie said:

What is more depressing is that people who have, don’t help the sick and oppressed. We have the ability in the US alone to wipe out world hunger-including within our own country. I am not judging- I am saying this to myself as well. If every person would just give 10% to the charity of there choice-WOW what could happen.

I don’t want this to be a political piece, but I can’t help noticing that her solution is personal, not governmental.

And what could be more personal than spending vacations working with the poor who make our poor look like kings?

I would be lying if I did not say that I am pretty raw when I get home from a trip. The poverty and oppression is unbearable, but the spirit of the people is so encouraging. They love God, and care for  each other even in their great poverty.

But what about problems here at home?

So often people will say, why Kenya- there are poor here? Amen, there are, and I do whatever I can here as well. But God put within me an absolute love for the people of Kenya and Africa. For some people it is Africa, some Asia, some want to help people in urban America, some take the cause of fighting cancer–whatever your seed is in your heart, do it!

Want to help? Here’s what Valerie told me:

One of the best ways to get involved is to sponsor a child through our Friends of Mercy program.

We have about 30 kids that need sponsors. It is $25 a month and 90% of that goes straight to the kids and their needs. By sponsoring a child, you are actually sponsoring all the children at Hosanna House.

That money goes to fund the daily running of the home, including; food, clothing, medical, school fees, paying staff etc.

You are also encouraged to write your child and pray for them. You can also help with financially supporting current projects.

We always have a project going to improve the living situation for the children. Currently we are raising funds for their Christmas Party. But I did just hear from the director today, and they are desperately in need of school fees.

We have about $500 to send, but they need about $3000 for school uniforms alone.

On the homefront, we are really wanted to upgrade our webpage. I have always been the one to do the webpage, to keep expenses to a minimum, but there is so much more we want to do with the page that I don’t know how to do.

I have a feeling that Mercy’s Hope will get some help from my generous readers. I hope so. 

Visit Mercy’s Hope homepage.

Help Val and Mercy’s Hope with a donation. Every penny counts.

Like Village Bookstore on Facebook.

Yahoo Email Users: Check Your Spam Filters

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We just received this heads up from a friend:

Just a quick note that Yahoo has apparently changed their “Spam” firewall rules.  You’re Tea Party updates have been showing up in my spam box for the past couple days.  I can’t prove there is a conspiracy, but all of my e-mails from conservative organizations are showing up as spam while a lot of other crap is flying right through.  Yahoo mail’s spam filter is supposed to be an adaptive process.  In other words, when I mark each e-mail as not spam, it is supposed to add the sender to my white list.  Apparently it is not as smart as I expect.  Just giving you an FYI in case this is happening to many others.

All email providers update their spam algorithms regularly.  Sometimes email you want gets filtered out.

Thanks to John S. for warning us to check our Yahoo filters.

What’s the Big Deal with the Establishment?

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A friend of mine told me this story.

He sat that there bragging about getting a tax cut for friends of his.

I said, ‘you do realize, don’t you, that you’re just like the Democrats, except you’re giving taxpayers money to a different special interest.’

He looked at me and said, ‘but our special interests do good with the money.’

My friend was talking about the second highest-ranking Republican in the Missouri House at the time.


That’s Establishment thinking. The idea that legislators can spend . . . I’m sorry, “invest” . . . your money better than you can.

Okay, so maybe I have a fixation with the Establishment.  Just maybe, though, my fixation is justified.

The Establishment does some good.  It has access to lots of money and media.  It has database and training programs to help candidates win.  It throws great parties in really cool hotels, allowing ordinary people to watch drunk Republicans skinny dipping with Dumbo-ear water wings. 

Most importantly, the worst, most corruptible, most cynical, most self-serving of the Republican Establishment is still better for America than the best of the Democrat Establishment.  (Don’t forget when when you’re vilifying a candidate between now and the primary.)

There’s still something wrong with the Establishment.  It’s purpose is to advance and perpetuate the Establishment. 

Our purpose is to advance and perpetuate a uniquely American freedom.

In 2010, our purposes happened to blend very well with the GOP’s. That led to harmony on the right and a big win for Republicans.

After the swearings-in, the Establishment did what the Establishment does: like any organism from a simple protozoan to an advanced primate the GOP started working on self-perpetuation. 

Like Obama, the Republican Establishment believes that people cannot run their own lives.  Instead, other super-people (called politicians and bureaucrats) must run our lives for us.

The GOP Establishment supports subsidies for corporations that should be able to stand on their own. It supports bailouts for company that should be allowed to die their own. It maintains regulations for matters that the market regulates better. It chooses winners and losers, from Government Motors to the failed Aerotropolis here in Missouri.

The Establishment demonstrates its mistrust of people and markets every day.

We utterly reject that notion.

The reason the Tea Party exists is not to end the Establishment.  As I wrote last week, that can’t really happen

Instead, we hope to mold the Establishment into a vessel of liberty and good government, not a tool for social engineering.

Call Me “Apologist”

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The Washington Post’s headline writer made a common mistake on Sunday.


He confused “one who apologizes” with “apologist.”

An easy mistake, no doubt, for most of us. Professional headline writers should know better. So should Glenn Kessler, the author of the WP story.

The claim that Obama is an apologist for the nation began to take shape shortly after he became president.

An apologist is “one who speaks or writes in defense of someone or something.”

Britannica.com describes an apologist as:

any of the Christian writers, primarily in the 2nd century, who attempted to provide a defense of Christianity and criticisms of Greco-Roman culture.

Romney does not accuse Obama of being an apologist for the United States; he accuses the president, accurately, of apologizing for the United States.

To anyone who knows the meaning of the words, Kessler’s story reads like a farce.  Kessler attempts to demonstrate that Obama does not apologize the U.S., but, in fact, he defends his country.  But Kessler uses the wrong words.

Making Kessler’s sin even more egregious, he writes at the Post’s fact checker—a fact checker who failed to look up the meaning of “apologist,” the central word of his story.

Yesterday I wrote about the importance of precise words. Lord knows I’m as guilty of letting my precision wane as is Kessler or anyone else.

Still, I will accept the title of “American Apologist” proudly.  And, while I disagree with Kessler’s intended meaning, I do agree with the literal assertion of his story: Barack Obama is no apologist for the United States.

“men of good will” and other changes

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Gloria in excelsis Deo. Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis.

The English version of the  Roman Catholic Missal changed at the start of Advent. The new translation is truer to the Latin original. 


The response to “The Lord be with you,” change to “And with your spirit” from “and also with you.”  The Latin, et cum spiritu tuo translates exactly into “and with your spirit.”

Another change that thrills conservative Catholics, is the consecration.  For decades, we’ve complained that the Novo Ordo was wrong when it said, “It will be shed for you and for all . . . “  The correct translation from Sumerian would be “It will be shed for you and for many . . .” 

Some Catholics believed that the erroneous translation to “all” instead of “many” prevented transubstantiation—the bread and wine being the body and blood of Christ. This correction brings great relief to many.

My favorite correction, though, won’t be heard until Christmas. 

A song in the mass, the Gloria, goes away during Advent, the time Christian’s prepare for the celebration of Christ’s birth.  In the Gloria is a subtle but profound correction that carries meaning to Catholics and to the whole world.

For years we’ve heard that the angel who appeared to the shepherds declared, “Peace on earth and good will to men.”

But that translation lacks accuracy.

“Peace on earth and to men of good will,” is the correct interpretation.

When the Novo Ordo Missal was prepared, church leaders chose openness over accuracy. “All” sounds more inclusive than “many.”  “Peace on earth and good will to men,” covers everyone, not just the good and faithful. The result, though, muddled theology and scripture.

The lesson here is important: words have meaning.

When we use the wrong words in order to soften our message, we usually succeed.  But if we soften our message enough, we lose the meaning of the message intended.

That’s not to say we should put a sharp edge on our speech or treat sensitive subjects callously. Instead, we use language and actions necessary and proper in the most loving way we can.

The angel and Christ used words of exclusion: many, not all, and men of good will.  But the invitation was universal: all may choose to be saved.

Glory to God in the highest. And on earth peace to men of good will.

Kansas: Point of No Return

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Tuesday in Kansas, President Barack Obama revealed his contempt for liberty. He declared that human beings are incapable of running their own lives . . . but, somehow, other, superior human beings are capable of running their own and others’.

He said that free markets have always failed, everywhere . . . ignoring most of the last 240 years. 

He all but declared himself a Marxist.

I am depressed that America let this dangerous man into our government.

There are so many things to be done. So many.

But our president hates this country.  His speech on Tuesday was a point of no return for him and for us. We are the only people who can fix it.

Let’s clear our plates and our minds.  We have 11 months until the most important presidential election of our lives.

Let’s not blow it.