Dana Bouncing Back

donut-cushion-for-coccyxDana Loesch has been plagued with a perstistent cold. Yesterday, her stairs leapt up and kicked her in the . . .

Turns out to be a fractured coccyx (aka, tailbone).

We feel terrible that Dana had this tale to share with the world, but we congratulate ourselves for limiting the number of cheap jokes.

Certainly, we pray for minimal pain and minimal recovery time.

3 Great Reasons to Send Your Kids to Vacation Liberty School

Register today for Vacation Liberty School.  Here’s 3 reasons why you should:

3.  Most school systems don’t care about liberty; they care about conformity.  The only way kids will learn an appreciation for the blessings of libertyLiberty Bell is if their parents send them to schools that put liberty at the center of the cirriculum.  That’s what Vacation Liberty School does.

2.  Many teachers would love to teach more about the blessings of liberty to their skulls full of mush, but they can’t. School boards and idiotic testing mandates prevent them.  So parents who care about liberty need to teach kids about it on their own.  That’s where Vacation Liberty School can help.

1.  Liberty is never more than one generation away from extinction.  So send your kids to Vacation Liberty School this summer. 

The St. Louis As a Mom team is gearing up for a one week summer program designed to teach 5th thru 8th gradersabout the founding principals of the US. Their Vacation Liberty School program is based on the structure of Vacation Bible School, but uses a curriculum that has been used elsewhere in the country to teach youngsters about our country’s core beliefs. You can learn more at the website:

VLS will run from June 13th to 17th and costs $25 per child. We need to register attendees now so that we can make sure that we have enough teachers, volunteers, and supplies.

Thanks much!

* * *

Link to brochure.
Link to org website.
Gateway Academy website.

A Tale of Two Taxes

On Monday, we learned that US Senator Claire McCaskill failed to pay property taxes on her personal luxury jet for three years.  Previously, she had charged taxpayers some of the cost of operating her private plane. Before that, it seems, she registered the plane in property tax-free Delaware

On Monday, Claire wrote a $287,000 check without batting an eye. Now, St. Louis County says she owes them another $33,000 in interest and penalties, for a total bill of $320,000. 

L.K. Wood for County Assessor - Saint Louis CountyThen on Wednesday, we learned that small business owner, Chip Wood, the Republican candidate for County Assessor, owes $12k in property taxes on his business in the city.  Wood told KMOX that, with the collapse of the real estate market, his company had to choose among the mounting bills to pay.  Apparently, Wood’s company chose to pay health insurance, rent, and wages to his employees, hoping to catch up on taxes when things turned around.

By keeping his business open, he will pay the city every penny it’s owed. And the depopulating city of St. Louis is spared yet another empty storefront.

Not only is this a difference in degree, it’s a difference in kind.  The difference here is not so obvious, but it is profound:

  • Chip Wood made a difficult economic choice to try to save his business and pay his people with every intention of making the city whole
  • Claire McCaskill hired a team of accountants and lawyers to shield her from every possible tax, and amidst their dodging, dipping, diving, ducking, and dodging they dropped a $287,000 property tax bill.  Oops!

Not all tax stories are equal. I trust that reasonable people realize that a businessman fighting to keep his doors open and his employees employed  is different from a millionaire fighting to fly her luxury jet for free.

P.S.  On April 5, I will L. K. Wood, as everyone should, for County Assessor. He’s the only qualified person in the race.

L.K. Wood Makes His Case

You can help get these TV ads on the air.   I will tell you how shortly.

Don’t in live in St. Louis County? You still have a horse in this race.  I’ll tell you why after you watch this commercial.

Vote L. K. Wood, as everyone should, on April 5

Why should you care about this race if you don’t live in St. Louis County? 

Because Chip’s opponent is a Harvard lawyer who’s being groomed for much bigger things. When a conservative emerges as a fast charger, the left does everything in its power—right or wrong—to destroy that person.

We don’t have to resort to the left’s unsavory tactics.  We can simply win this race.

As you’ve seen, L.K. “Chip” Wood is an experienced real estate man, dedicated to running the assessor’s office right.  His opponent is a career politician determined to protect County Boss Charlie Dooley, before moving on to damage America in higher offices. 

Please donate now to Chip Wood for Assessor.  Here’s the link: PUT THIS COMMERCIAL ON THE AIR

A Disgraceful Presidency

Historians will mark March 19 as the day the Obama presidency reached its point of no return.

Obama Toasts His War in Rio

The image of a cowardly and selfish child-president flying to Brazil to launch a war will haunt his legacy, like Nixon’s vulgarities on tape in 1974. Obama’s war on Libya has doomed an already weak administration.

Today, Germany pulled out of NATO because of the bungled, late, and idiotic intervention.  It appears, now, that the alliance that won the Cold War and help sustain two decades of peace could collapse under a lack of American leadership.

Yesterday, the Obamas cut short their South American vacation, returning early to Washington. Obama is now scrambling to rescue, not only his presidency, but whatever prestige America might have left. 

From his obsequious bows to foreign leaders to his denunciations of the USA in foreign and enemy lands, Mr. Obama seemed, for a time, bent on knee-capping American influence around the world.  Having succeeded in damaging our world image, he now wonders why things are so chaotic and dangerous.

A combination of weak decisions – or no decisions – set up what seems to be a no-win situation for Obama, NATO, and the US, not to mention Qaddafi’s internal foes.

First, Obama vacillated for weeks about what to do. Instead of using the time to consult Congress and request authorization to use force—as George W. Bush had done repeatedly—Obama filled out basketball brackets.  And that lost time was crucial.

Second, Qaddafi used Obama’s delays to counterattack the rebels. Two weeks ago, rebels controlled all but Tripoli. By the time Obama acted, rebels were under siege in their final bastion of Benghazi. 

Third, Obama has ruled out both the use of ground troops in Libya and targeting Qaddafi. This combination has frustrated our friends and reassured our foes.  It makes a long stalemate likely, increases the probability of mass starvation and continued death and misery for the innocents. 

Yesterday, when asked how long a no-fly zone might last in Libya, a British Member of Parliament told BBC news, “the no-fly zone over Iraq lasted the better part of a decade.” 

History shows that standoffs like the one facing us in Libya hurt the people in the country the most. There are often food shortages, as happened in Iraq and in Haiti, as dictators seize food supplies for themselves and their supporters.  There are often massacres that escape the watchful eye of the UN and NATO, as happened throughout the Iraq no-fly zone period.  And there is corruption, as (French) companies and politicians exploit embargos and sanctions to demand black market prices of both dictators and the oppressed.

Meanwhile, important questions about Obama’s odd foreign policy remain unanswered.

During the 2008 campaign, everyone from Hillary Clinton to Rush Limbaugh and Rudy Giuliani warned voters to avoid inexperienced and weak candidates like Obama.  But we elected him anyway. 

The chickens are coming home to roost.

The Difference Between Cooperation and Consensus

What many people don’t get is that cooperation is not the same as consensus.  


Cooperation means someone takes the lead on an issue. If it makes sense, and if the leader is perceived to have good character and judgment, others follow.  Otherwise, the project is stillborn.  It’s the way the market picks leaders.  Not through org charts, but through action and response.

One person may be the leader on one issue and a cooperator on many others.  Most people play both roles frequently.

Consensus, on the other hand, is the absence of leadership. 

3 Top Ways to Clean Up St. Louis County Government

Meet Chip Tuesday, March 22 from 5:30 to 7:00. Details below.

L.K. Wood for County Assessor - Saint Louis CountyYou can help clean up St. Louis County government. And you can have a good time doing it.  Here’s how.

1.  Like L. K. “Chip” Wood’s Facebook page. It’ll take only a second, and you’ll feel more connected and productive just by doing it.

2.  Visit Chip Wood for Assessor and enter your email address in the email sign-up box on the right.  While you’re there, take a look around and get to know Chip Wood a little better.

3.  Attend a Meet and Greet with L. K. “Chip” Wood this Tuesday, March 22 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.  at the Log Cabin, 3751 S. Lindbergh Blvd.  It’s just $25 per couple.  Please call 314-909-0109 to make reservations. [click for map]

Tuesday’s event is sponsored by Bonhomme Republican Women.