8/28/08 8:50 p.m. CDT:  NOT GUILTY!

UPDATE:  Here’s a link to a defense fund for Sgt. Nazario and his brothers who have been coerced into testifying against him by the rogue Federal Persecutor, Jerry Behnke. I’ve made my donation; please make yours today.

Federal prosecutors, emboldened by leftist anti-military groups, will persecute a former Marine for alleged murder committed while he was on active duty in Iraq.

A former Marine sergeant facing the first federal civilian prosecution of a military member accused of a war crime says there is much more at stake than his claim of innocence on charges that he killed unarmed detainees in Fallujah, Iraq. – Ex-Marine Questions Prosecution in Civilian Court – Politics | Republican Party | Democratic Party | Political Spectrum

After Murtha’s failed attempt to convict innocent Marines at Haditha, now the Justice Department is going after former service members. 

Why, then, would any ever sign up for military duty?  The left will come after you until you’re dead or in jail.  Nazario’s attorney frames the matter well:

This boils down to one thing in my mind: Are we going to allow civilian juries to Monday-morning-quarterback military decisions?

Clearly, the answer is “yes.” 

President Bush should grant Nazario an unconditional Presidential pardon immediately.  Don’t let this trial begin.

Nazario said he was on his first deployment when his squad entered Fallujah, which he described as a “high combat zone” with insurgents taking shots at troops at every turn — with everything from AK-47s to rocket-propelled grenades.

Thirty-three in his battalion were killed in the battle. The first, he said, was a man in his squad. Nazario later received the Navy-Marine Corps Commendation Medal with a “V” for valor for combat and leadership in Fallujah.

Though Nazario was not physically injured, he was later found to have post-traumatic stress disorder.

After leaving the military, Nazario worked as an officer with the Riverside Police Department and was close to completing his one-year probation. He said he knew nothing of the investigation until he was arrested Aug. 7, 2007, after being called into the watch commander’s office to sign a performance review.


UPDATE:  More on Black Five, including the prosecutorial abuse of a fellow Marine by US Attorney Jerry Behnke. 

Although there is no forensic evidence (no bodies, graves, grieving family members, Iraqi witnesses, damage, etc.), the US attorney filed charges against Nazario and ordered Nelson to testify before a secret grand jury.  Sergeant Nelson refused.  The US attorney offered immunity from charges in Federal and military courts.  Nelson refused three times – the last, on his knees in prayer, tears streaming down his face, but resolute, knowing he was going to jail for not complying with the judge’s orders. The judge, US District Court Judge Percy Anderson, charged Nelson with contempt.

Sergeant Jermaine Nelson spent Memorial Day weekend in jail in LA.  He is still imprisoned and will appear before Judge Percy Anderson tomorrow. 

Sergeant Nelson’s attorney said that one of the reasons that he did not testify against Sergeant Nazario was because Nazario had saved his life several times.

 More disgusting still.  Stop the Justice Department! 

Thanks to Black Five, here’s the persecutor’s contact info.  Be careful what you say or write–no doubt this bastard will come after anyone who even smells like a veteran.

ATTN: Jerry Behnke, Assistant United States Attorney
3880 Lemon Street
Suite 210
Riverside, California 92501
Telephone: (951) 276-6210
Fax: (951) 276-6202

Obama’s an Idiot on Abortion

To say Barack Obama’s intellectual stamina is weak is like saying Georgia’s a bad vacation destination right now.  (Georgia the republic, not the state.)

Under the brilliant title “Obama’s Paygrade = E-0” comes this:

Last night the Obama was asked when an unborn child got legal rights. Like the spineless political tool he is he refused to answer stating that it was above his pay grade. The reason his answer matters is that he supports abortion on demand even when a child accidentally survives and lives outside the womb.



In other words, in Obama’s view, when in

doubt, stick a kid in a blender and press puree.

Carly Fiona has more on Wizbang.

He knows his views on abortion are not in line with most Americans, even pro-abortion Americans. He’s got an extremely radical position on abortion, including most recently a record that came to light where he voted against babies who survived abortions being allowed to live. He calls Margaret Sanger, the racist eugenicist founder of Planned Parenthood, one of his heroes. He’s voted for partial-birth and late term abortions. He’s got a 100% approval rating on abortion from NARAL and a 0% rating from the NRLC. He’s voted against parental notification for minors to get out-of-state abortions (even though it made an exception for the health of the mother). He’s a co-sponsor of the “Freedom of Choice” act, which would nullify all limitations on abortions. He’s voted against the Hyde Amendment, which banned the use of taxpayer funding for abortions through Medicaid (so according to him, pro-lifers should still have to pay for women to get abortions — nice.).

Exactly.  Just one more reason why I hate can’t stand that son-of-a-bitchin’  commie from Indonesia. 

UPDATE:  Gateway Pundit reports that the Idiot from Indonesia has accused us of lying about his voting record on abortion.  As usual, Obama is wrong.  In fact, he’s the liar.  This time, a whole lot of people with a whole lot of indisputable facts have shown Obama for the shallow, weak, liar he is.  They’ve posted the Illinois Senate vote in which Obama backed the murder of children who survive abortion attempts.


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The Coolest Phone on the Market

Neonode N2 Black
Neonode N2 Black

I like tiny phones that do a lot.  The Neonode N2 from Neonode is the coolest phone I’ve ever seen. 

* Totally touchscreen (no buttons)

* Tiny (smaller than a credit card)

* Holds up to 32GB music, videos, photos

* 2 Megapixel camera

* Great sound quality

Watch this CNET Reviews video, then look below to find out how to get this $500 phone for $199.

Neonode N2

Get it for $199

A glitch with the first generation of the Neonode means you can get the second generation for less than half price while owning a piece of the company.

1.  Buy some Neonode (NEON) stock for $0.30 cents a share (as of close on 8/15)

2.  Buy phone under the Friends and Family program for $199

The stock price tanked after the company recalled every single N1 phone to fix a bug.  That shows this company cares and will stand behind its products, by the way.  With prices at the 52 week low, you can own a piece of the comapny and the phone for about $220.  Not bad.

Arctic Update

Steven Goddard has an update on Arctic sea ice levels, and it looks like the skeptics are right. 

He also found that the National Snow and Ice Data Center (leftist) is falsified its graph to show more melt than actually occured.

The most certain equation in science is L = l(f) where L = lie, l = liberal, and f = “fact.”

One Question for Obama on Abortion

Everytime I’ve debated the death penalty with a bleeding-heart, I’ve heard this question:  “Would you pull the switch” or its equal.  It’s only fair to turn the question on them.

Barack Obama, if you read this blog, please answer this question:  Would you kill child who survived an abortion with your own hands?  (Thanks to Jill Stanek via Michelle Malkin)

Barack Obama, as chairman of an IL state Senate committee, voted down a bill to protect live-born survivors of abortion – even after the panel had amended the bill to contain verbatim language, copied from a federal bill passed by Congress without objection in 2002, explicitly foreclosing any impact on abortion.

The smartest thing about Barack Obama is his suit.  Cassy Fiano has the complete story and says Obama won’t get out of this one.  We’ll see.

Brink of World War **UPDATES**

Am I the only person who sees that we are on the brink of world war thanks to those Russian sonsofbitches?

Russian forces swept across Georgia on Monday, capturing the town of Gori and moving to within 35 miles of the capital city Tbilisi, FOX News confirmed.

This is very serious stuff.  Russia’s expansionist intentions are as obvious as they were in the Prague Spring and the Hungarian Revolt.

The blogosphere seems to buy the idea that the world will respond only diplomatically.  I don’t–not unless Russia backs down fast and far.

Putin is clearly on a mission to restore the Soviet Union.  He has poisoned opponents, threatened neighbors, armed Iran, and has now wantonly and without provocation invaded a sovereign nation for the purpose of deposing a freely elected government to be replaced with a Warsaw Pact puppet.

Putin’s second goal seems to be oil prices.  World crude prices have plummeted in recent weeks, boosting the dollar and vindicating Bush’s oil strategy.  Russia quickly attacked a major oil pipeline in Georgia.   Continued conflict will likely push oil prices back up. 

President Bush, John McCain, and, even, Barack Obama have verbally unloaded on Russia in terms as strong as Ronald Reagan’s invectives against the Soviet Union.  Putin has fired back.  Georgia signed a cease-fire resolution, but Russian troops march on.  The UN says at least 2,000 civilians have already been killed, making the civilian death several times greater than at the peak of the war in Iraq.  If the fighting continues, Russians will kill 12,000 civilians in the first month of war.

I understand that this arose quickly and under the cover of the Olympics, but this is biggest threat to world peace since the Cuban Missile Crisis. 

Pay attention.

UPDATE:  Gateway Pundit is on the story in his usual great style.  Also, Black Five links to several excellent sites closer to the scene.  That’s where I learned that Russia has now split Georgia in half.  Unfortunately, Russia is hacking Georgian web sites.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Hello to my new Russian readers.  If you want peace, better depose Putin.  George F. Will, in his brilliant way, paints an ominous picture:

Asked in 1957 what would determine his government’s course, Harold Macmillan, Britain’s new prime minister, replied, “Events, dear boy, events.” Now, into America’s trivializing presidential campaign, a pesky event has intruded — a European war. Russian tanks, heavy artillery, strategic bombers, ballistic missiles and a naval blockade batter a European nation. We are not past such things after all. The end of history will be postponed, again.

Now, go read this.  Don’t argue with me, just read it.