Live Blogging the Palin Speech
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Live blog of the most anticipated convention speech in our lifetimes.

Anderson Cooper, CNN: “The excitement here is palpable.”
Shep Smith, Fox: “I have never been so excited about speech in my life. I can’t wait.”
Chris Wallace, Fox: “Oh, this is big, I’m excited, and that doesn’t happen at conventions very often.”

I feel like I did at 4:30 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday in 2000: one hour before the Rammies kicked off against the Titans.

The left expect her, apparently, to throw up on the podium, rip off her dress, and do a pole dance with a bear skin rug. Talk about lowering expectations.

For my part, I think she needs to stay away from direct attacks on the media. Side glances at the left in general and Barack Obama in particular.

She does not have to hit a “home run.” Expectations are lower than whale waste. She has to simply be competent, human, ruggedly feminine, and likable.

My fingers are crossed.

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Sally Quinn: Marbled, Aged, Putrid Meat
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The elitist, socialite, degenerate, bowel-licker Sally Quinn says that Sarah Palin is not only unfit for public office, but an unfit mother.  

Now she’s trying to convince Bill O’Reilly that she’s Palin’s equal in the handling of rifle.  She just can’t make up her mind.

Quinn, who said a woman with 5 children has no business holding an important job, is, herself, a working mother.  Perhaps Quinn is a slacker, though.  

Nancy Pelosi is also a mother of five, but Quinn says Pelosi, being a liberal, is capable of handling the dual jobs.

I’d like to be angrier at Quinn, but I can’t work it up.  Either my tree-kicking hatred of Campbell Brown and Maureen Dowd has worn me down, or I feel such pity for Quinn’s confusion and ignorance that compassion overrules fury.  

Either way, anyone who takes seriously the writings and words of Sally Quinn is ignorant beyond repair.

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This is just a test…
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This is just a test to see how well the voice recognition works in jott. I’ll delete this message as soon as it arrives on my blog. Thank you. listen

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If I Wrote Sarah Palin’s Speech
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. . .

They say I lack experience.  They’re right, in a way.

I have no experience wandering a city for three years trying to find myself.  No, I’ve never had that luxury.  But Barack Obama has.

And I have no experience funneling money from an educational trust into organizations run by my close friend, the convicted terrorist.  No experience at all.

Nor do I have the experience of having a political career launched by a pair of terrorists who tried to blow up the Capitol and the Pentagon, who succeeded in killing a police officer.  But Barack Obama has.

And I don’t have any experience legalizing the murder of children who survive abortion.  Barack Obama does, though.

I haven’t had the experience of moving into a million dollar mansion bought with the help of a convicted slum-lord felon.  You’ll have to ask Barack what that’s like, ’cause I don’t know.

While Barack was gaining all that experience, I was too busy.  I was busy raising a family of five, running a PTA, running a city, and running the largest state in the country.  While Barack was perfecting his resume, I was fighting corruption and packing lunches for the kids to take to school.

While Barack was working on an image for the media and a phony presidential seal, I was negotiating with oil companies and returning some of their abusive profits to the people of Alaska.

Now, people tell me that it’s impolite — imPOLitic — to bring up Barack’s sordid friends and unscrupulous practices.  We don’t talk about these things at conventions.

But the other side, through their media outlets, changed those rules.  While the other side still believes Barack’s corruption off limits, they have no problem tittering and giggling about  a 17 year old girl in a difficult situation.

While they think it improper to talk about Tony Rezko, they think it cute and funny and effective ti blame a woman for her child’s illness.

While think it’s a woman’s duty to put away an inconvenient baby, they don’t want a mother telling her children not to have sex before marriage.

While they believe in license, they have no time for consequences.

So you want to talk experience, Barack?  Go ahead.  Make my day.

John McCain has the experience of a lifetime of devotion to his country.  John McCain experienced five years of living hell in a Vietnamese prison camp with broken arms, broken legs, broken ribs, broken teeth, diarrhea, infection, bug sandwiches, boils, and boiling heat.

John McCain has the experience of saying “no” to get out of jail cards because the price was too high:  the price was honor.

John McCain has the experience of leading men in battle and through prison, teaching them courage, honor, duty, and country.

John McCain has the experience of living the resume of a great president and leader, not of simply writing one.

John McCain’s experience couldn’t fit on Barack Obama’s teleprompter.

And on November 4, John McCain and I will have the experience of sending Barack Obama back to rouse the rabble in the streets of South Chicago where he belongs.

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The Sexist, Hateful, Vicious Attacks on Sarah Palin
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Not my words, there, but those of Susan Estrich, Democrat feminist, speaking on FoxNews.  Estrich specifically identified the hateful sexists as “my friends.”  She thoroughly and unquestionably denounced everything that’s come from Washington Post, New York Times, US magazine, and Barney Frank

in the past 36 hours.

Earlier, Laura Ingraham nailed it, saying, “If this were a liberal, feminist, pro-choice woman candidate whose daughter got pregnant and had an abortion during the campaign, she’d be hailed as a hero.”

She knows you liberal bastards better than you’ll ever know yourselves. 

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What a Moron!
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Is anyone dumber than Barack Obama?

I’ve interviewed a lot of job candidates, usually for positions as computer programmers, network engineers, and project manager.  I’ve heard a lot of bullshit in these interviews.  I usually let these poor, desperate folks make their case.  I shake their hands, escort them out, thank them for considering my company, call them about 2 hours later, and tell them, “I’m selecting another candidate for the position, and I wish you all the best in your pursuit.”

If anyone ever told me, “I think I’m qualified to be a computer programmer because I did a really good job writing the resume of a computer programmer,” I’d end the meeting right then and there, tell the person I’m not interested in resume writers, and have someone else take him out the building.

Today, Barack Obama said he’s qualified to be president because he wrote up a very presidential resume.  Un-fucking-believable.

Barack’s line of reason might work in academia–that toilet where truth, reality, and accomplishment go to get flushed into the sea of self-importance.  It might work with grandmothers.  It won’t work with thinking people in America.

Barack Obama is a shithead.  No two ways about it.  He’s a child and a liar and a egomaniac on a scale that makes Bill Clinton look like Mother Teresa.

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The Best Convention Night Since 1984
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Fred Thompson validated all of my reasons for being a conservative and a Republican.  Joe Lieberman vindicated my decision to support John McCain.  The combination of speakers and videos restored in Republicans that swagger we had when Reagan handed over the reins to George H. W. Bush. 

After two days of disgraceful, amoral, hate, innuendo, and cynicism from the leftist media in this country, the parade of grown-ups must have struck every viewer as the nation’s passage from infancy to a particularly profound adulthood. 

While Obama recited Mondale’s Great Society II speech from 1984, Thompson recited Obama’s “historical” qualifications:

To deal with these challenges the Democrats present a history making nominee for president.

History making in that he is the most liberal, most inexperienced nominee to ever run for President. Apparently they believe that he would match up well with the history making, Democrat controlled Congress. History making because it’s the least accomplished and most unpopular Congress in our nation’s history.

Together, they would take on these urgent challenges with protectionism, higher taxes and an even bigger bureaucracy.

And a Supreme Court that could be lost to liberalism for a generation.

This is not reform.

And it’s certainly not change.

It is basically the same old stuff they’ve been peddling for years. America needs a President who understands the nature of the world we live in.

Ever since the 2004 elections, my Republican pride has been subdued, as anyone who reads this blog regularly knows.  It was down because a Republican Congress seemed more interested in staging their follow-on careers than in re-invigorating the Reagan Revolution.  It was down because a Republican President seemed more intent on proving that his Secretary of Defense was the smartest man in Washington than he was in winning a goddamn war! 

But that’s changed, my friends, in a big way.

Selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate confirmed my rising suspicion than John McCain is a visionary political strategist.  Seeing the pair in person Sunday I was floored by her stage presence and wow factor.  Hearing Fred Thompson’s brilliant recommendation of one of America’s greatest war heroes, John McCain, and Joe Lieberman’s stunning endorsement and plea to Democrats has my spirits almost as high as they were the day after the election in 1994.

Let’s go win one for the Gipper.

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Media Hit Rock Bottom Over Palin
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Michelle Malkin calls is “Palin Derangement Syndrome.”  William F. Buckley called it “liberal mania.”  I call it “angry cynicism.”  Call it what you will, the leftist media’s treatment of Sarah Palin and her family is an embarrassment to the country and felony indictment of the journalism industry in America.

Only Hurricane Gustav’s untimely arrival spared us from 24 hours of Bristol Palin’s sex life on CNN.  Every political/talk host on the network devoted the majority of his show to the subject.  Democrat talking heads each lined up to give his or her opinion of what’s wrong with the Palin family–a family more sound than any I’ve ever met.  

Most frightening, hate-inspiring, despicable, and incurably stupid are the women.  Better still, the half-women.  Half-witted, hair-brained babbling morons like Campbell Brown, Maureen Dowd, and other weak, women display their deep jealousy of Palin with every monosyllabic word they shriek.

Oddly, Dowd and Brown don’t really have a problem with Palin; they have a problem with feminism.  They lack the tools to achieve feminism’s ultimate prize:  excellent career +  excellent family + self-fulfillment.  In modern times, only Sarah Palin has achieved this triathlon of feminist idealism, and she ain’t a feminist.

Dowd and Brown have achieved a certain amount of professional stature at the expense of dissatisfying personal lives.  A family of five would have stopped them way down on the journalistic/writing ladder.  But free and easy infanticide spared them a life of career mediocrity.  “Kill the little bastards,” is their motto.

Palin, on the other hand, is closing in on the pinnacle of political achievements while raising five children, one with Down Syndrome.  She juggles the impossible and makes it look easy.  Dowd merely writes a column and usually looks like she got too close to Hurricane Gustav.  Campbell Brown isn’t even a household name.

Their jealous mania drives them to denegrade Palin, the uber-woman, and her daughter, Bristol.   Dowd and Brown openly encourage the young girl to defy her parents and have an abortion.  They want another child to die.  They ache for the whir of the baby blender.  They can taste the blood, and it excites them.

Millions, though, pray to a more familiar God, the One who spared Abraham’s son Isaac.  The liberals’ god knows no such mercy.  In the liberal church, the high sacrament of abortion, the offering of an unborn child to the feminist mysto-god, is a required duty of every woman who hopes to break the glass ceiling.  Climbing above it without an abortion challenges their faith.  And they guard their faith with dangerous weapons. 

These images seem so obvious.  How tainted and selfish is our society that it cannot see them, too? 

Perhaps, now that that the media have hit rock bottom, we will leave them as the addict’s family abandons him to his needles.  Perhaps this will be the great end of the MSM so needed and so overdue. 

Or perhaps Brown and Dowd will win major awards for their efforts to kill a child.

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