Palin Pick Energizing the Right **Update**
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Conservative spirits soared like roman candles three times in my life:

  • Ronald Reagan’s emergence in 1980
  • Newt Gingrich’s Contract with America in 1994
  • Sarah Palin’s selection as McCain’s vice president in 2008

Besides the math (each event exactly 14 years apart), Palin’s selection could change the face of politics in America for a long time.

Yesterday, I hurriedly outlined some of the instant wins from McCain’s brilliant move.  With 24 hours of reflection, this game-changing decision produces even more positives.


Changing the 2008 Election

For this year’s election, adding Palin was like the Colorado Avalanche adding Ray Bourque in 2001.  With this move, McCain scored a hat-trick of priceless political goals:

  • Solidified all aspects of the right: evangelicals, 10th Amendment philosophers, family-first pragmatists, 2nd Amendment patriots, economic conservatives
  • Opened the wallets of Americans who had been hedging their bets
  • Wiped the DNC Convention off of the news instantly and forever

Such an inspired political move deserves praise and academic celebration.  This one will be examined in college political science studies for decades.

Wowing the Press

This move said you don’t have to be anti-American to be young, energetic, intelligent, and political.  Since the fall of 2007, the media have been telling young people and political neophytes respond only to young, ultra-liberal, America bashing rabble rousers.

Palin is Reagan conservative who pulls the young because she exudes youthfulness, energy, and independence.  Like Reagan, she bucks the Republican party’s idiotic tendency to crawl back to its Eastern Seaboard Country Club past.  She’s not a Rockefeller, thank God:  she’s one of us.

I’ve been watching conventions and their aftermath since the 1976 election cycle.  I figured out some time ago that it’s not what the party or candidate says at the convention, it’s what the media say about them that causes bounces.  Even though Obama’s speech was one of the worst in history, the media–almost all Obama donors–fawned over the speech as the new Gettysburg Address.

Palin made those reporters drop their Obama stories and start digging on her.  What they found shocked them.  Even the New York Times online front page is wholly positive:

  • Choice of Palin Bold Move with Risks [link]
  • Palin, an Outsider who Charms [link]
  • Defining Sarah Palin [link]

The entire page above the fold is devoid of Obama’s name, probably for the first time in a year.

Defining the Future

McCain may have permanently altered the course of the conservative movement in America, the way Ronald Reagan’s speech at the 1976 RNC convention did.  Palin, known only to conservative wonks and Alaskans before Friday, jumped to mega-star status by Friday night.  Her actions are quickly becoming legendary, particularly among women.

  • She stayed on the dais to participate in an energy meeting for 30 minutes after he water broke in April 2008
  • She won the state high school basketball championship playing point guard with a broken ankle
  • She is an expert rifle shot and hunter
  • She defeated an incumbent Republican governor
  • She told Congress to get lost when it tried stick a bridge to nowhere in her state
  • She manhandled oil executives
  • She went to Iraq when it wasn’t safe to visit her Guardsmen, not to politic

Avoiding major errors, Palin has skyrocketed ahead of Bobby Jindal of Louisiana as the Next Big Thing from the right.  Even if McCain loses (which is increasing unlikely), Palin is here to stay unless she stumbles badly.

My guess is that she’ll wipe the floor with Biden, if Biden even debates her.  Her quick, sharp jabs will wear him down while he tries desperately to land a knock-out blow.  The Barracuda, though, is young and energetic.  Biden could be her lunch.


Taking well-calculated risk, McCain has changed the course of politics in America for at least 14 years.


Ed Morrissey finds a Democrat who agrees that the Palin selection is massive strategic windfall for McCain.

Did McCain set Obama up to fall into this trap?  If so, then perhaps that more than anything demonstrates how poor a candidate Obama is and how much more masterful McCain can be.  Would you rather have the man who set the trap dealing with our enemies abroad, or the man who fell into it?

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Death Penalty for San Francisco Mayor
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Danielle Bologna’s trembles like an injured child’s when she approaches the word, “widow.” 

“I never thought I’d used that word about myself,” she recently told an interviewer.

Bologna is a widow.  She’s also the grieving mother of two sons.   On June 22, 2008, a wild, crazed killer wiped out Mrs. Bologna’s family as they returned home from a family picnic.  Tony, husband and father; Michael, 20 years, sone; Matthew, 16 years, son.  Murdered in cold blood for the sport of it.  Shot to death in a city with notoriously strict gun laws.  A family of four became a family of one. 

The murderer, Edwin Ramos, is an illegal alien living in San Francisco at the personal invitation and under the protection of Mayor Gavin Newsome.  From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Ramos, a native of El Salvador whom prosecutors say is a member of a violent street gang, was found guilty of two felonies as a juvenile – a gang-related assault on a Muni passenger and the attempted robbery of a pregnant woman – according to authorities familiar with his background.

In neither instance did officials with the city’s Juvenile Probation Department alert federal immigration authorities, because it was the city agency’s policy not to

consider immigration status when deciding how to deal with an offender.

Since the murders and arrest of Ramos, Newsome continues to defend the policy, protecting and inviting more illegal alien murders into the United States and into San Francisco.  Newsome never offered an apology to Mrs. Bologna.  He refuses to consider complying with federal law.  He did not attend the funerals, send flowers, or grieve.  Instead, he partied in Montana.

Gavin Newsome is the proximate cause of the Bologna murders, just as Charles Manson was the proximate cause of the Tate and LaBianca murders.  Only a temporary judicial anomaly spared Manson the electric chair.  Nothing but a quick trial should stand between Gavin Newsome and the needle. 

Gavin Newsome deserves to die, along with every official who supported and complied with Newsome’s deadly immigration policy. 

But how whacked are San Francisco and California?  Newsome, the modern day Charles Manson, might just be the state’s next governor

You liberals wanted sanctuary cities.  We conservatives told you they would destroy us.  We were right, as always. 

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What the Rank-and-File Libtards Are Saying
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If I read too much of what the R-and-F Dems are saying about Sarah Palin, I’ll be tempted to hunt them down like dogs in the street. But ABC News has a blog with open comments, and it’s worth looking at:

Moron #1: i just want to know who she’s going to hand off her sick child to when shes off and buzzing the middle east? This is a mother’s decision???? maybe the eskimo nanny…just a political puppet!
Posted by: james gasowski | Aug 29, 2008 5:26:55 PM
[I told you they were calling her a bad mother for having a career. I’ll bet James Gasowski’s little woman is very familiar with the back of his hand.]

Moron #2: Extremely interesting how anyone can say this woman has experience, or even more experience than the other three candidates.
She has a bs degree in journalism, and was elected governor less than 2 yrs ago, but she has experience? At what exactly? Other than experience at having children, what else does she have experience doing???
Where is her birth certificate? Alaska? She can’t be a US citizen then, right?!
Will she be degraded and belittled like Senator Obama? lol Of course not.
Watch the hypocrisy flow like a muddy river.
Posted by: bc46 | Aug 29, 2008 5:23:00 PM
[Alaska became a state in 1959. Palin is 44 years old. 2008-44=1964 > 1959. bc49’s family must be thankful he didn’t use his real name.]

And there are more morons where these came from, plus a lot of good conservatives and right-thinking women defending the choice or combating the elitism and sexism and racism demonstrated by the two libtards I quoted.

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Democrat Hypocrisy: Palin’s A Bad mother **Update**
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Un f-ing believable!

The Democrat talking point on Sarah Palin?  Have you heard?

They’re calling KMOX Radio in St. Louis to give the “bad mother” mantra.  Here’s the line:  What kind of a woman would leave a newborn and 3 young daughters behind while she campaigns for Vice President of the United States? 


Holy crap!  I don’t believe it.  According to Democrats, then, women belong barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.  How dare a child-bearing-aged woman aspire to high office.  Know your place, woman!

The calls were not organic, but driven by the DNC and the Obama campaign.  The calls were scripted and shallow.

The next line of attacks will make fun of her background. She didn’t go to an Ivy Leagues school.  She doesn’t have East Coast sophistication or California coolness.  She’s a redneck.  And a terrible mother who let one son go off to Bush’s war while abandoning her other children to the care of their father.

They’ll make fun of Todd Palin’s demographics:  Steel worker, fisherman, oil worker.  How soon before the “Mr. Mom” jokes pop up.  (Probably tonight’s Olbermann show.)

Democrats are shallow, spiteful, resentful, jealous, mean, bitter, little people, passive aggressive when things don’t go their way.  Look for much passive-aggressiveness the next 66 days.  And teach your children not to be like that.  Unless, of course, you’re one of these uppity women too busy building your career to raise your own children.

**UPDATE**  Allahpundit has more on Sarah Palin, the neglectful mother.  Liberals are evil.

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Answer: Strategery
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Question:  Name a quality McCain has in places where Obama doesn’t have places.



Sarah Palin may not be the perfect pick for VP, but she’s the most perfect available.  By selecting a (hot) working class mother of five with strong conservative principles and a record of putting the people before parties and pricnipalities, John McCain has proven, again, to be the most effective Republican campaigner since Reagan.  By choosing Sarah Palin, McCain bolsters support from women, blue collar families and conservatives while hamstringing the Obama campaign.

Obama  has already soiled himself by criticizing Palin’s experience–of which she has approximately 10x Obama.   They cannot attack her age, because she’s very close in age to Obama.  They cannot attack her foreign policy experience because she and Obama are equals on that front.  They cannot label her a Washington insider, nor can they use her anti-McCain shots against her; she made none.

That leaves the Democrats with only line of attack:  appeal to their base.  So they’ve started attacking on abortion and tax cuts, both of which favor Republicans.

As the NRO editors put it:

By picking Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has wowed the public and enthused the Right. He has reinforced some of his winning themes — that he has the mindset of an outsider and a fighter against corruption. He has also reinforced his appeal as the candidate more in touch with traditional values on moral issues.

McCain plays chess while Obama fiddles with checkers.  While the messiah sauntered to king’s row for his party’s crowning, McCain used the clock to position his queen at Obama’s jugular.  Expect blood to flow when desparate Democrats hire thugs and street gangs to intimidate voters, media, and conservatives in general.

Like Joe Biden, I say, “bring it on.”

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A Babbling Windbag–reaction as he speaks
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It’s surprising, really, that Barack Obama’s entire speech is an attack on John McCain filled with lies, deceits, and fake “facts.”

His self-aggrandizement borders on pathological.  He alone will defend Israel.  He alone will stop 4 billion years of climate change.  He alone will provide health insurance to every man, woman, and child.  

The economy never had a negative growth quarter, but he sees a recession.  Perhaps that recession comes from the emptiness of rhetoric.  Forty-five minutes into the speech, he has offered not a single specific solution to the endless list of problems (real and imagined) he’s listed.  

“If you don’t have a record to run on.”  The man who never did a thing in his life has the balls to go there?  

The set may have been inspired by a Russian cathedral, but the imagery is Munich 1933. 

“This election has never been about me.”  Give me a fucking break.

More rhetoric.  More bashing of Republicans.  More “Me, the rock star” horseshit.  Meanwhile, his thugs crush truth and freedom in Chicago.  Some hope.

Again, with the economy.  Someone should buy him a newspaper.  

And the windbag runs out of air!

Gateway Pundit makes some great points.

Is it just me, or was that a really, really short speech?

California Conservative
‘s observation are well worth reading, too. Links to this comment by Mark Levin:

This is not a great speech, and it is not a great delivery. Obama is unloading every catch-phrase that has been uttered at these conventions since Franklin Roosevelt. His arrogance punches you in the nose. And he is on the stage way too long. He will be appeal to many because of our times, but hopefully not enough.

I agree, and my live commentary confirms.

Jonah Golberg:

I think his shots at McCain were ill-advised. Who the hell is Obama to try to out-hawk McCain on Bin Laden? Please. Not plausible. What is Obama talking about when he tries to suggest there are more Republicans for Obama than there are Democrats for McCain? C’mon. The Clintonian false-choice b.s. was particularly grating (gay marriage: punt! Gay hospital visitation, hooray! AK-47S boo, 2nd amendment, wahoo!).

Have your say–open thread on Wizbang!

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Marine Jose Luis Nazario NOT GUILTY!
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The Marine who was charged in civilian court with murder for doing his job on terrorists in Iraq was found NOT GUILTY (h/t wizbang) by a jury of his peers.

Congratulations to Jose Luis Nazario!  Thank you, Marine, for you proud and noble service to me, my family, and our country.  Thank you, jurors, for rejected the sick arguments of that jack-booted thug federal prosecutor. 

May this serve as a warning to anti-military prosecutors.  The jury system prevails.

More from Black Five

More news on the trial available. From FoxNews:

One of the jurors, Ingrid Wicken, hugged Nazario’s sobbing mother, Sandra Montanez, without speaking after the verdict was read. “I watched her all week. She was being tortured every day,” Wicken said later.

Wicken said the panel acquitted Nazario because there was not enough evidence against him.

“I think you don’t know what goes on in combat until you are in combat,” she said.

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Live Video: Obama Enters Invesco
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