Struggling to find an answer to the problems of Al Qaeda, the Iraqi insurgents, and terrorists in general? Kill them. Kill them all. Kill them and those who aid and […]

  A few days ago, I pondered the timeliness of Reagan’s death.  After Friday’s internment in California, my pondering changed to certainty:  America needed Reagan’s funeral. For one week, we […]

  What can you learn from a serial killer?  It’s up to you, but David Berkowitz’s musings are worth reading. I was in grade school when the Son of Sam […]

 Angela, I’ve watched you struggle to go to school and still be as good a  mom as could be.  I’ve watched you flustered, doing more work than you should, and […]

  In a front page story supported by an editorial, the Washington Post deliberately misled the public by indicating that the US government’s official policy on torture of terrorists at Guantanamo […]

A foul and acrid odor greets the noseand violates the shirt, the pant, the underwearfor hours, days, weeks, unwashed.Plastic flip-top lid concealsthe quartered fruit, so dryand old, unworthy of gin […]

Julia Smillie wonders if technology and blogging has doomed writers. 1. Mediocre writing always had a following, even though it didn’t transcend eras.2. Good writing still sells and IS read, […]

I recently had an experience with a social services agency that paints an unfriedly face for the organization. Almost Home, run by the Franciscan Sisters of St. Mary, provides teen […]