Liberals Eat Their Young in Denver

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Brilliant McCain Ad Perpetuates Operation Chaos

The ad asks, “Why not Hillary?” It provides the answer: Hillary told the truth about Obama, and the child-candidate didn’t like it.

The McCain campaign’s marketing brilliance continues to amaze. I had no idea he would be this adept at modern campaigning. With this ad, McCain will foment the still-simmering anger among Clinton’s most loyal supporters, as demonstrated in this Washington Times article.

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Don’t Ever Question Joe Biden’s IQ

His IQ is higher than yours and mine, and he ain’t afraid to say so. (H/t Allahpundit on

Wow. Smart, smart man. Only . . . most colleges don’t have an IQ requirement. George W. Bush has degrees from Yale and Harvard, but his IQ is, like, 28 according to Biden. I guess whatever schools Biden went to, they give diplomas based on IQ instead of credit hours. Interesting.

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Blogging for Air Conditioning

The best thing about being a liberal is the license to write idiotic things, pretend they’re scientific, and receive praise from you fellow liberals who accept your nonsense as settled science.

Examples abound; just look at the mindless babblings of James Hansen and Al Gore.  One a scientist, one a mediocre reporter.

Edward McClelland writing on recently wasted a couple of hours on an essay the claims air conditioning causes people to vote Republican.  (No, it’s not clever and there’s no “aha” moment anywhere.  Just his speculation dressed up as settled science.)

His thesis:  Air conditioning induced a population migration from cooler states that traditionally vote Democrat to warmer states that traditionally vote Republican.   This postulation can be logically reduced to say, “Pollitical affiliation is function of geography.”


Since science means nothing to liberals, I can disprove his thesis with a single example.  Me.

A life-long conservative, I spent 7 years stationed in Charleston, South Carolina.  But in 1992, the Navy transferred me to Groton, Connecticut, where my family and I lived in an un-air conditioned Navy duplex.  By Mr. McClelland’s logic, the combination of geographical location and lack of AC should have turned me into an Al Franken’s-ass-kissing, AGW freaking, Al Qaeda-loving, ACLU-donating, corporate-bashing lefty class basher.

Instead, I wrote The Conservative Manifesto, started my own corporation, left the Navy, helped the GOP take back the House and Senate, moved back to St. Louis, and worked my ass off for George W. Bush in 2000.

I could have erred in my reduction of McClelland’s thesis.  Perhaps the mere presence of air conditioning, regardless of geography, causes Republicanism.   I can still prove him wrong, by liberal standards:  my air conditioning went out today.

If McClelland’s thesis hold water, then I should have driven to Springfield, Illinois, to fawn over the messiah and his Peter as they launched that class war in which Biden all but promised to personally murder every son-of-a-bitch who makes more than $100,000 a year–unless the wage earner is a government employee or union member.

But I didn’t.  Instead, I sweated out this blog entry.  Even now, a tenacious dribble of sweat dangles dangerously from the tip of my nose above the touchpad of my laptop.

Since Mr. McClelland deserves an alternative explanation for America’s mild turn to starboard over the past 30 years, I’ll leave him with this:  From FDR to Carter, Americans gave liberals almost half a century to fix all the problems liberalism promised to cure–poverty, hatred, war, disease, ignorance, racism.  After 46 years, most of those problems had gotten worse.  In the process, America lost her groove.  Ronald Reagan offered to restore both balance and pride to the greatest nation that ever graced the earth.

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Biden vs. Obama vs. Everyone

Daily Kos won’t be too happy with the Biden choice.

ABC News’s Jake Tapper spent his Saturday morning documenting some of Joe Biden’s dumbest moments. (It’s long.)  My favorite came from a Biden 1988 campaign ad in which he seemed to anticipate Obama’s candidacy:

“The White House isn’t the place to learn how to deal with international crisis, the balance of power, war and peace, and the economic future of the next generation,” said a TV ad for Sen. Joe Biden’s 1988 presidential campaign.  “A President has got to know the territory, but that’s not enough.”

Ed Morrissey documented Biden’s list of lies that helped derail his own campaign in 1988.

Rush Limbaugh on Friday lamented news (of the hour) indicating the Biden would NOT be the choice.  I wish Rush were on today–last I heard was Rush offering a prayer that the reports were wrong and Obama would pick Biden.

For my part, I see Biden’s selection as evidence that the Dems don’t think Obama is man enough to win this thing.  They went for stability, but went with a liberal Senator from and eastern state.  Not exactly a diverse ticket. 

Obama was on the path to a rather embarrassing defeat before the announcement of a veep.  I see nothing in Biden’s selection to alter that momentum.

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Mother of All Anti-Climaxes **Update: Txtmsg angle lame

CNN’s John King has confirmed from two unnamed sources that ultra-liberal Joe Biden is Obama’s veep choice. 

When you want to bury a story, you release it on Friday after 3:00 p.m.  So, why did the Obama campaign release the news on the worst night in the news cycle?

Because Biden was the party’s choice, not Obama’s.

Obama wanted a young candidate, a liberal, who would make Obama look stronger, older, weightier.  His drop in the polls gave the party insiders more influence.  They wanted Biden to give the ticket strength.

Obama got to pick the time, and he picked the midnight hour on a Friday.

Obama is a disaster for the Democrats, and Biden won’t help.  News will trickle out over the next week about the inside politics that forced Obama to take Biden.  Obama’s bump will turn into a drop before the GOP convention is done.

It’s looking more and more likely that John McCain will be the next President of the United States.

**Update:  Obama’s mishandling of the VP announcement will go down as an interesting side note in the history of presidential elections.  Patrick Ruffini lays out the series of failures that resulted in, not only anti-climax, but actual dishonesty and inconvenience.  Obama promised to make you the “first to know” by sending him your cell phone number.  Instead, people watching CNN, FoxNews, ABC, or any news web site were first to know–four hours before text messages woke up potential voters at 3:00 a.m.  (It’s not nice to wake up voters in the wee hours of a Saturday morning, but that’s lost on a man who never worked a day in his life.)

Also, Ed Morrissey recognizes the lameness of the announcement, the demontration of immaturity and ignorance rampant in the process.  He’s right.

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Biden’s Abode Abuzz


After hours staking out Joe Biden’s Delaware home with no sign of the prospective VP candidate, reporters are now witnessing a flurry of activity.

CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive – Activity at the Bidens « – Blogs from

 UPDATE:  Wizbang coverage.

Barack Obama might the Democrat’s Bob Dole.

I quit writing “The Hennessy Report” for Town Hall in 1996 because I was so sickened by the combination of President Clinton and Candidate Dole.  The GOP nominated Dole because “it was his turn.”  Helluvaway to pick a president.

In 1996, the Republicans ran a bassackwards ticket.  The more electable, more charismatic, more conservative candidate, Jack Kemp, was on the bottom of the ticket.  Had Kemp been on top, Clinton might well have been a one-term president.  But, noooooooo; we nominated Bob “Third Person” Dole and got beat like a drum.

Barack Obama has been a weak candidate since about March.  He won the nomination because his camp had a superior strategy for winning delegates according the Democrat rules.  Once people started paying attention, though, Barack started to look less shiny.

Since “winning” the nomination in June, Obama’s campaign has been a disaster.  Only George W. Bush’s unpopularity has saved Obama from free-fall, a brokered convention, and excuses for why the Democrat delegates turned on him and nominated Hillary Clinton in violation of the Democrats’ stated rules.

Despite an 8 to 1 press coverage advantage over McCain, Barack has fallen from 12 point to a 0 or -5 point lead thanks to great campaigning by McCain and terrible campaigning by Obama.

So he picks Joe Biden.

Biden was the best choice among the Democrats who ran this year.  He has “gravitas,” which Obama does not.  He has experience, which Obama does not.

But Biden does nothing as vice president, because no one votes for vice president.

By selecting Biden, Obama admitted he is incapable of running the country.  In so doing, Obama has given the Republicans the last piece of evidence they need to convince Americans that there is only one choice this year:  John McCain.

BTW, CNN just reported that the media will not report Joe Biden’s gaffes.  Thanks, CNN.  We knew you’d cheat.  And they’ve used the term “gravitas” three times, admitting that Obama has none.

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Undecideds Prefer McCain’s Advice

I don’t know how meaningful this FoxNews poll is, really. But it is revealing about America’s confidence in the relative judgment of McCain and Obama.

American’s trust McCain more than 3 to 1 over Obama.

That’s big.

If you had to make the “toughest decision” of your life, who would you rather get advice from — Obama or McCain?

Based on that question, there are signs that undecided voters may be more inclined to move to McCain than to Obama. The largest number of undecideds – 38 percent – would rather get advice from McCain – that’s nearly three times as many as the 13 percent that would go to Obama. The remaining say “neither” (27 percent) or are unsure (18 percent).

Furthermore, independent voters pick McCain by a 15-point margin (41 percent – 26 percent).

Not surprising. McCain has run a masterful campaign and he owns the framing of every issue and of the campaign overall.

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