Thief Jim Johnson Still Obama’s Economic Advisor

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On the night that the President of the United States described America’s current economic condition in terms reminiscent of the Great Depression comes word from Ben Smith at Politico that one of the chief architects of the next depression, Countrywide and Fannie Mae thief James Johnson, is advising Barack Obama on how to proceed on this crisis.

Smith quotes former Senator Tom Daschle:

Jim Johnson and I have scheduled another informal breakfast discussion and update on the campaign early next month.

Taking the advice of a disgraced national criminal like Johnson, and doing so with no shame or attempt at concealment, demonstrates the maddening hubris of Barack Obama.  It’s one of the many factors that make the man truly hate-able.  More hate-able than Bill Clinton ever was.

There’s no doubt as to why Obama must work with Johnson:  Johnson, Franklin Raines, and their minions at Fannie Mae and Countrywide have given money to Obama at historic rates.  Few politicians of any party have received so much cash in so short a time from so small a cadre as Obama’s received from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac personnel:  $42,000 a year since Obama’s entered the Senate.  By contrast, the second-place bribe-taker, Hillary Clinton, has received $10,000 a year. 

Countdown to Post-Linehan Era

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Last week, Rams owner Chip Rosenbloom all but promised Rams fans that head coach Scott Linehan would be fire along with others responsible for assembling and running the worst football in the NFL.

You might think that Linehan and the Rams would have opened a can of backs-against-the-wall whoopass on the 0-2 Seahawks today. 

They didn’t.  Apparently, they fumbled the whoopass can in the locker room before the game, drenching themselves with the toxic substance.

For 3 of the 4 quarters of today’s game against Seahawks, Jim Haslett’s defense looked like they had a  lot Seahawk skill players on their fantasy teams.  At the end of the first quarter, Seattle led the Rams 17-0 in points and 146 to 6 in total offense. 

Both the St. Louis and the Fox broadcasters were dumbfounded by the incompetence and weakness of the Rams’ defense.  A streaker on crutches could have broken some of the attempted tackles Ty Hill and other Rams defenders threw on the Seahawks’ running backs.

Expect changes Monday. Head coach Scott Linehan and defensive coordinator Jim Haslett will get pink slips along with front office disaster Jay Zigmunt.  Zigmunt pushed out popular and successful GM Charlie Armey wanting complete control of player personnel.  Apparently he sought to destroy the team that Armey built into a two-time NFC champion earlier in the decade.

Adam Schefter on disagrees that the Rams would make a mid-season change.  But Schefter says in the same post that Haslett would be a contender to replace Linehan.  Fat chance.  Haslett is half the reason Linehan is on the rocks, the other half being shared by a porous offensive line and a quarterback who falls to pieces in the red zone.

Shefter mentions Rams’ wide receivers coach Henry Ellard as a possible replacement for Linehan.  That move would make sense.  I’d also look for Chip Rosenbloom to lure former Rams’s coach Dick Vermeil to take over for Zigmunt and to name a permanent head coach and defensive coordinator.  Consider the possibility that Bill Cowher might entertain a short stint as defensive coordinator.j

At this point, there’s no reason not to fire Linehan.  The players did nothing to save his job today.   At 0-3 with Buffalo, Washington, and Dallas the next up, 0-6 is almost assured.  Linehan won’t be back next year.  A coaching change now at least gives fans a reason not to sell their tickets to the visiting team.


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From the

Mercury News:

Barack Obama made the calamity on Wall Street the central theme of his case against John McCain on Saturday, invoking the crisis to pound his rival on Social Security, health care and government reform.

Let me get this straight:  The highest-paid Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac politician on the planet wants to blame the financial crisis on the only politician whom Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were unable to bribe

Obama needs a swift kick to the groin.

I won’t let this rest:  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac paid Barack Obama 4 times as much as any other member of Congress.  Obama is their bitch. 

Obama did $42,116.33 a year worth of bidding for the people who brought on the financial crisis.  Don’t let him forget it. 

Jay Tea, lifelong Democrat, has turned away from Obama.  Every open-minded Democrat should find out why.  Congratulation, Jay, and kudos for your candor and spine.

Why Vote Republican

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I’ll be 45 years old in a few days.  With my wife asleep on the couch and the kids scattered around town and home doing their own things, I wandered out onto the deck an hour ago to take a quick inventory of my life.

It’s easy, as one gets older, to feel sorry for himself.  Well, maybe it’s not feeling sorry for oneself as much as regretting some of the decisions we’ve made.  That lasted about five seconds. 

I looked up through a couple of holes in the clouds that have covered St. Louis since yesterday and saw the brightest damn stars set against blue-black midnight sky.  That self-pity and self-recrimination faded in a second a second.  Instead of missed opportunities and bad decisions, in that star I saw eternal hope; in the heavens behind it, boundless opportunity.

The greatest discoveries and finest inventions of my lifetime are not behind me–they’re somewhere before me.  The greatest moments in American history didn’t happen in a history book I read in grade school, but are gestating inside the minds and hearts of my sons and daughter.  That star is our future, and the field on which it shines a stage. 

Now, a lot of wondrous things have happened in my life.  We “broke the surly bonds of earth” to explore space, the moon, and Mars.  We put computers in every home connected by a global internetwork.  We have cell phones that put us in communication with anyone, anywhere, anytime. And that’s just a few technological achievements.

In my lifetime, we’ve wiped out diseases and gained the upper hand on many others.  We’ve knocked back evil communism to a containable few square miles here and there.  We’ve deposed despots, as Americans have for centuries, and we’ve managed to do it without become despots ourselves.

Still, we’ve only scratched the surface of our potential.

For most of my life, these accomplishments and the ones that came before them and made them possible, relied on only about 30 percent of the American population.  Women and blacks comprised 61percent of the US population most of life, and most of my life we ignored their potential contributions.  Add in Hispanics and immigrants from other countries, and the population allowed to contribute to our greatness was even smaller.

Some look at the fact of our past stupidity and say it proves us weak.  I look at our accomplishments despite such shortcomings and say it proves us great.  In this century, we can accomplish 60 percent more than we did in the last without working any harder.  If we can put a man on the moon and cure polio with white men, imagine what we can do with the whole population. 

But we might not accomplish much more. 

There are some in our society who think America is a drain on the world, an insult to God and nature, a blight on world history.  These people look into the midnight sky and see the stars as weapons aimed on our heads for our misdeeds.  Where I see hope, they see guilt.  Where I see opportunity, they see curses.  Where I see joy, they see avarice. 

These people support Barack Obama.

The hope Obama speaks of isn’t hope at all.  It’s bondage.  It’s bondage to the failed ideologies that we put down in the Cold War.  It’s the failed and feeble idea that most people are incapable of making good decisions and doing the right thing.  It’s a corollary belief that the few with intelligence and good judgment are corrupt and use their smarts to take advantage of the rest.

I utterly refute this notion.

If the world is divided into feeble-minded saints and intelligent crooks, then who among us is fit to protect the one from the other?  If cognitive agility must manifest itself as cheating and stealing, then the do-gooders are either too stupid to achieve their noble ends or phonies feigning virtue to fool the masses. 

In other words, if Barack Obama is right, then Barack Obama must be wrong or stupid. 

I’ve had this problem with liberalism since I was about 10 years old.  They always want to protect us from some possible danger, and they always want us to cede a bit of our freedom to them.  They want us to believe that only they can protect us from the nameless forces that wish us harm.  And if we’ll give them our power, they’ll use it for good.

So we gave them the New Deal and the Great Society and Medicare, Medicaid, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, the minimum wage, food stamps, and countless other financial freedoms, yet they tell us that poverty and disease are worse now than ever before.  How could that be? 

We gave them Détente and surrendered Vietnam, but the Soviet Union just marched on to Afghanistan, Nicaragua, and El Salvador.  How could that be?  The liberals promised that if we stopped shooting the commies, they’d retreat.

The liberals were wrong.

But we had a president who said, “enough!”  He stood at the Brandenburg Gate and  demanded that it be opened.  And it was.  He stood before Congress and demanded it give back to the people some of the power the people had ceded in good faith.  And Congress obeyed.  He stood before the American people and said, “I believe in you,” and his faith was vindicated a thousand times over in the next 15 years.

We seem to have lost some of the magic that president gave us.  We seem, once again, to be questioning the virtue and wonder of this shining city on a hill.  Many of us seem very willing–almost eager–to surrender ourselves to some despot who promises to use OUR power, OUR rights, OUR strengths on our behalf. 

Don’t be that lazy or cowardly.  Only a coward would cede his God-given rights to some scrawny wimp egghead to use, supposedly, on our behalf.  We are Americans.  We take care of ourselves and of the world around us.  We don’t need government to protect us from the unnamed, unseen enemies who might harm us.  We need government only to protect us from the enemies WITH names and faces.  We’ll take care of the rest ourselves.


P.S.  If I plagiarized Ronald Reagan in this post, I apologize.  I think Ronnie would forgive me.

I Guess I’m a Racist

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Time magazine’s Karen Tumulty says that criticizing Franklin Raines–the heart and soul of our current economic near-meltdown–is racism because . . . Raines is black.

Therefore, criticizing any black is racism.

I’ve criticized and accused Franklin Raines brutally in the past two weeks, so I must be a regular David Dukes. 

Perhaps Karen Tumulty needs to change her meds.

Readers may not believe this, but I didn’t realize Raines was black until after I’d posted the second of my blog posts linking to Obama to Raines and Johnson and others responsible for the housing bubble and meltdown.  Not that I’d have done anything differently.  But until Obama’s candidacy, we were living something like a post-racial period.  It was wackos like Tumulty who reinvigorated race in American politics–not Obama’s candidacy and not the right.  It was the people who make a fortune fomenting racial hatred.  And they should be driven out on rail.


Top Fannie Mae Recipients

Franklin Raines’ Criminal Enterprise and Barack Obama, His Accomplice **UPDATE** Top Recipients By $/Yr in Congress

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This is an eye-opener.  I’ve simply added Years in Congress and divided total Fraudie

Mae and Fraudie Mac donations by that number to rank the top 15 recipients by $ per Year.  Obama is winner by a ton:

As an executive at Fannie Mae, Franklin Raines illegally coerced his employees to falsify accounting facts so he’d get a maximum bonus.  The government-backed firm used Enron-like fraud, in part at Raines’s orders, to create the largest bail-out in US history. Raines had the whistleblower fired.  From the Heritage Foundation:

In 2004, after a tip from a whistle blower who was later fired, the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight (Ofheo) issued a report finding that the government-sponsored entity Fannie Mae had engaged in Enron-like accounting machinations that allowed Fannie to overstate its earnings and underestimate the risk the company faced. The accounting wizardry Fannie engaged in was designed so that Fannie could meet profit targets tomaximize bonus payments to company executives like Clinton administration deputy attorney general Jamie Gorelick and Carter administration assistant director for domestic policy Franklin Raines.

From the ACU:

Following his tenure in Democrat Bill Clinton’s White House as Budget Director, Raines returned to Fannie Mae where he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer prior to being forced out over accounting fraud allegations that federal authorities claimed were used to pad his own pocket with tens of millions of dollars in un-earned bonuses on top of his multi-million dollar pay. Raines and other top executives drew multi-million dollar salaries at Fannie Mae for many years.

Although he claimed no wrong doing, Raines agreed to settle the suit with the federal government just this year and agreed to pay back a few million of the near $50 million it had been alleged he obtained illegally through bonuses not due from Fannie Mae.

Now, this criminal is Barack Obama’s campaign adviser.  Only one member of Congress, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, received more kickbacks from Raines’s Fannie Mae cronies than did Barack Obama–over $120,000 in bribes.

Campaign Contributions, 1989-2008 (source)

Name Office State Party Grand Total Total from
Total from
Dodd, Christopher J S CT D $165,400 $48,500 $116,900
Obama, Barack S IL D $126,349 $6,000 $120,349

Dodd has been in Congress since Moses was a baby.  What did Obama do in 2.5 years to earn nearly as  much cash from Frannie and Freddie as Dodd earned in 25?

Remember Countrywide?  According to BusinessWeek Obama’s financial adviser, Raines, was responsible for its demise, too:

The Countrywide project deemed, “friends of Angelo” or FoA, standing for Friends of Countrywide Chief Executive Angelo Mozilo, apparently provided special loan rates for connected officials. These included Raines, James Johnson (a Democratic party activist and adviser to Sen. Barack Obama who was named to a panel to help choose Obama’s Vice Presidential running mate), Democrat Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Senator Christopher Dodd, and the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, Democrat Kent Conrad.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac control almost 50 percent of all mortgages in the United States.  They were started by Democrats, protected by Democrat, funded by Democrats, and absorbed into the government proper at the behest of their paid hacks in the Democrat party.  Conservatives have advocated the demolition of these twin towers of corruption, fraud, and bribery for decades.  But Democrats blocked every attempt to even hold hearings on corruption in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

But where are the Congressional hearings?  Where is the Department of Justice?  Why aren’t Raines, Johnson, and Obama doing a perp walk on the evening news?

Because liberals OWN Washington.  Obama will threaten, lie, and kill if he must to keep his sham campaign going.  At this point, he must win to stay of prison.

I cannot believe that conservative bloggers and talk show hosts are staying away from this story.   This should be the end of Barack Obama, particularly after today’s disaster on Wall Street:  Dow down >500, Lehman Brothers GONE, Bear Stearns GONE, Merrill Lynch GONE, Fannie Mae GONE, Freddie Mac GONE, AIG GOING, more to follow.

Lehman Brothers, too, contributed the lion’s share of its political donations to DEMOCRATS.  Why don’t you people rise up and demand some goddamn ACCOUNTABILITY!  This isn’t some little $10 million Chrysler bailout here.   We’re talking BILLIONS of STOLEN MONEY.  Stolen by Democrats, for Democrats.

We could face an economic DEPRESSION because of Obama, Dodd, Biden, Frank, Pelosi, Kennedy, and the rest of the Democrat criminals who’ve destroyed the housing market, put families on the streets, and wrecked Wall Street through greed and avarice on a scale unseen since the Roman Empire!

Fannie also bought off activist groups such as the corrupt Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), which has been indicted, multiple times across the country, for vote fraud (Obama worked closely with ACORN as a street organizer in Chicago). Fannie’s lobbying efforts paid off as liberal politicians such as Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Rep. William Clay (D-Mo.) worked to kill any real reform of Freddie and Fannie. The Washington Post reports: “In an internal memo in 2004, Fannie Mae executive Daniel H. Mudd affirmed what the company’s critics had long contended: In the political arena, ‘we always won’ and ‘we took no prisoners.’”


I’ll say it again without any fear of error:  Franklin Raines is  a criminal and Barack Obama is his paid accomplice.  Prove me wrong.

*UPDATE 1/4/2009:  Michelle Malkin has a wonderful post on original reporting by conservative bloggers.  While this piece might not be original, the analysis certainly is.  This is, as far as I can tell, the only graphical analysis showing that Barack Obama received more money from Frannie Mae and Freddie Mac crooks than any other politician when measured in dollars per day in office.

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The Worst Football Team Ever

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The title probably belongs to the 2008 St. Louis Rams.

For the second week in a row, a team without serious injuries humiliated itself, its city, and the players’ families on national television.

Defense, offense, and special teams were sickeningly lackadaisical and inept.  It was like watching squirrels do trigonometry. 

If I owned this team, the entire coaching staff would be fired tonight. 

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