Forward, Wisconsin

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Doing the right thing is hard.

Doing the right thing after years of practicing the wrong things is even harder.

When your senate separated the fiscal responsibility provisions affecting union collective bargaining powers from a bill that previously included tax and spend provisions, you took a big step toward fiscal recovery.

For years, public sector unions have dictated states’ taxing spending policies through brute force.  These unions were not elected by the people, but the people were forced to pay—or borrow—what the unions demanded.

Economically, public sector unions are not workers, but part of the of government.  They are management.  They imposed their demands directly on the people who pay the bill and who created their functions in the first place. 

Unlike politicians, though, unions have refused to yield to the electoral process.

Your governor, Scott Walker, and your 18 Republican Senators displayed courage and decency throughout this ordeal, brought on by Democrats who shirked their duties by fleeing the state.  You, the people of Wisconsin, show tremendous patience and courage, too, but standing behind your elected officials who are trying to govern.

When Ronald Reagan fired the illegally striking PATCO workers, leftist pundits predicted mayhem.  They were wrong.  The skies remained as safe after as they’d been before. Federal workers learned a new respect for the American taxpayer.  And the US economy, eventually, healed into a nearly 20-year expansion.

You, Wisconsin, have set an example for us all.  So I lift my glass and toast you with your governor’s brother, Johnny.


L. K. “Chip” Wood for County Assessor

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Did you know that there’s an election on April 5?  And it’s just as important an election as last November’s historic election.

This time, you and I have the job to elect Chip Wood for County Assessor.
Here’s why.

In 2010, voters created an elected assessor’s office in St. Louis County.  The Republicans pushed for this new office because of corruption, abuse, and waste in the County Assessor’s office under Charlie Dooley.  The GOP convinced voters that St. Louis County needed an assessor who was accountable, not to Dooley, but to the people.

And the GOP was right.

In the race for the new, elected assessor’s office, Chip Wood is the only real choice.  His opponent wants to stay the course, continuing the corruption fostered under Charlie Dooley.  IN other words, the Democrat wants to use property tax assessments to fund the Democrat machine. 

Chip Wood is different.  He’s a political outsider, running as a Republican, but with very little help from the state or county Republican party.  Chip is life-long real estate expert who has a well crafted plan to re-engineer the County Assessors office, eliminating corruption and waste.  Chip Wood will make a human being accountable to YOU for YOUR property tax bill. That’s right– Chip Wood will let you deal with a person with a name and face.   His opponent wants you to argue with a computer.

Why is that so important?  Because under Charlie Dooley’s regime, St. Louis County has 3 to 5 times the number of property tax assessment complaints as most counties our size.  That’s because of the neglect, corruption, and lack of personal accountable in the assessor’s office.  

On April 5, vote Chip Wood for St. Louis County Assessor.

I’m Bill Hennessy, and  no one authorized or approved this message but me.

Why Stop at Red Light Cameras

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I’ve written about this before.

The problem with traffic signals is that they make all of the problems they’re designed to solve worse. By “all the problems” I mean:

  • Pollution
  • Congestion
  • Deaths
  • Accidents
  • Speed of Transit
  • Risk to pedestrians (except those with certain disabilities)


Banning red light cameras is a great first step, but the ultimate goal should be elimination of traffic lights altogether. 

Watch both episodes. Decide for yourself.

Turning the lights off worked.

  • Less pollution
  • Fewer accidents (cars and pedestrians)
  • Less congestion
  • Shorter commutes
  • Safer roads
  • Happier people
  • Up to 20 percent better fuel economy

Join Free to Choose. Let’s bring the movement to America and to St. Louis.

Every Election Counts

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Next Election:  4 weeks from today.


I need a favor.  This will only take you a minute (tops), but it’s very important that you do it right now. 

I will step you through it.

1.  Get a pen or pencil and something to write on—preferably a journal or appointment calendar.

2. Go to April 5, 2011,  or write April 5, 2011, if not using a calendar or dated journal.

3. Under April 5, write the following:

     a.  Election Day

     b.  My polling place is:  [name it]

     c.  I plan to vote [time of day]

     d. I will be coming from [place] and will take [major road/highway]

     e.  Immediately before voting, I will be [what you’ll be doing—work, fixing breakfast, taking kids to school, etc.]

     f.  Come hell or high water, though, I will vote on April 5

There.  You’re done.  You’ve developed a personal voting plan to ensure you don’t forget to vote on April 5. 


L.K. Wood for County Assessor - Saint Louis CountyIf you live in St. Louis County, Chip Wood is the conservative Republican running for the newly created office of Assessor.  I like Chip Wood because he’s a no-nonsense, grassroots conservative like me.  He will make sure property taxes in the county are fair.

Jesse Irwin - Candidate for 10th Ward Alderman - St. Louis, MO

If you live in the city, Jesse Irwin is running a fabulous campaign for 10th Ward Alderman.  I like Jesse because he can represent all of the people of 10th Ward to help stop the city’s population hemorrhage.  



Oh, and one more little favor.  Get 5 of your friends to make their voting plans today because every election counts toward restoring the American republic.

Simply Staggering

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DRUDGE REPORT 2011® The federal budget deficit in the month of February 2011 exceeds the deficit for all of 2007 by 40 percent.

Simply staggering.

Yet Senate Democrats refuse to cut more than a paltry $6 billion. They refuse because they seem bent on collapsing the American system – the economy, the government, and the people themselves.

But at least the Obama administration stands by with its arms folded as gasoline prices skyrocket at the their fastest pace in history.

(h/t Drudge Report)

McCaskill’s Call to Fight

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I’m getting a lot of requests to pump news about Claire McCaskill’s comments to Democrats. According to Brian R. Hook of Missouri Watchdog, McCaskill gave Democrats a set of instructions very similar to those I usually give at the end of Tea Party rallies.  (Only Claire’s instructions seem a bit less human than mine.)

Some national political scientists believe McCaskill’s Senate seat is one of the most vulnerable in 2012. 

Republicans Sarah Steelman and Ed Martin Jr., who came within an eyelash of upsetting Russ Carnahan in last year’s race for Missouri’s 3rd US Congressional District, have announced their candidacies for the right to oppose McCaskill. 

A primary challenge for McCaskill is not out of the question, but no Democrats have offered to challenge McCaskill so far.