until you’ve read this piece.  http://www.nationalreview.com/comment/robinson200402060920.asp Today is Ronald Reagan’s 93rd birthday. Godspeed, Gipper.

With that, the guards silently beckoned me to turn.  The room was large and dark.  Overhead lights illuminated the oracle on her seat and spilled onto the guards, but the […]

These people are great.  Funny thing is, I have good scotch and great conversations with people just like this every few weeks.  Politics corrupts; Democrat politics corrupts democratically. WE WILL […]

I must admit that I paid no attention the New Hampshire primary until about 15 minutes ago.  For those of you who are like me, Kerry won by more than […]

I promised not to write here anymore, but I have to. Not since Bob Dole pleadingly swore to the GOP,

Over on The Corner is a raging debate about the origin and meaning of the term Neo-Conservative.  I am very rarely critical of anything National Review and its people do, […]

For poll junkies, today’s CNN/Time poll is loaded with interesting tidbits: Dean’s support is slipping, no doubt due to the doctor’s idiotic statements, Biblical errors, short temper, and whining Several […]

Hillary Clinton came to St. Louis today to make Gandhi jokes.  First, I  live in St. Louis and didn’t know she was coming.  Second, she showed up in Iraq the […]

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