Wisconsin’s Teachers

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Let’s knock off the silly political correctness, here, and admit what’s going in Wisconsin. The teachers are trying collapse the system. 

The National Education Association is a radical, political organization whose primary purpose is not education but control.  Threatened with sensible legislation that protects the people of Wisconsin from unsustainable and unjustified retirement benefits, these teachers decided to shut down Wisconsin’s schools.

The solution is simple. Do what Reagan did to PATCO.  Fire them.  Fire them all and revoke their certifications.

Wisconsin’s striking teachers are not educators, they’re conquistadors.  Fire them.  Let them start over.

Seducing the States

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You can’t call yourself a conservative and ask for education money from Washington.

Republicans dominate both houses of the Missouri legislature.  You’d think they’d act like republicans (lower case).  But when it comes to education bribes from Washington, many of our Republican legislators show little resistance to political seduction. We can help them.

On BigGovernment. com, Bob McCarty highlights the hypocrisy of blasting ObamaCare from one side of the mouth while begging for federal cash out of the other.  He points to a Heritage Foundation video that features our own education watch dog Gretchen Logue

Ronald Reagan never got around to dismantling the Department of Education. In the year of his 100th birthday, let’s honor him by resisting the seduction of Washington bribes.  The Constitution is clearly silent on the issue, which means the 10th Amendment prohibits appropriations for local schools. 

Here’s What You Can Do

Contact your Missouri State Legislators today and ask them to send Arne Duncan’s bribe back to DC.  Call or email your Missouri State Rep. and Senator. Tell them to send DC’s Education Bribe back where it came from.

Senators Lembke and Nieves are trying to #senditback.  And they need our help.

Call or email now.

Then Do One More Thing

In addition to calling or writing, please do the following:

Don’t Listen to the Liberal Lies

If Missouri takes Arne Duncan’s bribe, it will simply INCREASE general spending, not education spending.  That’s just the way government works. 

By returning this bribe (and its burdensome handcuffs), we’ll send a message–and instill fiscal responsiblity in both Jeff City and Washington.

Please call your state Representative and Senator today. 

American Idiots

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Those who blindly cheer for the fall of Mubarak and the rise of anything else in Egypt are the same as those who cheered the fall of the Shah in Iran.  Question their motives.

The Great One, Mark Levin, tweeted attention to this post about an email from Salim Mansur to Claire Berlinski. The email’s purpose was to call Claire’s attention to Mansur’s latest column.

Here’s what Mansur says as an aside:

I am more convinced now, as I wasn’t when Paul Kennedy wrote about the rise and fall of great powers, that the West has gone over the tipping point in its terminal decline. That intelligent people, or people who claim to be intelligent, (I have in mind the talking heads in the U.S. media such as Chris Matthews or Fareed Zakaria) cannot make the difference between the sham of the Muslim Brotherhood talking about freedom and democracy and the generic thirst in man to be free. These are the people who have like the Bourbons learned nothing and forgotten nothing. They are glibly about to put the Lenins of our time into trains heading for Moscows of our time, they find nothing odd that they are pushing for the Muslim Brotherhood to be taken into governing when everything needs to be done to keep the Muslim Brotherhood out even as one carefully negotiate the long historic transition of Arab societies from tribal autorcracy and military dictatorships to representative rule and constitutionally limited government.

The intellectual type that Mansur describes is a dangerous lot. They believe, not only that they are more intelligent than than everyone else, but that everyone else’s thoughts, knowledge, experiences, and feelings mean nothing. They use ridicule in lieu of reason, believing commoners unworthy of reason.

Yet, these sophomores insulate themselves from any critical thinking.  Any at all.  They parrot the bland, brainless one-liners of their heroes, penned a century ago, and call it thought.  They confuse erudition with  long, boring conversations with people who believe precisely and only what they believe. 

And here’s precisely what our intellectuals miss: that Obama and the Democrats aspire to Mubarak’s autocratic government:

Mubarak’s Egypt, in the language of political science, fits the description of the authoritarian-bureaucratic state in which military officers and civilian technocrats hold the commanding heights of the economy and security.

Mubarak, in other words, is Obama with 30 years experience. The American left should be flying to Cairo to join the protests on the government’s side.

Except for one, nasty truth: the reason America’s leftist intellectuals oppose Mubarak is because what follows will work to destroy Israel and America.  And that’s what the left lives for.

I’d much rather be a low-brow tea partier who sees things for what they are than an intellectual American idiot whose self-hate clouds his reason and jeopardizes his future. 

Pujols or Politics?

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I’m torn.

Yesterday, I took part in a demonstration outside Senator Claire McCaskill’s St. Louis office on Delmar.  The future of the republic is important.  We are concerned that Senator McCaskill put her re-election before Missouri jobs by lobbying the DNC to hold its 2012 convention in Charlotte, NC, instead of St. Louis, MO.

Down the road, a group of Cardinals fans held a demonstration outside Busch Stadium.  The future of future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols is important, too.  It appears the Cardinals owners have little interest in resigning Albert.

Both events drew about 25 participants.

If St. Louis is America’s baseball city, and the possible exodus of the greatest ballplayer of our generation draws equally with a tea party event, then is St. Louis also America’s tea party city?

Oh, and the torn part.  The next general election is in November 2012.  Pujols becomes a free agent, effectively, in nine days.  Maybe I should I have been at the stadium yesterday, instead?

Shout It Out: Renegade Arizona Sheriff Intimidating Citizens *UPDATE*

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The incompetent Sheriff Dupnik of Pima County Arizona has intimidated speakers in an attempt to shut down the Tucson Tea Party.

clarence-dupnikNow, Tucson’s asking for our help.  Jennifer Humphries wrote to Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft. She asked Jim of his help defending the First Amendment rights of the people of Tucson. Those rights are under assault from an incompetent and irresponsible sheriff who has now turned to intimidation to silence dissent.

I don’t know if Ms. Humphries would want me, but I’d be honored to speak in Tucson on April 30.  I’d be honored to defy the Sheriff’s attempts to quash free speech in his county.  And I’d love to see a swarm of folks from Missouri and Illinois fill the arena for that showdown.

What You Can Do

1.  Make plans, if you can, to attend the Tucson Tea Party, April 30, 2011

2. Donate to the Tucson Tea Party

3.  Ask members of U.S. House and Senate committees on Judiciary and Civil Rights to investigate Department of Justice’s involvement in political intimidation.

When the Tea Party launched, its first theme was “Repeal the Pork or Retire.”  We retired a lot of them in 2010, but we have a long way to go.

Keep up the fight!


I sent  a short questionnaire to Sheriff Clarence:

I have received reports that your office has intimidated speakers scheduled to speak at events sponsored by Tucson Tea Party.

1.  Do you deny this charge?

2.  Will you attempt to intimidate me from speaking in Tucson at a Tea Party event?

While we await his reply, let’s have a sing-along:

Sheriff don’t like it
Rock the county,
Rock the county.

Waning US Influence

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Pro-Western governments in these countries have fallen to anti-American forces or diminished their support for the US since Barack Obama became president.

  • Lebanon
  • Jordan
  • Yemen
  • Qatar
  • Egypt
  • Turkey

Obama’s campaign promise to restore respect for America around the world is a joke.  A cruel and dangerous joke.  Our enemies see Obama’s weakness as American weakness. As they did during Jimmy Carter’s failed presidency, those enemies are advancing.

The next president will have more than a financial catastrophe to fix.