Hillary Clinton came to St. Louis today to make Gandhi jokes.  First, I  live in St. Louis and didn’t know she was coming.  Second, she showed up in Iraq the […]

Steven at www.PoliBlogger.com and Arguing with Signposts . . . graciously linked to this site.  Thank you, so much, for the favor.  

The National Education Association, perhaps America’s most active liberal political action committee, continues to decry the No Child Left Behind law.  The NEA’s chief complaints seem to be It costs […]

ProfessorBainbridge.com reports that the doctor may have an insider trading scandal to deal with.  Keeping score, Dean is now a hypocrite on: Dean wants the Bush administration to release minutes […]

Hey, I think I was too quick to judge the Dean on Religion article in the Washington Post.  I felt that the reporter, Jim VandeHei, was soft on Dean and […]

I found this on Drudge.  I offer a contrarian explanation, however.  Perhaps the feminization of men–mandatorily sitting to urinate in pre-schools, supporting Howard Dean–is reducing the amount of testosterone men […]

We know that Dean has a problem with his handling of security and safety failures at Vermont’s only nuclear power plant.  Dean’s World has an excellent point.  Combine the Yankee […]

No, it’s not about football.  1.  Howard Dean isn’t an idiot, according to Andrew Sullivan.  He’s a doctor, dictator, refuses to be challenged or questioned, has no peers, likes to […]

From the Washington Post:  “I am still learning a lot about faith and the South and how important it is,” said Dean, a Congregationalist. The Congregationalist Church is a Christian […]

The Democrats have a real dilemma:  Dean is seen by more and more people as both a shameless opportunist and a man who can’t speak straight. Making mistakes of fact […]