Give Berkeley to Taliban

We all know the trouble when a people, however recently formed, lose their homeland. Even if given privileged guest status in another country, they tend to make trouble for everyone around.  (Think Palestinians.) The Taliban continue to wage war against freedom in Afghanistan.  Likewise, the vile people of Berkeley, California, wish to be free of …


Depression Just One Symptom of Liberalism

Democrats are more likely to be depressed than Republicans, while independents (also know as “stupid people“) fall somewhere in between. In a recent WSJ-MSNBC poll, Democrats displayed pathological levels of depression: Among Republicans, 52% now expect a recession; 76% of self-identified Democrats do. Independents — the swing voters who could tip the election — are …


Get Ahead Fast

If you’re struggling to keep up with all your work, your errands, getting a St. Valentine’s Day gift, and the other things that crowd our minds, you need to check out a powerful combination of new tools: is the best task and project manager on the planet.  Based on my personal productivity guru David Allen’s Getting …


Pride and Petulance

After Democrat leaders, Barack Obama, and Newsweek pointed out that former President Bill Clinton’s behavior has been un-Presidential, self-serving, and full of lies, Bill Clinton became more prideful and more petulant than ever. I am amazed at the depths of Bill Clinton’s abhorrent behavior, but I’m equally amazed at Democrats’ shock that their former hero …


Scarlett Johannsen: Forgivable–and then some

I understand that Scarlett Johansen’s remarkable, incredible, indescribable attractiveness came with a  heavy dose of anti-Hennessy knee-jerkism.  I forgive her.For one thing, she’s desirable like a mattress after a 72 hour day.For another, she spent a long day with our heroes in the Middle East.  Blackfive has the video.  (Get your rewind finger ready.)