Ryan Lizza of The New Republic went to a Dean house party on December 30.  His report is worth reading, and it jibes with my own research into the house […]

AGHHH!!!! I HATE computers! 750 words of analysis of the unfolding story about a Democrat senate conspiracy to subvert the federal judiciary, and my computer screwed you, dear reader, out […]

Deaniacs send money to the Dean campaign whenever there’s a negative story about their candidate. (The fact that this method raised $15 million in three months says something about Dean, […]

Just a quick rundown of top economic stories on this first business day of the new year: Manufacturing grew at its fastest pace in 20 years (since the Reagan administration) […]

It is easy to get young people riled up, as William F. Buckely points out. The Dean house parties, rallies, $2 donations, etc., are the kinds of things young people […]

The New Year begins with–guess what– Howard Dean saying something stupid. Thankfully, John F**ing Kerry has called him on it. Dean’s inability to research his statements before making them–like finding […]

Here are my resolutions (which I don’t make) for 2004: 1. I will leave my caps lock on 24x7x364, using Title Case on the 4th of July only.2. I will […]