Gateway Pundit: Muslim Nations Vote to Sue Islamophobe Bigots

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Great.  Now I’m going to be sued by rag-head terrorists, just writing the truth. 

Perhaps it’s time to unleash Wildfire.


Telling the bigots to shut up…

The Organization of Islamic States is through dealing with insults to Islam with peaceful protest (rioting? torching embassies?) and now want to sue cartoonists, countries, states, writers… and the rest of the Islamophobe bigots.

Gateway Pundit: Muslim Nations Vote to Sue Islamophobe Bigots

Wake up America: Parts of Aborted Fetuses Found In a Dumpster Outside Abortion Clinic

This is the kind of story that inspires liberals to write checks to Planned Parenthood. 

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Body parts of aborted babies, bio-hazardous materials and patients’ medical records, were all found in a dumpster outside of the WomanCare abortion clinic, in Lathrup Village, Michigan. Warning: Graphic Video below.

(A hand of an aborted baby retrieved from the trash behind Woman Care abortion clinic in Lathrup Village, Michigan–owned and operated by Alberto Hodari.–Photo from Citizens for a Pro-life Society)

Wake up America: Parts of Aborted Fetuses Found In a Dumpster Outside Abortion Clinic

Rich Lowry on Class, Gender, Race, Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama on National Review Online

Lowry’s piece on NRO is a classic.  It reminds that accusation of "-ism" does for liberals what sticking one’s finger’s in one’s ears and shouting, "I can’t hear you" does for toddlers:  let’s them delay the inevitable while looking like idiots.

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In one of his sputtering-mad “special comments” usually devoted to damning President Bush to hell, Keith Olbermann of MSNBC accused Geraldine Ferraro of employing the “vocabulary of David Duke,” and of “insidious racism that is at least two decades old.” Back in the glory days of liberaldom, this would have been like Edward R. Murrow calling Eleanor Roosevelt a fascist — in other words, utter madness.

Rich Lowry on Class, Gender, Race, Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama on National Review Online

Obama Admits He Lied About Rezko


Others are subtler in their descriptions, but I don’t see any other way of stating the case.  Yesterday, Barack Obama admitted to the Chicago Tribune that his campaigns have ac

cepted twice as much money from Tony Rezko than the candidate admitted in the past.

Obama, the candidate of judgment, blames repeated lapses of judgment.  (Perhaps his judgment is impaired only when someone has a large amount of cash.)

Ed Morrissey boils it down beautifully:  Either Obama lies (a lot), or Obama is very stupid:

Before going into business with Rezko, we’re expected to believe that the president of the Harvard Law Review was so naive that he didn’t read the papers or ask around about his business associate, especially when going in on a real estate deal with a man who was also a major contributor.

Let’s also take a look at that. When Obama’s connection to Rezko first came to light, he initially told reporters that Rezko didn’t raise any more than $50,000. Chicago reporters then dug up almost $150,000 in fundraising last summer, and Obama was forced to admit that he underestimated Rezko’s contributions. Now he’s telling us that it’s over $250,000. How many more revisions on this story can he make? Will the figure get closer to a million dollars by the time November gets here?

In both situations, the best Obama can ask us to believe is that he is a benighted idiot. He managed to attend a church with a race-baiting, America-hating pastor for twenty years without noticing it. During that time, he did business with a corrupt politico without ever noticing that, too, and he blithely went from election to election without being able to tell the difference between $50,000 and $250,000.

I have noticed Obama’s propensity to lie, to cover, to deny, and to blame others for some time.  As these character flaws reveal themselves, Obama’s weakness as a candidate becomes obvious.  His complete lack of qualifications for President are almost frightening. 

The media could have vetted Obama a year or even four years ago.  They didn’t.  Instead, they ordained him the Great Black Hope and hoped no one else would notice.  The media–CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, and a hundred others–ignored or covered up any potential flaws or weaknesses in Obama. Greta Van Susteren notes that, even today, the NYT has buried the story, hoping not to embarrass the man the LA Times calls "The Magic Negro."  Apparently, these people didn’t expect he’d be in a tight race against Clinton Inc. 


UPDATE:  Then, again, maybe Obama really isn’t all the smart.  Take a look at these two statements from one interview Obama gave yesterday (AP):

Rezko helped raise up to $250,000 for his various political races, Obama’s campaign said. The campaign had previously put the figure at $150,000 but now says that amount was only for his 2004 Senate race.

Okay.  So you lied about the money.  Now, this . . .

"He never once asked me for any favors, or ever did any favors for me," the Illinois senator said in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times. "He never gave me any gifts or gave me any indication he was setting me up to ask for any favors in the future."

Please, someone, send me $250K.  I will NOT consider it favor.

It’s Only Wrong If You’re Caught

06obama_lg In a pathetic admission of his own shallowness, Barack Obama admitted that he’s known since his campaign began that the Rev. Jeremiah Wright is an anti-US racist.  According to Fox News:

Obama said he never personally heard Wright preach the statements at the center of the controversy, but he first learned of them when he launched his presidential campaign.

For almost a year, Obama has defended the bigot, naming him chairman of the African-American Spirtitual Leadership Committee for his campaign.  Tonight, he issued this attempt at damage-control:

I categorically denounce any statement that disparages our great country or serves to divide us from our allies. I also believe that words that degrade individuals have no place in our public dialogue, whether it’s on the campaign stump or in the pulpit. In sum, I reject outright the statements by Rev. Wright that are at issue.

Great.  But why didn’t this denunciation come a year ago when Obama admits he first learned that his pastor of 20 years is an anti-American racist?  Why did Obama knowingly put a racist on his campaign committee?  Why did he defend the miscreant time and time again?  Why, only yesterday, did his campaign state that Rev. Wright would remain on the campaign?  Here’s Obama’s weak answer:

He said he did not leave the congregation upon learning of Wright’s more divisive remarks, because of his “strong links” to the church, where he married his wife and where his daughters were baptized.

The would-be President has "strong ties" to a racist, anti-American ass-hat.  Great.  This is the best his party can come up with?

Obama wants us to judge him on his judgment.  So far, his judgment involves consorting with alleged felons and admitted US-haters.  He’s married to an anti-American bigot.  And he didn’t denounce his pastor’s bigotry until the press found out about it. 

Obama shows the judgment of a coward seeking to win the White House by hook or crook. 

UPDATE:  Patterico Pontificates on Obama’s judgment.

UPDATE II:  One of my favorite blogs, Discerning Texan, has a fantastic long piece on Obama’s revealing attempt to distance himself from Wright.  Obama could be finished before Pennsylvania. 

Beginning tomorrow, you will see the greatest flood of liberal lies and spin you’ve every seen in your life.  The left will go after Bill O’Reilly more viciously than they attacked Rush Limbaugh.  By next week, anti-Fox legislation will come up in Congress. 

You’ll love this:




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Political Mavens » For a Segment of Obama’s Support, Jeremiah Wright Is Actually an Asset

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Master quote:

Ugly stuff. But this is also the proudly and openly expressed opinion of every major and minor contributor to The Nation magazine, lots of folks at The New Republic, the loudest members of the anti-war faction, and if my memory for op-eds since the mid-1980s is right, apparently a majority of vocal members of the Democratic Party. Sounds to me like Mr. Wright’s a problem for Sen. Obama only in that he makes it more difficult for the candidate to disguise his and his followers’ beliefs during the general election.

Political Mavens » For a Segment of Obama’s Support, Jeremiah Wright Is Actually an Asset


More:  Death by 1000 Papercuts

Even More:  Wall Street Journal

Still More:  Hennessy’s View

UPDATE:  Barack Obama has announced that he was never in the church when Rev. Wright preached hate.  If anyone can prove Obama was in the pew for any of these statements, he’s done.  He would have to drop out of the campaign.  IMO, he could be done, anyway. 

How Racist and Hate-filled Is Obama?

If I said my favorite writer is Adolf Hitler and that my wife hates America, you might legitimately call me an anti-American bigot. 

Barack Obama’s wife is unabashedly anti-American.  His spiritual advisor is more so.  That advisor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, hates white people, too.  When the person with whom you choose to live your life and the person from whom you seek guidance for your thoughts and actions are known anti-American bigots, people are justified in assuming you are like them.  You chose them.  You defend them.  You must agree with them.  Right?

On Christmas Day, Rev. Wright told his congregation, "God damn America."   Barack Obama might as well open his next stump speech with Garrett Morris’s song from that Saturday Night Live skit:  "I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see." 

You won’t hear about this on the evening news, though.  The big media are doing their damnedest to cover up this black supremicist’s comments as they seek to realize his hope, depsite Patterico’s expectation that this would be lead off news. 

If Rev. Wright is willing to publicly and on video tape lead his congregation in a chant of "God damn America," how bold do think his advice to Obama has been?  And if Obama denounces, in his heart, the Reverend’s sermons, then why did Obama retain Wright as his spiritual advisor for 20 years? 

Now, you can say that a politician can compartmentalize his moral beliefs (in this case, racist) from his political beliefs.  But would you trust a politician who routinely supports political ends he believes are morally wrong?  Do you trust the politician who goes to church every Sunday but defies the teachings of his church?  Don’t we call them hypocrites?  And if they are not true to God speaking through their spiritual advisors, will they be true to their constituents? 

Christians choose a spiritual advisor in the belief that the  Holy Ghost will speak through that advisor, providing insights into thought and action.  Thought and action.   What advice did the Rev. Wright give Obama over these 20 years?  What advice does Wright provide Obama’s campaign as its official spiritual advisor? 

Michelle Malkin sees the same connection I do, and points out that Obama the Hypocrite likes calling white people racists for saying things that are not racist at all.  Obama is a bigot.  As terrible is this sounds, a vote for Obama is vote to punish white people.   

The bad news is that I and everyone who reaches the unavoidable conclusion presented here will be labeled a racist.  Every single one.  That’s because most white elites in education, media, and politics, still view blacks as ignorant, weak, flawed creatures who need protection from the normal.  In the liberal’s mind, blacks can never be left to sink or swim on their own–they’re just too stupid.  For the party of Jim Crow and George Wallace, slavery never died–it changed its name to Affirmative Action.

The media and the Obama campaign are now trying to distance themselves from Wright–only two days after announcing Wright will be the full-time spiritual advisor to his campaign.  Even CNN notes:

Obama and Wright have been close for years. Obama has been a member of Wright’s church since his days in law school, and Obama’s best-selling book, "The Audacity of Hope," takes its title from one of Wright’s sermons.


But judge for yourself who the racists are. 

From Fox News:

Obama, Oprah, and their spiritual advisor are anti-American racists.

Obama, Oprah, and their spiritual advisor are anti-American racists.

Obama, Oprah, and their spiritual advisor are anti-American racists.

But some of you bought that "hope" crap Obama’s been spewing.

Michelle Malkin offers something real:  [click]

UPDATE:  Right now, The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News is tearing up the MSM for purposefully ignoring this story. Key point from media analyst Bernie Goldberg: "Most reasonable people would not be a member of that church."  Bingo.  He went on to say, "I have never it [the media] this corrupt."


Global Warming Advocate Admits: It has nothing to with the environment

We on the right have claimed for years that environmentalist extremists (Al Gore, et al) are motivated by socialism, if not totalitarianism.  In our argument we contend that scientific proof has no meaning to these miscreants.  They are bent on economic and political control, not a healthy eco-system.

If you don’t believe us, maybe you’ll believe one of them. 

Tipping my hat to Paul at Jennifer Marohasy blog, I draw your attention to a paper by Evan Sandsmark, via ClimateSci

Ted Parsons, a professor at the School of National Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan, writes that the promises of air capture could carry a ‘moral hazard’ because political pressure for near-term efforts to curtail climate change may be reduced.

Air capture also addresses one of many factors adversely affecting the environment. The climate crisis is a powerful tool to motivate change – like checking the ever-expanding global population and excessive resource consumption – and if the urgency of climate change is compromised, other environmental projects may fall by the wayside.

No need for the left to deny what what we’ve known all along.   Global warming is lef

tist politics, not science.  It is totalitarianism, not ecology.  is socialism, not conservation.

It’s nice to hear the totalitarians admitting their collectivist aims.  It’s chilling that they are so emboldened. 


Record Cold Winter Requires Even Scarier, More Draconian Response

Washinton, DC — The record cold temperatures and heavy snow in Asia and North America have prompted earth scientists to invent a whole new demand:  zero carbon emissions

Citing a new generation of computer models, based on scientific speculation that only a decade ago was considered too outlandish to pull off, scientists now claim that even physical exercise is too dangerous and must be banned.

“The steam that rises from a Starbuck’s coffee contains enough greenhouse gases to kill three polar bears and wipe out a village in Sri Lanka,” said Dr.  Phillip Hensen, a geophysicist with the Godlike Space Studies program at NASA.  “We must eliminate all greenhouse gases by July 2008, or we might as well launch every nuclear ballistic missile in all the arsenals in the world.”

Soccer moms around the country agree, and in Town and Country, Missouri, they’re taking action.

“I put a ‘Save the Planet: Park Your Car and Walk’ bumpersticker on my Escalade,” Melinda Carson told Hennessy’s Review.  “We use E84 or 85, whatever it is, gasoline because it reduces America’s dependence on foreign carbon and saves polar bears.”

Earth scientist Patti Goebels, an associate professor at Land o Lakes Community College, applauds efforts like Ms. Carson’s.  “I mean, anything we can do is great.  Of course, we really need Congress to ban all carbon emissions and anything that puts off heat.  Otherwise, all the polar bears will die, and even Minnesota will be hot and humid.”

Asked about the record cold winter in much of North America and Asia, Hensen said it’s just more evidence of the validity of the greenhouse theory.

“You have quadrillions of molecules of greenhouse gases trapped in the atmosphere.  Of course, it’s going to cause colder winters in the northern hemisphere and colder summers in the southern hemisphere.  Have you ever sprayed yourself with a CO2 fire extinguisher?  All the models predicted this.”

Hensen took the opportunity to attack global warming skeptics.  “These people, some of whom claim to be scientists, who say ‘this is just a scare tactic to win grant money’ are actually all employed by the big oil companies.  They get paid to lie about the effects of greenhouse gases by the people who hate polar bears and Sri Lanka.”

Democrat candidate for President, Barack Obama, responded quickly to the report.  “I will do whatever it takes to save the polar bear.   Hillary Clinton could have saved the polar bear when her husband was president.  Instead, she slept with strangers in the Lincoln Bedroom for a thousand dollars a night. ”

 UPDATE:  Better global warming satire at CalvinDude.

Is Earth’s Axis Shifting?

Do you believe in human-caused global warming?  Do you know that the earth wobbles? 

Do you know that the Antarctic ice shelf is growing and shifting from one side of the earth to the other? 

If you answered a throaty, certain “yes” to the first question but a less confident “I think so” to the next two, you better do some homework.  Your prejudice toward human-cause global warming could be in danger.

In 1955, Time Magazine described the effects of the earth’s wobble on climate.  

If the earth were a perfect sphere, he says, it would not be stable on its axis. The “smallest beetle crawling over it would change the axis of rotation in relation to markings on the sphere” because there would be no force to resist the kickback of the beetle’s crawling. But the earth is not a perfect sphere; it is a geoid slightly flattened at the poles by the centrifugal force of its rotation. So it spins like a fat flywheel on the short axis between the poles.

Fair enough.  Most of us learned this in fifth grade science class.  But the next paragraph provides an “aha!” moment to people following the global warming debates.

But what if the shape changes because of the rise of mountains or the accumulation of glacial ice? In this case, says Gold, the axis will shift to take account of the new distribution of mass. Slowly, the plastic earth will swell in the proper places to make itself a geoid again. When this process is complete, it will settle down with its North and South Poles in new places. Gold figures that modest crustal changes could make the earth turn 90° in less than 1,000,000 years, relocating its poles on its former equator.

When we look around for evidence of such enormous changes to earth’s weight distribution, we find a stellar example in Antarctica.  I could have linked any of thousands of sites for this, but, in the interest of balance, I go with a lefty site,

The vast East Antarctic Ice Sheet – a 2-mile-thick wasteland larger than Australia, drier than the Sahara and as cold as a Martian spring – increased in mass every year from 1992 to 2003 because of additional annual snowfall, an analysis of satellite radar measurements showed.

They determined that the icecap appeared to be thickening at the rate of 1.8 centimeters every year. The ice is thinning in West Antarctica and other regions of the continent.

So, how could that affect the earth’s attitude?   Let’s go back to Dr. Gold’s research from 1955:

According to one school of geology, something of the sort may have happened many times already. The shift of the poles would explain remains of tropical vegetation found near the present poles and signs of glaciation found in the present tropics. Another proof: the magnetic particles in many ancient rocks do not point toward the present magnetic poles

My guess is that someone keeps an out for changes in magnetic North.  The problem is that if such a shift is occurring, many irresponsible scientists will ignore it for fear of weakening their claims of human-caused global warming.  But such a shift could explain why, for a year now, Asia and North America are getting colder and northern Europe is getting warmer.