What You Think You Know About Establishment Candidates Is Probably Wrong

I see is all the time. Supporters of Establishment candidates complain that their opponents are establishment, too.

We saw it in the Missouri 2nd District.  We see in the GOP Presidential primary.  The last refuge of the Establishment’s candidates is to spread the pain of the Establishment label.

What many people don’t get is what the Establishment label actually means.  It’s time everyone understood this.

The Establishment’s candidate is the candidate the Establishment chooses for us

Got that?  Please repeat it.  Say it out loud.  Write it down if you have to.  Just don’t forget it.  If it helps, add an apostrophe-s to Establishment, as in “Mitt Romney is the Establishment’s candidate.”

Mr. Smith: Establishment's Candidate

Remember the Frank Capra movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington? Mr. Smith was the Establishment’s appointment to the US Senate.  (In that case, the Establishment chose the wrong guy for their own narrow interests.) Indeed, the Establishment’s candidate might be as un-establishment or anti-establishment as you can get.

Everyone who works with, for, on behalf of an established political party is part of the establishment. For that matter, anyone who votes in a primary in which he must choose a party’s ballot joins the establishment. Every candidate who runs as a Republican or as a Democrat is a member of the establishment. Libertarian candidate?  Libertarian establishment.

Simply running for a party’s nomination does not make one the Establishment’s candidate, though.  Nor does having been an office holder.  Or an appointee. The Establishment’s candidate one year can be the Establishment’s enemy in another election.

When people reject the Establishment’s candidates, they’re not rejecting party affiliation; they’re rejecting political elites telling them whom to vote for.

If you reject government telling you how to live, you should reject a Party telling you how to vote.

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What Makes Us Happy?

Marc, at Bad Catholic, rocks.obsessive_delusional%20_Obama[1]

In this post on Obama’s continuing jihad against Christianity, he answers a burning question: did human happiness exist before artificial contraception? 

Put another way, is chemical birth control a natural state of humanity?

Before you answer, read the post. Think about it. 

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How Conservatives Relate to Washington’s Continental Army

Did you know there is no federal holiday called Presidents Day? 


Today is Washington’s Birthday. As a posthumous birthday gift to our first president and commander-in-chief of the army that won our war for independence, I offer a simple wish: that the army of liberty formed in February 2009, known as “the Tea Party,” will resist the temptation to resign.

That’s a great word for what a lot of us feel these days: resignation.  And in that feeling, we mirror the feelings of Washington’s best officers

On February 18, 1779, Washington replied to Brigadier General John Glover’s letter of January 27. This was the famous winter at Valley Forge:

Excuse me Sir, if I hesitate to give my concurrence to the desire you express, of quitting the Army. I have too high an opinion of your value, as an Officer, to do any thing that may contribute to your relinquishing that Character. My earnest wish is, that you may continue in it.

Washington went on to tell Glover he was not alone in his feelings of resignation:

The spirit of resigning, which is now become almost epidemical, is truly painful and alarming. This spirit, prevailing among many of the best Officers, from various inducements, if persisted in, must deeply wound the common cause. You cannot but be convinced, the situation of the Army is such, that it can ill bear the loss of good Officers, and such would do well to consider how much they put to the hazard, by doing any thing to weaken the sinews of our contest, at so critical a time. I am persuaded, if these ideas were properly realized, they would endure great inconveniences and make great sacrifices, rather than withdraw their services.

What’s amazing to me is that Washington offered no sliver bullet.  He held out no ridiculous promises. He did not try to persuade the dispirited officers with some ROI promise.

Instead, he simply pleaded with them using very simple appeals to their character: our cause is just, our sacrifices deserve the full measure of our commitment, the men will follow your extraordinary leadership, and your country needs you now.

Before you resign, try attending the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party.  We may not have a figure as enormous as George Washington’s to inspire new confidence in our little army.  We can, though, reward Washington’s service and commitment to our country. 

We can refuse to be the generation that let the light of liberty go out.

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Obama’s Surging in the Polls; Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Don’t bother blaming it on poll questions designed to lead respondents.  Never mind that it’s a long way until the election. And stop whining about the White House fudging the numbers on unemployment.

The fact is that Obama’s surging at just the right time. His re-election chances are now above 50 percent. His intrade.com chances of winning are near 60 percent. And he’s raising more money than al of the Republican candidates combined.


Here’s everything you need to know.

Republicans Advertise; Democrats Market:  For decades, conservatives have held marketers in disdain.  They’ve done the same for the fields that support marketing: creative writing, acting, music, art, education, soft sciences, and entertainment.  As a result, fewer and fewer casual voters feel emotionally connected to Republicans.

Unless the GOP figures out how to stop shouting and start connecting, they’ll take a drubbing in November.

Team Obama Will Do Anything to Win: Of course they’ll cheat and break the law. They pretty much tell us so.  That can also work against them. To turn the tide, though, Republicans have to show the cheating, not whine about it.

When Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear, everyone became a Holyfield fan and turned against Tyson. Had Holyfield blamed the bite for every bad thing that happened thereafter, we’d have tired of him very quickly. And if we hadn’t seen the bite in slow motion, we’d never have believed him.

Be patient. Record everything. Show, don’t tell people.  People will the do the right thing.

Commitment Kills Apathy:  (Yes, I’m sort of in this boat myself. Sort of.)  Casual voters take their cues on whom to support from the passionate politics wonks they know. If you’re one of the wonks and you’re showing apathy, you’re sending a strong signal to the causals.  You’re saying, in effect, “Go ahead and vote for Obama; we’ll try again in 2016.”

Two problems with this approach:  first, if your party isn’t ready to field a viable candidate for President every four years, your party should probably disband.  Second, if we give Obama another 4 years, there might not be an election as we know them in 2016.

If you’re still not committed and you’re still not enthused, then buy a ticket for the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party anyway.  Maybe someone there will inspire you.

Of course, you can always just give up and blame someone else.  That’s becoming the new American way.

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The Romans Had Nothing on Us | *Video*

Do you know the most persecuted religious group on earth?

History speaks of the massive Roman persecution of Christians. The catacombs of Rome, housing the remains of thousands of Christian martyrs, tell us the story and give voice to the dead.

But the Romans had nothing on we moderns when it comes to persecuting Christians. Today, Christians are the most persecuted religious group on the planet. And the problem grows worse every day.

Only a blind fool would call the United States a Christian nation. We have become a nation of secular humanists,and our official government policy is the gradual elimination of religion. Christianity first.

Before you give money to save the rain forests or the whales, consider doing something to save the world’s most endangered species: the Christian human.

What this:

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The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

–Albert Einstein

It’s easy to blame the subject for our apathy.  The candidates are uninspiring; the colors are dull; the task is boring.

Blaming the subject is easy because it relieves us, the objects, of any responsibility.  “I can’t make Romney less WASPy.”  “It’s not my fault that the issues don’t interest me.”

Of course, there’s another way to look at things.  We can ask what we can do, what we can make possible. We can stop worrying about the subject and start worrying about the object. 

If you’d like to motivate and educate your object, you can start at the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party next weekend.

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10 Days Until 3rd Anniversary Tea Party

Are you armed with tickets?

If not, get them today.

Here’s the details:

Join St. Louis Tea Party Coalition’s 3rd Anniversary Tea Party Weekend

It’s time to prepare for the new Tea Party Revolution. 2012 will be the most important election of our lifetime. We must make sure we are doing everything we can to stop this Administration. Join us February 24th and 25th to learn the MUST know for this election cycle.
This will be two days of speakers, activist training and a complete, end-to-end, mock caucus. This isthe absolute cannot miss event of the season.
Check out the details of this exciting event:
Friday Night: Doors Open 6:30
Dr. Schweikart 7:00, “7 Events That Made America America”
Heavy Hors D’oeuvres plus drink ticket included.
Mingle, meet Dr. Schweikart and enjoy a cash bar and music after the presentation.
Enjoy “7 Events That Made America America” presented by the author and former rocker, Dr. Larry Schweikart. Dr. Schweikart will take us through 7 lessor known events in American history that made this country great.
Early Bird Special: First 50 tickets include DVD of Dr. Schweikart’s documentary Rockin’ the Wall.
To the real work all day Saturday.
Saturday: Doors open 7:30, training starts at 8:30
This is a Super Training Event-start with an end goal and an empty action plan, then spend the day filling it out. We will put you to work doing the things that need doing to get out the vote in November. Bring your favorite technology-you’ll need it!
We will also have favorite St. Louis speaker Bill Federer for our lunch keynote! Bill will entrance you with his knowledge of history and religion. He is one of the most in demand speakers in St. Louis and across the nation.
Our training offering includes several activist tracts-from the beginning to the advanced-you will not be disappointed. We will not only give you the training but we are going to put you to work that day.

Jim Hoft, the GatewayPundit will lead our advanced blogging class, “Take your blog to the next level”
If you want to learn to use Twitter, you will begin using it immediately and you will develop an effective action plan for using it through November to drive opinion.
If you have always wanted to blog-you will start a blog, learn basic design and find out how build your following.
If you want to become a Precinct Captain and learn how to effectively knock on doors and influence voters-you will learn everything you need to know now.
Plus a full Mock Caucus from beginning to end so you are prepared to influence the Caucus process in March.
These are just a few examples of the things we will teach you in one very intense day of activist training.
Breakfast and lunch are included.
It’s been 3 years since we all met for the first time on the steps of the Arch. We’ve become a major force in politics, and perhaps the most powerful faction in the Republican party. This weekend is all about winning! Friday night is fascinating evening with one of America’s foremost historians, Dr. Larry Schweikart. Saturday you get a full day of serious activist training plus breakfast and lunch, amazing speakers and trainers. This final push toward the election is what our movement is all about. Join us. If you can’t join us, please consider sponsoring someone else.
When & Where
Crowne Plaza Hotel–Clayton, MO 7750 Carondolet Ave Clayton, MO 63105

Friday, February 24, 2012 at 6:30 PM (CT)

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How You Can Save Religious Freedom in America

When Barack Obama declared that Catholics must either violate their consciences or face government persecution, he wasn’t going after just Catholics.  Nor was he promoting healthcare.

Barack Obama and his myrmidon Kathleen Sebelius tried to erase the First Amendment.  They tried to erase religious freedom.  They tried to take away yet another foundational liberty that made America America.

And they will try again!

Unless you stop them.

But how are you going to stop them alone? 

Well, you are not alone.

On February 24 and 25, you can meet your army and get your training.  You can become a soldier in the war for religious and economic freedom. 

The 3rd Anniversary Tea Party weekend is boot camp for the battle of 2012.  For just $65 for the entire weekend—meals included—you can arm yourself with the latest in political warfare.

Can’t make it both days?  Tickets are available for Friday evening or Saturday, too.

But please sign up now.  We need to know how many soldiers are willing to launch this battle.

If you cannot attend, sponsor someone else to take your place.

Please pray for our mission whether you attend or not.  We need God’s help above all else.

Obama showed us just how far he’s willing to go to eradicate, or at least subdue, religion from the United States. He’s willing to go further. Given another four years and the mandate of re-election, Obama’s change will extinguish hope.

 This is our crusade.  This is our battle. This our prayer.  That we may remain free to worship and live, to work and pray as we think best in pursuit of happiness and a good society.

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