You Can Reclaim the 4th Amendment the 5th of August

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Listen to my short podcast about Missouri’s Constitutional Amendment, Amendment 9–the Electronic Data Protection Act.

And don’t forget to vote YES on Amendment 9. Restore the 4th Amendment.

You can read more about Amendment 9 on Ballotpedia.

And here’s the Missouri ACLU’s page on Amendment 9.

It Wasn’t Reagan’s 11th Commandment, and He Didn’t Obey It Anyway

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When a Republican invokes “Reagan’s Sacred and Holy and Inviolable Eleventh Commandment,” (in nomine Patris et Filii et Spritus Sancti, Amen), you can rest assured you’re witnessing a frightened establishment type trying get himself out of trouble.

It’s actually comical to watch these guys: shaking with rage, forcing one of those pained, contraindicative grins as they wag a hostile finger at a woman a quarter their size. “Thou shalt NOT speak ill of a fellow Republican!” they declare. “Reagan, chapter 19 verse 66.”

Frightened. Establishment.

And ignorant. (Not to mention ill-mannered, about which more in due course.)

Every student of 20th century American politics knows, for instance, that Reagan never claimed the 11th commandment. While Reagan mentioned the Commandment in his 1966 campaign for governor, he attributed it then and later to Gaylord Parkinson, former chairman of the California GOP.

Moreover—and I love Reagan, so this hurts a little—while Reagan claimed he obeyed it, he didn’t.

Another lesson from 20th century American politics 101: Reagan challenged the sitting Republican US President, Gerald Ford, in 1976. He took his campaign right into the Republican National Convention that year, damaging Ford’s chances of re-election in November. Is any speech more ill than declaring, by your candidacy, that the Republican in office is unfit for the job?

Reagan also mounted a late “favorite son” campaign against Nixon in 1968. Again, not exactly a ringing endorsement of the sitting Vice President.

And Reagan wasn’t the only conservative hero to challenge his own party. William F. Buckley ran for mayor of New York City as a Conservative against Republican John Lindsay in an attempt to throw the election to the Democrat. Buckley later ended Republican Lowell Weicker’s career in the US Senate by forming “Buck-PAC” to support the Democrat nominee Joseph Lieberman. (I am still proud of the $25 I sent to Buck-PAC at a time when I couldn’t even afford a cigarette pack at the Navy Commissary.)

And what about Winston Churchill? I know, he wasn’t a Republican—or an American for that matter—but he abandoned the Tories and joined the Liberals in 1904 for what Jefferson might have termed “light and transient causes.” He didn’t return to the Conservatives until the 1920s. (My internet is down right now, so if some of these details are wrong, please correct them in the comments below.)

I’ve observed that people tend to invoke the 11th commandment to avoid due censure. For example, failing to RSVP for a Republican Picnic, then showing up with 15 mouths to feed. (I’m looking at you, Rick Stream.)

Let’s admit that Reagan’s use of Gaylord Parkinson’s 11th Commandment was—politically convenient. And let’s create a new 12th commandment: If you don’t RSVP, don’t friggin’ eat.

We Interrupt This World War For a Democratic Fundraiser

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“What, me worry?”

Russian troops or Russian proxies murdered 293 people, today, including 23 Americans by many reports.

Israel was forced to invade Gaza to destroy tunnels Hamas uses to invade Israel and murder children.

The world teeters on the brink of all-out war.

But the President refused to cancel partisan fundraising efforts tonight.

Via The Blaze:

At 2:25 p.m., the White House press office e-mailed a response to an inquiry from TheBlaze, “No scheduling changes to be reported at this time.”

Again, numerous reports say 23 Americans were on Malaysian Airlines Flight 17’s manifest. There were no survivors. Since Obama raised about $32,000 each from 30 donors, the fundraiser generated about $41,000 for each American killed. Mission accomplished!

Barack Obama is beneath contempt, and any defense of his actions and failures as President deserve the sort of pity normal felt for the ignorance of animals.


Ashcroft Passes on Opportunity to Deny Medicaid Expansion Fix

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Last week, I wrote about the Missouri Republican Establishment’s plan to win a windfall for lobbyist Kit Bond via Senate candidate Jay Ashcroft. Not that the Establishment cares about Bond, but they want Medicaid expansion passed before they beg for money for 2016 from the Missouri Hospital Association and Chamber of Commerce.

Well, the St. Louis Post Dispatch asked Ashcroft about the deal, and he couldn’t quite bring himself to deny that he would pass Medicaid expansion if elected.

Noting Bond’s lobbying role, Tea Party leader Bill Hennessy alleged in a recent column that Ashcroft has already committed “to help push Obamacare in the Missouri Senate.”

Ashcroft laughed at that accusation.

“I haven’t agreed to anything with regard to Medicaid expansion,” he said.

If helping people get quality medical care is the goal, “Medicaid expansion is one way to do that, and I’m open to talking about that. But I’m afraid we’re focusing on one of the potential solutions instead of saying, ‘Here’s the problem, what are the whole myriad of solutions we could use?’”

So a Medicaid deal is still in play, Jay?

For the record, none of the Missouri US Congress Republicans who attended a fundraiser for Ashcroft have denied Kit Bond’s influence in the event. Or on Ashcroft’s last-minute decision to run.

I understand it will be difficult to fill John Lamping’s shoes, but evading questions about backroom deals on Obamacare is a step in the wrong direction for Ashcroft.

Francis Slay Destroys the Transportation Sales Tax Trying to Support It **UPDATE**

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Doesn’t it suck when Jay Nixon and Francis Slay get on opposite sides of an issue?

Where do we go?

They’re on opposite sides of Amendment 7, the largest tax increase in Missouri history. And you need to choose a side before August 5, because the ball’s in the voters’ court.

But there’s no need to fear; Hennessy is here. And I heard Francis the talking Mayor on KMOX this morning (or maybe it was yesterday) talking about how much he loves, Loves, LOVES the 3/4 cent sales tax increase theoretically for transportation.

Note the keywords: theoretically and transportation. Not roads, highways, bridges, and infrastructure. In fact, taxes raised by a $480 million per year sales tax increase could go to anything–anything at all. And that’s why Mayor Slay loves, Loves, LOVES Amendment 7.

And it’s also why St. Louis Tea Party’s eyes and ears in Jefferson City (and our favorite St. Louis Police Sergeant) Gary Wiegert has organized a Stop 7 Sign Wave, about which more in due course.

First, Hizzanuh on Amendment 7, straight from the Mayor’s blog:

Amendment 7 is a breakthrough for urban transportation policy in Missouri. For the first time ever, the state would support major funding not just for highways and bridges but also for special transportation needs and opportunities in cities like ours.

If Slay had stopped there, we still wouldn’t know how he’d squander spend those $480 million. But he wasn’t finished.

A ‘Yes’ vote would make state funding available for large-scale mass transit, pedestrian, cycling, greenways, access for the disabled, and “complete streets” projects in neighborhoods throughout the City of St. Louis.

Ah, greenways. More grass for the city to maintain at $10,312 per acre (as opposed to the county’s $2191 per acre) (H/T Rex Sinquefield and Jen Bird). NextSTL obtain the whole list of stuff the city plans to build with your sales tax dollars. As far as I can tell, none of the city’s plans will get you from Wildwood to Scottrade and back any faster or safer. But if you like biking through city parks on a Saturday, well, there a $100 million in it for you.

Nothing the city plans will make roads wider, safer, or stronger. No crumbling bridges will be replaced. But Slay’s union boss buddies will get a big payout, and so will left-leaning construction millionaires.

Amendment 7 is a scam.

Mike Lee and Tom Graves Already Solved This Problem

Luckily, there’s good news on transportation. We can upgrade the interstates, improve the bridges, widen the lanes. Hell, we might even get some Kramer lanes in Missouri–if only our Congressional delegation would get behind the Transportation Empowerment Act.

I’ve blogged about the TEA (like that acronym?) before, and I like it better now. Senator Mike Lee and Congressman Tom Graves originated this bill that would allow states to keep the federal gasoline tax generated in each state. That money would be allocated by the legislature and MODOT where we need it, with no federal strings attached. And Mayor Slay would have to fight dollars against the rest of the state.

And Ronald Reagan supports TEA!

Rally on Thursday

Now that we’re clear on the downs and downs of Amendment 7, here’s your chance to fight it.

Gary Wiegert has organized a Stop 7 Sign Wave. It’s Thursday, July 17 from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm on Olive Blvd. from Lindbergh west. Kenny Newhouse will have the signs at the intersection. DO NOT STAND IN MEDIAN. If you can get there. people do.

Update: A concerned taxpayer sent in this evidence of MoDOT using tax
dollars to beg for more tax dollars:

Thanks, Ed.