RIP, Andrew Breitbart **UPDATE**
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Business Insider has picked up a Big Journalism story that Andrew Breitbart died last night.  (Big Journalism is one of Breitbart’s web sites.)

If this is true, then we’ve lost a gallant warrior in the battle to preserve and advance freedom and liberty.

Of course, the lefties will flood the internet with hate and bile.  So maybe the obit is a plot to draw the lefties out and reveal them for who and what they really are. I hope it’s that.

**UPDATE: 8:58 am Central** Ben Howe tweets that he has independent confirmation.  As has Daily Caller, via LA Coroner’s office


Last time I was in Andrew’s company was last June?  He was in St. Louis for Smart Girls Politics convention with his son. Had drinks at Mike Shannon’s after the event.  Andrew was excited (as he always is) that I might be spending lots of time in LA county. (Or maybe he was just being polite.  Either way, his enthusiasm made me feel good.)

I keep thinking “irreplaceable.”  That’s because Andrew’s flaws were as vital as his strengths.  The fact that he never took himself seriously enough, that he picked fights that didn’t need to be picked, and that he continued fight them after they were already decided.

Were those flaws? Or did Andrew just have tougher guts and stronger instincts than the rest of us?

He designed (in the broader sense of the word) Huffington Post. With that,, and the Bigs, he transformed the internet and, thereby, politics.  He withstood campaigns of lies orchestrated in the Obama White House and executed by CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post, and Media Matters.

Andrew was something of the figure I’d hoped to become growing up: the next William F. Buckley.  What I mean by that is he defined movement conservatism for  generation.

But his reign was aborted.  So soon. So, so too soon.

I pray for his soul, for his family, and for our country.  We’ve lost a general in the war for liberty.  Each of us, now must carry a heavier load.


Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let the perpetual light shine on him. May he rest in peace. And may God have mercy on us all.

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Changes at Hennessy’s View
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Looks different, doesn’t it?

After hosting my own web sites forever, I’m trying to simplify my server admin life. I’m moving Hennessy’s View to another service from my own servers.

The difference you should see is the theme.  (I’m tired of the minimalism.) Also, some archives from before 2010 might be missing for a while. They’ll catch up soon enough.


**UPDATE** In addition to the changes above, a couple of comments posted during the upgrade have been lost.  I apologize for that.  If your comment is missing, please repeat it.  Otherwise, I’ll try to recover them tonight.

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America’s Economic Freedom Is Collapsing. Here’s What You Need To Know | Video
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Yesterday, I blogged about freedom envy—the feeling Americans get when they look at countries where the people get freer every day.

Today, thanks to Economic Freedom blog, we have a great video to introduce the idea  of economic freedom.

Does that sound silly?  I mean, aren’t Americans born with an understanding of economic freedom?  And craving to preserve it?

Yes, we are.

But our schools, entertainment, press, and, above all, GOVERNMENT beats economic freedom out of us by the time we’re 14 years old.

It’s time to beat schools, entertainment, the press, and government into submission.  (Yes, I really typed that, you lefty pansies!)

You wanna fight back against the tyrants?  Then watch this video and follow the directions.

America is about to drop out of the top 10 nations in economic freedom.  And we invented the practice of economic freedom, by God!

Leave a comment.

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Why Not an Annual Celebration of Freedom?
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The first entry in National Review’s “The Week” from sometime around 1990 listed ten or so former Soviet bloc countries that recently had shed the yoke of communist repression. And it made a simple statement:

“It must be nice to live in a country where you get freer every day.”

Kariem HaqqI thought of this while talking about the 13th Amendment Freedom Week with its evangelist-in-chief Kariem Haqq at St. Louis Tea Party Coalition’s 3rd Anniversary Tea Party.

The idea behind the 13th Amendment Freedom Week is simple and profound: let’s celebrate the event that delivered America’s promise to everyone by celebrating ratification of the 13th Amendment.  In the process, we can begin to move many African-Americans away from victimization and toward a fuller appreciation of the blessings of liberty.

In the Introduction to The 13th Amendment Freedom Week Manual, Mr. Haqq writes:

This endeavor is also being undertaken to help black people in America see and understand their history in a clearer and more positive perspective. It represents a different perspective than just simply the negative, horrific, and traumatizing experiences that are presented to the world, which seems to be the norm rather than the exception.  Presenting black history in this light, without the appropriate balance of the good that that many (black and white) individuals contributes to black people’s freedom and advancement by sacrifice and death is to risk developing and perpetuating a defeatist “victimization complex,” full of anger, hatred, and revenge.

Mr. Haqq’s initiative would make the first week of December, 13th Amendment Freedom Week. Each year,13Amendment Americans would reflect on a different aspect of freedom and liberty in light of the 13th Amendment, which freed the slaves and signaled the high water mark of liberty in America.

Here’s how Freedom Week goes:

Day One:  Abolitionists Day. Celebrates the heroes, black and white, who worked to end the sin of slavery in America

Day Two: Forms of Government: Takes time to remind ourselves that a democratic-republic is the worst form of government . . . except for all the others.

Day Three: Economics Systems: Reflects on the immense freedom offered by our traditional free market system and reminds of the horrors that await us should we continue down the path to economic slavery of communism, fascism, or socialism.

Day Four: U.S. Constitution and other Documents. Educates about the power of a document that limits the power of government to those permitted by a free people.

Day Five: Genealogy and Awards:  Activities to discover our personal place in history and how liberty has blessed us and our family.

Day Six: Celebrations:  Celebrates freedom and liberty. You’ve heard of Christmas in July? This is like 4th of July in December.  (Who doesn’t love fireworks?)

Day Seven: Guiding Principles for Reflection and Contemplation: Thanks to God for giving us our freedom, and prayers that we can keep it.

Quite honestly, this is about the best idea I’ve heard of in a long time. I’d love to help promote Freedom Week, beginning in December 2012.

I think Mr. Haqq is right. The civil rights industry and the public education system have prepared blacks to be helpless victims, intellectually denying them the freedoms fought and earned for all Americans through the centuries.

Meanwhile, too many whites avoid race altogether. We expect blacks (and others) adopt our appreciation for America’s freedom history without bothering to put that history into a context and perspective that transcends decades of leftist propaganda and brainwashing.

Mr. Haqq understands this.

[T]hey [whites] did not want to offend one another by telling the truth, or to do anything for the benefit of black people understanding their own positive role in history.

From our founding to the 13th Amendment we were getting freer every day. Since then, we’ve lost more and more power to a despotic government in Washington. This gradual enslavement damages blacks and whites alike. Could Freedom Week unite Americans to re-assert our God-given liberty? Don’t those who understand the joy of liberty have a morally duty to share the wonders that liberty? If so, aren’t we further obliged to be relentless in our search for words and activities that allow our message to be received?

What do you think? Should St. Louis Tea Party Coalition make The 13th Amendment Freedom Week a major push following the election?

I really want to hear your thoughts on 13th Amendment Freedom Week in the comments below.

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3rd Anniversary Tea Party: Thank You!
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The 3rd Anniversary Tea Party rocked . . . because of the great patriot-activists who have decided it’s time to act and win.

3rd Anniversary Tea Party--Mike Leahy Keynote

Although Dr. Larry Schweikart couldn’t make it (because of the Chicago snow storm), Friday’s event was better than planned or expected.  Tea Party champion Michael Patrick Leahy jumped into fill a last-minute void, and the crowd loved it.

I had the the pleasure of reading and advanced copy of Mike Leahy’s new book, Covenant of Liberty: The Ideological Origins of the Tea Party Movement in December. It blew me away. (I’ll publish a review shortly.)

Mike’s interaction with the crowd, via Skype, lasted an hour. The conversation showcased the intelligence, integrity, and commitment of both Michael Patrick Leahy and the St. Louis Tea Partiers who attended the event.

But the star of the show on Friday might have been the food. Boaz Steiner, one of our hardest working freedom Boaz Steiner's Banquet at 3rd Anniversary Tea Partyfighters, prepared a remarkable banquet of hors d’oeuvres.  From mounds of gigantic shrimp to stuffed peppers to chicken tenders, cheese trays, veggie platters, Crab Rangoon . . . I can’t even name it all.  It was fabulous. The Crowne Plaza in Clayton should be your first choice for lodging, banquets, and conferences in the St. Louis area.

Saturday began at 7:30 (yes, that’s really early). Again, a fabulous hot breakfast led off.  The eight sessions, plus Bill Federer’s lunchtime keynote address on 6,000 years of human history, earned praise for Michelle Moore’s planning and logistics.

Darin Morley at 3rd Anniversary Tea PartySo did the hard work of Donna and Kathy, two of our most dedicated workers. These ladies handled the front desk of the event perfectly.  Professional event staffs I’ve worked with would be delighted with such great hospitality, efficiency, and cheerfulness.

Mr. Raz Shafer, who left it all on the field for Ed Martin’s 2010 Congressional race, returned to St. Louis to deliver more 3 hours of training on campaigning, social media, and countering leftist tactics. Big thanks to American Majority Action and to Raz for giving up a weekend to help us.

Thanks also to Ruth Carlson of Eagle Forum for her extensive training on how to caucus in Missouri.  And to Darin Morley who educated us on Social Media in two wildly popular sessions.  Mrs. Frieda Keogh of Missouri Precinct Project (MOPP) taught us about MOPP and bringing new  conservative voters out for the 2012 election.


My personal thanks to Michelle Moore, Ben Evans, Jonathon Burns, “NRA” Ed, Donna and Kathy, Boaz, Raz, Bill Federer, Michael Patrick Leahy, and everyone who put in countless hours to pull this thing off. It was way more successful than I expected. And it lays the groundwork for victory in 2012. As Mike Leahy says, we will “drag the candidates across the finish line” in November.

Mostly, though, thanks to you who attended. You have rejected apathy and embraced responsibility for liberty—liberty for you, me, and everyone.

In the end, we completed over 500 training hours in addition to Friday’s great conversation between St. Louis Tea Party Coalition folks and Michael Patrick Leahy.

What I heard most of all, loudest, and clearest was this: “we’ve needed something like this for a long time, and we need to do more of it.”

Stand by.

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Just because it’s after 10:00 am, doesn’t mean you can’t come to the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party.

No, we didn’t come up with a policy for people who arrive late to the feast. We will find a way to get you involved that’s fair to everyone.

Grab your laptop or your mobile device, if you have one, get in your car, and drive to the Crowne Plaza in Clayton.  Ask for the Tea Party.

Your country needs you.

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Time’s Up!
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The 3rd Anniversary Tea Party begins tonight at 6:30 at the Crowne Plaza in Clayton. 

You can make a difference. But not alone.  If you join forces with just three other people, you’ll triple your influence.

Show up.  Bring two friends.  Leave with a company a soldiers for the America’s liberation.

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Why Attend the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party
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Yes, I’ve written about little else. The 3rd Anniversary Tea Party is something of an obsession with me. And for good reasons:

But there’s a much bigger reason you—you, the person reading this  blog—should attend the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party. 

That reason is personal, powerful, and acute.

That reason is this:You cannot live with yourself if Obama wins and you failed to do everything in your power to stop him.

With your attendance at the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party assure Obama’s defeat?  No.

Will your failure to attend guarantee his re-election? No.

But by actively participating in the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party, then following through on the things you learned, you can make a big difference.  You might make THE difference. 

Or your apathy might make a difference of another kind.

And I know you can’t live with that.

I don’t want anyone waking up the day after the election and saying, “I should have done more.”

That’s why I’m asking you to attend the 3rd Anniversary Tea Party. 

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