Obama Is a Commie–or next to it

I am disheartened that James Joyner continues to find more fault with conservatives’ reasons and methods for attacking a socialist than with the socialist himself.

In the growing debate over a Che Guevara Cuban flag proudly adorning the wall of Barack Obama’s headquarters in Houston, Texas, Joyner comes galloping to Obama’s defense, ignoring the mounting evidence that Obama is as every bit as much a threat to capitalism as is Hugo Chavez.

To be fair, Joyner may not understand the depths of the Obama’s passion for collectivism. With the wave of the hand, wrongly dismisses any connection between Obama and Communism:

The “loyalty oath” goes to the whole notion — implied by Johnson and others quoted above — that Obama is under some obligation to declare that he’s anti-Communist and pro-American. Neither of those should be in doubt.

Oh, really? Consider the news I learned today at The Gateway Pundit:

Socialist (Democratic) Senators Obama and Sherrod Brown are proposing legislation that forces companies to unionize to gain tax credits!

Threatened denial of tax benefits is a form of coercion only governments can perpetrate. And the kinds of governments that force collectivization are typically communist governments. It’s very short step to conclude, then, that men like Obama, who use the power of government to collectivize the workforce, are communists or socialists.

So I can safely go beyond the implied call for a loyalty oath that Joyner attributes to a bevy of conservative bloggers; I reject Barack Obama’s claims of patriotism and capitalism. I believe he is philosophical closer to Che than to Jefferson, Madison, or Monroe. Or Reagan, for that matter.

Joyner must be a very lenient boss. He believes that candidates for President of the United States should ignore the symbols associated with their campaigns.

But, surely, Obama doesn’t need to publicly weigh in on the decorating choices of every low level staffer?

Well, James, what if a low level staffer at the Atlantic Council of the United States chose to decorate her office with KKK signage? Would you object? Would your organization find lots of free publicity on the evening news? You’d hear Al Sharpton rhyming in your sleep!

I’m not trying to beat up on Joyner–he has credentials in this field far superior to mine. But I think he underestimates the significance of organic symbolism.

As conservatives, we tend to mock the symbolism so emblematic of the left. We relate to ‘Seinfeld’s’ Kramer who refused to wear the AIDS awareness ribbon in an AIDS awareness parade and was beaten up for his obstinacy. We see “I care” symbolism as a substitute for action, as in “Save the Earth” stickers on 1971 Chevy Impalas with V-8s and no catalytic converters.

But organic symbolism–that which swells from our passion–tells us far more about people than the things they say. A flag of Cuba with Che’s image on it tells us that the woman who hung it idolizes communists who savagely kill women and children in pursuit of the collectivist state. That the flag hangs in an Obama office tells us that those closest to his campaign believe Obama can deliver to the US what Che delivered to Cuba.

James Joyner is concerned at the vociferousness of the conservative vanguard. The Che thing represents Joyner’s second fight with the right in less than a week. Previously, conservatives jumped him for his attacks on Jonah Goldberg and others. I am concerned that James is fighting the wrong enemy. We who prefer capitalism over communism, the individual over the collective, freedom over slavery, and good over evil wish James would open his eyes and help fight the good fight.

Archbishop of Canterbury Can’t Bury His Words

Last week, Rowan Williams, the idiot who presides over the Anglican church, made comments on the radio that his country should adopt Islamic law.   Today’s Washington Post reports that Williams sticks by his sentiments in favor of the abolition of freedom and Christianity, but like so many spineless weasels in today’s public eye, Williams says he’d made a “misleading choice of words.” 

A man stupid enough to emit such utterances could not possibly benefit from my attacks: his stupidity is beyond human reach. 

He might, however, solve many problems by returning to the Mother Church and leaving behind childish things like Anglicanism and Islam.

Worse for us, a President Obama would give Williams cheer by adopting the Sharia law in our country.

Michelle Malkin has much more, including Williams’s past verbal atrocities.

Chapter 11 for Clinton Inc.

The New York Times on Tuesday will carry story describing the Hillary Clinton campaign as a death-watch (h/t Drudge).

It’s worth noting that on January 7, I wrote the Kerry campaign obituary prematurely. 

Still, the problems Hillary faces are of the sort that spells doom to candidates, either in their nomination quest or, later, in the general election.  Shuffling top staff, borrowing money from the candidate, asking staff to work without pay are all symptoms of a campaign in deep trouble.  Ed Muskie went through such turmoil in the 1972, losing to the dark-horse George McGovern.   Ford won the GOP nomination over Ronald Reagan in 1976, but his campaign was in tatters by the convention and he hobbled to a defeat in November.  More recently, Mitt Romney faced money issues that led him to pull advertising in the South; he was out a week later.

The telling sentance in the NYT piece comes from a Super Delegate who’s pledged for Hillary:

“She has to win both Ohio and Texas comfortably, or she’s out,” said one superdelegate who has endorsed Mrs. Clinton, and who spoke on condition of anonymity to share a candid assessment. “The campaign is starting to come to terms with that.”

Don’t count on a Texas landslide.

If Hillary folds after the March 4 round of primaries, the dynamics of the race will change dramatically. Without a brokered convention to draw viewers to the convention, Obama will miss some valuable free advertising.  But Obama has an easy road ahead.  He’ll be running against a Republican candidate that many Republicans, particularly the base, don’t like. 

My prediction?  We’ll get to find out what a second Carter term would have been like.

Hitler’s Diary

Imagine the affect on Allied troop morale, planning, and espionage had US troops found Hitler’s diary during the Normandy invasion.

Something close, in the strategic sense, happened recently in Iraq. US fighters seized the diary of an al Qaeda in Iraq leader. The journal provides our side with names of terrorists, descriptions of their tactics, evidence of their atrocities, and catalogs of their weapons.

Just as important, though, the book proves that we are winning and the terrorists are losing.

Abu Tariq, a probably pseudonym, writes extensively on the Iraqi natives who have turned on al Qaeda to join forces with the US and her allies. From the Washington Post:

In another entry, Abu Tariq listed the names of some tribesmen who had remained loyal to al-Qaeda in Iraq, noting that “there are very few tribe members who stood by us.” He boasted that 16 of his fighters had raided the houses of Awakening fighters, “killing and injuring a lot of them” and burning some of their vehicles, “which affected their morale and resources tremendously.” [source]

The guy clearly enjoys killing, the way others might enjoy a good steak or a beer.

The Washington Post story seems downcast, as if the author were recounting the demise of his heroes:

He also provided detailed information about five battalions of fighters, all weakened by desertions or dismantled.

I’m a bit surprised that WaPo carried the story. The major media have ignored good news from Iraq for months. The diary story confirms what we have been saying along: the fight is going well, and American victory is at hand.

Hang in there, Americans.

Public Ponderings has an enjoyable “translation” of Abu Tariq’s diary.  Amy Proctor’s headline is the one I wish I’d written: “Recruitment/Retention in Iraq Down for Al Qaeda.”

Teach A Liberal to Love

I just sent a copy of “Hard Corps: From Gangster to Marine Hero” to Berkeley, California, Mayor Tom Bates. After all the anger directed at Berkeley after its city council voted to declare our great Marines persona non grata, I figured, “Maybe these people are just ignorant.”

So I’m teaching the mayor to read, and what. If you’d like to educate other members of the council, find their names and addresses here.

Also, Black Five reports that two Berkeley council members have introduced a bill to rescind the letter to the Marines that started the fight. Good for them. Your pressure worked!

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The Joy of Family

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of attending an aunt and uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary. A foot of snow reflected brilliant white sunlight on a sixty-degree day that seemed more like Colorado than Missouri. But our location was obvious by the unmistakable eagles-in-As adorning every fixture at the Anheuser-Busch Center in southwest St. Louis County.

I cherish every Hennessy family get-together, but this one was special. There was no funeral parlor to visit, no Rosary at 10:00 p.m., no lights-on procession. This was all joy. We skipped straight to the party.

My dad’s eldest sister’s wonderful daughter Carol and her delightful husband Ed made it in from New York. They were like a personal gift from God to me, making a good day great. Carol regaled us with the evils of Hillary, the challenges conservative New Yorkers face, her irresistible happiness infecting the room faster than light. Ed’s banter, jokes, and wit left my laugh muscles sore. Ed’s had some amazing jobs, and his stories around the fire pit in Cousin Bob’s backyard demanded gratitude from those of us who’ve benefited from his dedication to our country.

Makes me wonder about life: why do people who could so enjoy daily communion scatter sixteen hundred miles apart?

Ah, but our just work is ultimately God’s work, and His work is needed in New York as well as St. Louis. While I am unfit, and others toil toward His ends here, in the northeast, Carol and Ed carry out their duties with aplomb. It’s my duty to fill the lives of those around with me with the kind of joy Ed and Carol brought to St. Louis this weekend.

Carol and Ed, Dominus vobiscum!

Why Vote Republican?

If John McCain (or Huckster) is the Republican nominee, why would anyone, other than GOP loyalists, vote Republican?

To paraphrase Harry Truman, if McCain (or Huckster) is the nominee, there won’t be a dime’s difference between the two parties. Given that, why not vote for the real deal in Hillary or Obama? McCain is an impostor.  (Related:  Michelle Malkin asks if  the GOP is lost.)

Ronald Reagan won because he was sooooooo different from the Democrats that conservative Democrats and independents exercised the freedom of political choice and crossed over to our side. Reagan won because he was a conservative. Gerald Ford, George Bush 41, and Bob Dole lost because they offered no real choice. And if the two candidates are close, vote for the one who’s in step with his own party.

The “Big Tent” Republicans were told to adopt in 1988 turns out to be nothing but a concentration camp for liberalism’s Final Solution of the conservative problem.

Blame Me—I didn’t vote

Not entirely my fault.

I planned to vote on my way home from work. I have a client-facing job, and I have to respond to production issues. Tonight’s issue lasted until 6:10. Then, either local flooding or a bad accident had a major road to my house closed. It took over 45 minutes to get through the detour. By that time, it was 7:00 p.m., and my polling place in Ellisville, Missouri, was closed.

I apologize to everyone.

I would have voted for Romney.


Dole: “McCain Can Win Even More States Than I Did”

Former Sentator and Republican nominee for President, Bob Dole, came to John McCain’s defense, today.  Taking umbrage at anti-McCain rhetoric from conservatives like Rush Limbaugh, Dole struck back, declaring McCain a superior candidate.  Here is the text of Dole’s message:

When Bob Dole ran for president, Bob Dole lost to an unpopular, scandal-ridden Democrat who had just lost both houses of Congress in an off-year Republican landslide.

Listen to Bob Dole:   Bob Dole was an establishment Republican.  He was a war hero.  He was a populist.  Bob Dole strong-armed Ronald Reagan into signing a tax increase only a year after Reagan pioneered a tax cut that save America’s economy.

Bob Dole carried nineteen states–that’s almost half of them.  Bob Dole ran on Democrat Party principles against a sitting Democrat president.  Bob Dole received nearly 41 percent of the of popular vote!

And Bob Dole is here to tell you that John McCain can do even better.

John McCain sponsored the greatest restriction in free speech since Vladimir Lenin created the re-education camps.  John McCain supports amnesty for illegals.  John McCain opposes all tax cuts and spending restraints.  John McCain is friends with Ted Kennedy.

America has too many choices.  The last thing we need is to choose between a real conservative and left-wing nut job from the Democrat party.  Bob Dole says the GOP should offer the American people a part-time conservative, liberal Republican, an establishment Republican in the mold of Nelson Rockefeller, John Dewey, and Gerald R. Ford.

Bob Dole says ‘Vote for McCain.’  Then we can sling mud at a Democrat president for the next four years, the way we like it.

For more, read  Protein Wisdom.

It's going to be okay