Just How Bad Would a Second Obama Term Be?

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If you believe that 92 percent of people need to have most aspect of their lives managed by experts, then a second Obama term will make you happy.


If, however, you believe in self-governance, that people are endowed by God and nature with the capacity and unalienable right to manage their own affairs, then a second Obama term will be a massive human rights violation.

Consider what the Obama administration has already brought us:

  • He has appointed bureaucrats to make your medical decisions
  • He has given himself the sole authority to strike down laws passed by Congress
  • He has taken upon himself the authority to create laws that Congress specifically refused to pass
  • He has deployed drones to spy on Americans without a warrant
  • He has denied private companies the permission to seek and recover fuel
  • He has encouraged violence against the hardest working Americans
  • He has encouraged illegal aliens to steal our things
  • He has disparaged the Constitution as “fundamental flawed document”
  • He has seized control of private companies
  • He has damaged America’s credit rating
  • He has exploited racial tension for his own advantage
  • He has undermined small business

So, how bad would a second Obama term be?  Frankly, I think it would end the United States of America has we know it.

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Time for Defiance, Resistance, and Resolve in Missouri

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At the Pachyderm Club’s national convention last year, I overheard a Republican Missouri State Representative talking about HB 609.  “It was the best bill I’ve ever been involved with,” she said. “Those people who just went nuts don’t know anything about insurance.”   


If you read my blog, you’re likely one of the “those people,” the ignorant masses who don’t understand the fineries of the legislative process.  You don’t appreciate how hard the insurance industry lobbyists worked with Jefferson City to craft a law that sold only a bit of you into slavery while ensuring the insurance companies remained profitable and your favorite Republican legislators had the money to campaign next year.

In 2011, the all-Republican Missouri legislature tried to give Obamacare a head start by creating a “mandated” health insurance exchange. Some popular Republican legislators were horrified that conservatives opposed the bill.  A handful of courageous state senators, led by Jane Cunningham,  blocked the legislation.

Now that John Roberts has blessed Obamacare, Missouri legislators will show renewed interest in creating the exchanges.  Supporters of the exchanges will talk about the “mandate.” They will say “law of the land” and “getting the best deal possible” and “we’re looking our for Missourians.”

They can blow out their gavels.

Any Republican who believes in federalism, who believes in the 9th and 10th Amendments, who believes the United States retains some sense of the plural, will stand his ground now, here. This is a hill worth dying on.

Any Republican who talks about cutting deals is a Republican who can find a new state to live in.  Politicians use the federal government to force upon their state a system rejected overwhelmingly by the people of their state; Statesmen stand and deliver.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will not capitulate:

"We’re not expanding Medicaid. We’re not implementing the health exchange. Instead we’re going to do everything we can to elect Mitt Romney to repeal this bad law and replace it," he told Fox News. [emphasis added]

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/07/03/gop-governors-stand-ground-against-obamacare-despite-ruling/#ixzz1zfaD6zjK

That’s the defiance we want from Missouri Republicans.  We want to see some spine in the House.  We want to see more of the courage we see in Jim Lembke, Brian Nieves, Brad Lager, Jason Crowell, Will Kraus, and Jane Cunningham.  (I apologize if I missed any State Senators who consistently fight for liberty and state sovereignty when there’s “better deals” to be made for themselves.)

What’s at stake is not a business deal—it’s about the existence of this republic.  To reduce the issue of state sovereignty to a question of dollars and sense or “best deals” is to profane our divine inheritance.  Some of us refuse to squander our God-given liberty.  We won’t cut deals. Our state office holders either rise to the occasion and join this fight for Missouri, or they will share John Roberts’s eternal shame.

The days of playing parlor games are over. It’s time for defiance, resistance, and resolve

Millennials About To Bite Obama’s Crap Sandwich . . . with Relish

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Sometimes the folks at Business Insider get fairly simple ideas ass backwards.  Take their Winners and Losers story on the Supreme Court’s Obamacare decision. It’s dead wrong about Millennials (born after 1982):

Young people can also count themselves winners in the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the Affordable Care Act, which allows children to stay on their parents’ insurance plan until their 26th birthday.
Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/winners-losers-affordable-care-act-supreme-court-obamacare-ruling-2012-6?op=1#ixzz1zP2AiaCO

[continued after image]


Here’s why: the massive tax increase that the Supreme Court upheld hits Millennials almost exclusively.  In fact, the tendency of young workers to skip health insurance and pocket the case is a major reason for the individual mandate.  According to Forbes:

Obamacare forces insurers to charge their eldest beneficiaries no more than 3 times what they charge their youngest ones: a policy known as “community rating.” This, despite the fact that these older beneficiaries typically have six times the health expenditures that younger people face. The net effect of this “community rating” provision is the redistribution of insurance costs from the old to the young.

And up to now, young people have paid very little for insurance—without a court-sanctioned penalty tax:

The young are just entering the work force, and therefore typically have below-average incomes. In addition, the young are healthy, and have much less use for expensive health insurance.

The BI writer erroneously assumes that all parents will keep their 21-26 year olds on their plan.  But many will not.  Many don’t.

That means that Obama’s massive crap sandwich tax increase will land on the backs of Millennials, who are already drowning in college debt and debt-end, low paying jobs.

Even with slow economic improvement in the past two years, these so-called “Millennials” remain unemployed and underemployed at the highest rates of any group.

Yet these Millennials famously worked their butts off to get Obama elected. They still favor Obamacare.  And irresponsible journalists like the one at Business Insider continue to tell them they won something in the Obamacare case.  Washington Times writer, Patrice Hill, documents a young man with a Master’s in graphic design, four years out of grad school, working the photo counter at a drug store for $9 an hour. Now, he’s forced to add health insurance to his expenses.

Millennials won, alright.  They won a crap sandwich from Uncle Obama.

Why I Am Skipping Independence Day This Year

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July 4th became my favorite holiday in 1981, replacing Christmas. Maybe it was a sign of my maturity.


It was also a sign of the times.  After a ten-year hiatus, patriotism was chic again, thanks to Ronald Reagan.  Here’s a few other things that made me fall in love with Independence Day:

  • Fireworks—who doesn’t love blowing stuff up?
  • Parties
  • VP Fair (tragically renamed to Fair St. Louis)
  • Girls in bikinis
  • Beer
  • Girls in bikinis
  • and no gift-giving

That’s right, no gifts.  By seventeen, I was already tiring of the glut of gift-giving holidays and all the burdens and guilt associated with them.

But The Fourth of July was freedom day.  Freedom and liberty and redwhiteandblue everywhere you looked.

This year, America has no freedom to celebrate—Americans, no independence.  Home of the free?  Hardly.  Canada is freer than than the USA. The government in Washington spies on our farmers with drones. You call that free? The government in Washington now decides which doctors you see and whether you’re worth treating.  Free my ass.

Nor is America, really, the home of the brave.  Brave peoples drive out cowards like John Roberts; they don’t elevate the rats to Supreme Court Chief Justice.  Sometime between 1981 and 2012, we lost much our national spine. We learned to fear everything from terrorism to weather to winning.  We became immune to glory and its associated risk.

We bartered away our freedom to experts in Washington. We gave away the most precious gift God and God’s nature granted us: sovereignty over our own lives.  If we are born kings of a nation of one, as Locke said, then we have voluntarily climbed the stairs of the Tower, shackled ourselves to the cold, stone deck, and asked only that someone feed us gruel and bread and provide a blanket and reality TV now and then.

Is every American a quivering blob of helpless fear?  No. But somehow the Dr. Zachary Smiths of the world run the show now.  I saw a few of the brave at Art Hill on Thursday, but their  numbers are dwindling. Most Americans fit Tocqueville’s horrifying prophecy, circa 1838:

After having thus successively taken each member of the community in its powerful grasp and fashioned him at will, the supreme power then extends its arm over the whole community. It covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.

I can no more celebrate the realization of that prophecy than I could celebrate a suicide. I’m going to work on July 4th this year. No parades, no bottle rockets, no parties. I can find no reason to celebrate the independence of a people who gave it back.

[For the flag-ettiquette idiots out there (aka progressives), the ensign flown upside-down is a nautical distress signal]

Here Is One Sign That Your Government Is Tyrannical

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We throw around big scary words like “tyranny” too much.  I’m guilty myself.  While we get a lot of attention with hyperbole, we’ll lose credibility over time.  Then when tyranny emerges, people will ignore our screams.

Like now.

Woman Pointing Gun 02

For years, Congress has used the tax code to motivate behavior.  Tax credits for insulated windows and electric cars are examples.  The home mortgage deduction is another. And tuition tax credits, dependent tax credits, etc.  These tax policies are designed to motivate behavior that the government considers valuable.

Psychologists call this practice positive feedback.  It’s considered an advanced, intelligent way to influence behavior.  Everyone who’s raised a child since Piaget and Skinner put down their pens knows that we’re supposed to reward and celebrate behaviors we like and ignore behaviors we don’t.

Barack Obama and the Democrats have returned to official administrative punishment, and that should scare the hell out of everyone.

The onerous penalty tax in Obamacare—identified and endorsed by the US Supreme Court—reversed 70 years of behavioral psychology.  Obama thinks of you as children.  Bad children in need of a spanking. Do as he says, or you’ll be punished.

When governments move from inducements for desired behavior to punishments for undesired, they move from benevolent to malevolent.  (Look it up.) Every dictator of the 20th century garnered support with inducements and solidified power with punishment and terror.

Buy health insurance, or suffer the consequences.

Buy a new GM, or suffer the consequences.

Paint your house purple, or suffer the consequences.

We can now say we live in a malevolent tyranny, established in 2009 by Barack Obama.

Let Depression Be Your Guide

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Yesterday, I gave you a reason to celebrate the Supreme Court’s decision.  But I never said to let go of your anger or depression. That’s because we need creativity, focus, and action, and you get those through emotional distress.


In his new best-selling book, Jonah Lehrer discusses the link between depression and creativity:

This helps explain why Forgas has found that states of sadness— he induces the downcast mood with a film about death and cancer— also correlate with better writing samples; subjects compose sentences that are clearer and more compelling. Because they were more attentive to what they were writing, they produced more refined prose, the words polished by their misery.

Lehrer, Jonah (2012-03-19). Imagine: How Creativity Works (p. 77). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Kindle Edition.

Wanna feel some depression? Think about this:  since July of 2009, we’ve been fighting against Obamacare. For almost a full year, we spent many hours every week in the streets trying to block Obama’s power grab.

After the Senate crammed through hastily written legislation in March 2010, we looked toward the Supreme Court as our next line defense.  When Richard Verilli, the government’s lawyer, failed miserably in his oral arguments in March, we felt a quiet confidence build inside our guts: Obamacare would be toast.

Then came June. Each Monday and Thursday we waited to hear the news. But the news didn’t come.  “Maybe next week,” we told each other.

On June 28, there was no calendar left before them; the court had to rule.  And it did.

CNN and Fox News both reported “The individual mandate is unconstitutional.”  They forgot to mention: “under the commerce clause.”

As Twitterdom celebrated, I watched the live blog on SCOTUSblog.com.  While others reported the mandate dead, SCOTUSblog posted: “The individual mandate survives as a tax.”

Even after I tweeted this news, hundreds of tweets in my stream continued to celebrate the greatly exaggerated death of the individual mandate.

“Those poor bastards,” I thought.

One by one, the word got out.  “Holy crap!”

To me, the shining city on a hill went dark.

Then I went about my work, ignoring the news for the rest of the day.

At 6:30 pm, I left the office.  I changed clothes in my car on the way to Forest Park.

Depression has a way of churning up weird sediment from the bottom of the mind.  Sweating the 107-degree sun and driving east on I-44, the inside of my car grew dark from the shadow of the I-270 overpass. I saw Ronald Reagan in bed, white sheets over him, his face contorted in agony.

“Where’s the rest of me?” he growled.

The remainder of the movie, Kings Row, played out in my mind.

I was looking for words to say at the rally, and I found them.

My mood lifted.

Creativity emerges from depression, as it turns out.  And so does perseverance:

“Successful writers are like prizefighters who keep on getting hit but won’t go down,” says Nancy Andreasen, a researcher at University of Iowa. “They’ll stick with it until it’s right. And that seems to be what the mood disorders help with.”

Lehrer, Jonah (2012-03-19). Imagine: How Creativity Works (p. 79). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Kindle Edition.

What’s true of writers and fighters is true of patriots in the battlefield, of crusaders for  justice, and of champions of a cause. The fight is never easy.  Depression sucks.  Agony hurts.  Pain is not happiness, no matter how the Ministry of Truth might spin it.

But the pain also compels action. And pain tells you you’re still alive.

Andreasen says. “If you’re at the cutting edge, then you’re going to bleed.”

Lehrer, Jonah (2012-03-19). Imagine: How Creativity Works (p. 79). Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Kindle Edition.

If you didn’t buy my Kings Row happy story, that’s fine.  You and I will weave in and out of happiness and depression for the rest of our lives.  It’s the nature of fighting for something bigger than ourseles.  Neither of us can get our arms around it alone, and when we corner it, it manages to escape.

But it can’t run forever.

If you still feel the pain of loss and hurt and fear, then you’re still alive. You still have fight in you.  And you and me and millions of others fighting for liberty should scare the crap out of Barack Obama.

John Roberts Switched His Vote Under Outside Pressure

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It won’t look like decay to many.  John Roberts will be the toast of the political class for years to come. He’ll attend all the prettiest events with the prettiest people. Barbara Streisand will have him out to her massively carbon-releasing Hollywood mansion.  The Washington Post intelligentsia will place his bust in its pantheon of The Evolved.  He might even golf with Bill and Obama.


But beneath the black robe grows a dark stain on his soul.  Day by day,  decision by decision, the stain metastasizes.

He’ll look at his grand kids and wonder how they’ll react when they learn that their grandpa betrayed his conscience and his country to avoid scorn from the political class. What will his great-grandchildren’s textbooks say about him?

And what of his country?  Will his  moral collapse speed America’s descent into totalitarianism?  Maybe the government’s textbook writers will treat him with favor.

Or will his old team prevail?  The team of rugged individualism and the power of principle.  Will America somehow rally and recover its former greatness?  And if so, how will our future history books represent the Supreme Court Chief Justice who couldn’t take the heat of Chicago politics in Washington?  How will our side describe the justice who caved?

We know now that Roberts switched his vote under intense pressure from the White House and from the press.  He sold out the more than 60% of Americans who oppose socialize medicine in order to win favor with the 8% known as the “political class.”

CBS News reports the extent of Roberts’ ostracization from the court’s conservatives:

The fact that the joint dissent doesn’t mention Roberts’ majority was not a sign of sloppiness, the sources said, but instead was a signal the conservatives no longer wished to engage in debate with him. [emphasis added]

Roberts is now a man without a country, without a cause, and without a confederate. The liberals don’t need him, and the conservatives can’t trust him.

I suspect history will be very unkind to John Roberts, no matter how America ends. History is unkind to cowards.

UPDATE:  Michael Patrick Leahy calls for lawsuit over Obamacare’s failure to adhere to origination clause.

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