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A Catholic Priest Eviscerates Childish NeverTrumpers

Reading Time: 3 minutes  Outcomes. NeverTrumpers seem to believe that the act of voting is a sort of magic spell that can right all past wrongs. Psychologists call this “magical thinking.” Children do it. Magical thinking is the belief that we can change the outside world with our thoughts. Think of rain dances and crossed fingers. Or, as …

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Trump Is the Only Viable Pro-Life Choice

Reading Time: 2 minutesSome pro-life activists like Erick Erickson are plotting ways to sabotage Donald Trump’s candidacy for president. They probably haven’t stopped to think. If they succeed in defeating Trump, they will be culpable in many, many abortions. That’s a lot of guilt for a guy like Erickson to carry around, isn’t it? Chances are Congress won’t …

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Dr. Deborah Nucatola harvests hearts, lungs, and livers from aborted fetuses for profit.a
Not Just Wrong–Evil

Reading Time: 1 minutesToday was a particularly busy day for me. I had a series of meetings. Like every hour, another meeting. From 9:00 on. I saw the text from my wife.  I didn’t have time to click on a video. I was in a room full of people. Important business. Major client and all that. And I …

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If You Want Fewer Abortions, Stop Talking About How Many There Are

Reading Time: 4 minutesI’m using abortion as an example, but this bit of science applies to all political messaging. What’s wrong with this headline? I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. It shouts: “Everybody’s getting an abortion!” Even if connected with messages that say abortion is wrong. In numerous studies, messages intended to discourage a behavior by promoting …

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This Is Why Turning People Off Is A Terrible Idea

Reading Time: 2 minutesAfter Todd Akin’s remarks about “legeitmate rape” and “shutting the whole thing down,” the pro-life movement lost steam and the number of people identifying themselves as “pro-choice” is near record highs.

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Obama Cancelled Religious Freedom, But Some People Aren’t Listening to Obama

Reading Time: 1 minutesWhen Obama decreed that Catholics shall support and provide chemical abortions, he wasn’t promoting women. He was shackling religion. Totalitarian autocrats don’t cotton freedom, unless they personally granted it.  Obama doesn’t believe in individual liberty, but that all power and rights emanate from government. Timothy Cardinal Dolan agrees. So it’s exciting to report that some St. Louisans …

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Video: White House Chief of Staff Says Obama Has Complete Power to Decree Healthcare Rules

Reading Time: 1 minutesJack Lew, Obama’s Chief of Staff, says Obamacare law gives the President the power make rules regarding your health.  Period. Lee Presser’s comment nails it: Chris Wallace states this is precisely the reason why so many people oppose Obamacare. Share this frightening power grab with your friends.

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40 Days of Life

Reading Time: 1 minutesForty Days of Life is a peaceful, prayerful response the poverty of abortion. The Coalition for Life is a community based Christian pro-life organization made up of over 90 churches and thousands of individuals who are working to end abortion in St. Louis, peacefully and prayerfully.  The 40 Days for Life St. Louis Adopt-A-Day program …

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