Stop The Crazy Talk: Vote Fraud Didn’t Cost Romney The Election

Reading Time: 3 minutesI wrote yesterday that if you need someone to blame, blame me. Don’t blame bogeymen. Yes, vote fraud is real. Voter rolls in most states need to be cleaned up. Voter intimidation should be harshly prosecuted. You can sign up at True the Vote or Missouri Precinct Project to take effective, useful action. These organizations …

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This Is How To Spend Election Day

Reading Time: 2 minutesConservatives take great pride in working, and for good reason. Work gives shape to life. Work is the poles of a tent, the bones of a body, the beams in the ceiling. But work isn’t why we live. We live to pursue happiness. For some, the pursuit of happiness involves acquiring property. Land, clothes, cars, …

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Life As You’ve Known It Is About To Change

Reading Time: 2 minutesYou have a choice. You can drive that change, or you can be swallowed by it. In a free society, people have liberty to do anything except a few prohibited things. In a totalitarian society, people have liberty to do nothing except a few permitted things. In a free society, the people have a black …

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Mitt Romney’s Cleaning Up in Early Voting, but It’s Confused the Hell Out of Politico

Reading Time: 1 minutesGallup released its early voting poll today, and it shows Mitt Romney winning 52% to 45%—right in line with their Likely Voter poll numbers. Here’s the chart. Politico Reporter Can’t Read But Gallup’s section on early voting by party ID completely lost Politico’s Kevin Robillard. Robillard looked at the chart that shows when voters intend …

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Excellent Commercial by Ed Martin for Missouri Attorney General

Reading Time: 1 minutesEd Martin’s new TV commercial is excellent for many fundamental marketing reasons. Ed’s energy, commitment, and love of people shines through. Still, the commercial is a waste of time and money unless people see it. Here’s how you can help:  buy air time. If you want an Attorney General who will protect Missouri’s sovereignty and …

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Ignoramus Rex

Reading Time: 1 minutesArguably, the most important battles for economic liberty in the next  four years will be between states and the government in Washington. The progressives in Washington want to consolidate power and money to feed the insatiable appetite of parasites in the USA and the world. Rex Sinquefield, the billionaire Bishop DuBourg alum who masquerades as …

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How to Write Yourself Into the Great American Novel

Reading Time: 3 minutesA couple years ago, a lot of folks believed that victory in 2010 would be a cakewalk. Led by Tea Party activists, the GOP picked up over 800 legislative seats, state and federal, in the 2010 off-year election. Rumors of the Republican Party’s death had been greatly exaggerated. Or so it seemed. Novels and action …

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Ed Martin’s AG Race Makes 3rd Anniversary Tea Party Even More Important

Reading Time: 2 minutesTwo weeks ago, weeks ago, how many Missouri statewide offices did you expect to flip?  Be honest. Yes, there are great people running for Governor, Secretary of State, and Treasurer.  And we already have a fine Lieutenant Governor Kinder running for re-election. But numerous factors, like name recognition, experience, and Jay Nixon’s weird relationship with …

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