We All Need a Drink

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Ever come across a text you know, but forgot?

I did recently. This gem of a paragraph leapt off the page and into my mind:

I believe this nation hungers for a spiritual revival; hungers to once again see honor placed above political expediency; to see government once again the protector of our liberties, not the distributor of gifts and privilege. Government should uphold and not undermine those institutions which are custodians of the very values upon which civilization is founded — religion, education and, above all, family. Government cannot be clergyman, teacher and patriot. It is our servant, beholden to us.

Ronald Reagan spoke those words on November 13, 1979, as he announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Yes, that’s November–two months before Iowa and New Hampshire–not 12 months before.

The funny thing about great truths: they have staying power.

Who Will Serve That Drink?

But I wonder how many candidates for high office today hold such firm, self-evident, and transcendent beliefs. How many candidates hold a theory of government at all?

Let’s look at what Reagan believed America thirsted for in 1979:

  • Spiritual revival
  • Honor before political expediency
  • Government as protector of our liberties, not as grantor of gifts and privilege
  • Government upholding, not undermining, religion, education, and family
  • Government as our servant, beholden to us

I believe our nation still thirsts for those five sips of freedom.

Spiritual Thirst

We need a spiritual revival, and not just a religious revival. Our national spirits are low–as low as they were in 1979. Reagan’s announcement speech reminded me of the spirit of that age when he said:

Much of this talk has come from leaders who claim that our problems are too difficult to handle. We are supposed to meekly accept their failures as the most which humanly can be done. They tell us we must learn to live with less, and teach our children that their lives will be less full and prosperous than ours have been; that the America of the coming years will be a place where — because of our past excesses — it will be impossible to dream and make those dreams come true.

Doesn’t that sound like the defeatist nonsense we hear from Barack Obama every day? Our best days are behind us. We need to live like Bangladeshi squatters. We don’t deserve the marvels we invented and built.

Oh, Lord, give us a spiritual revival and shake us from our cowardly nap!

Political Honor

How about honor before political expediency? Couldn’t we use a little of that? In Jefferson City, some good Republicans (and I mean good ones) are prepared to accept the politically expedient Prescription Drug Monitoring bill over the honor (and loneliness) of remaining the last state to grant her citizens privacy in healthcare.

Political expediency rules the day in Washington, too, where Republicans have become champions of the Export-Import Bank. And a lot of Democrats who used to know better, too.

Protector of Liberty

And that leads us to our next great thirst, for a government that protects our liberties instead of passing out gifts and privilege. The Export-Import Bank is a grantor of gifts and privilege, I don’t care if Ronald Reagan anointed the building with sacred oils from Russell Kirk’s tobacco pipe.

The labor force is smaller than it has been since before Reagan announce his candidacy in 1979. People are not working, and this time, the government doesn’t want them to. How long can 92 million workers continue to support 230 million recipients?

Paying people to live like trinkets on a shelf is not compassion: it’s spiritual murder.

No wonder our spirits are low. And I’m not talking about the spirits of the workers; I’m talking about the low spirits of the idle. Meaningful work gives meaning to our lives. Every generation, when it’s young, feels angst and hopelessness. That’s because they’re not doing meaningful work yet.

Those young men and women in uniform all around the world and all around the states, they don’t have so much angst. They know they have a mission and a purpose. They know others benefit from their labor, and that’s exactly how they want it.

We need to help people feel a similar sense of mission and purpose in their lives. Every human being deserves to know the feeling of having done hard work well, but America is putting that fundamental, vital experience at risk in millions of lives.

In Resilience: Hard-Won Wisdom for Living a Better Life, Eric Greitens describes the destructive nature of idleness beautifully:

I believe it’s also true that without some sense of meaningful struggle in our lives, something inside us begins to break down, a part of us begins to die. Yet it’s amazing how adaptable human beings can be. When we are kept from doing hard and meaningful work (perhaps by living in a prison of idle comfort , by drinking to excess, or by spending endless hours in front of video games or the Internet), people still find ways to eke out an existence. In the long run , though, deprivation of purpose is as destructive as deprivation of sleep. Without purpose, we can survive— but we cannot flourish.

We need leaders of vision and purpose to fix that and fast.

Faith, Education, Family

And by fixing that government-coerced purposelessness, government will take a big step away from its evil (yes, I said “evil”) destruction of religion, education, and family.

The federal government is openly and wantonly hostile to every religion (with possibly one exception). It tells people of every major faith–every one–that their views are mere superstitions that deserve the scorn of the “enlightened” and the regulation of government.

The federal government seeks to regulate families and dictate what parents may teach their children.

And the federal government is working to destroy community and family schools, replacing them with a Common Core education developed largely by a billionaire whose previous adventures in education ended in unmitigated failure. (The man doesn’t know basic statistics. And then some.)

A Beholden Government

And all of these government-created problems and their natural, American solutions, can be summed up in Reagan’s last quest. When a government is our servant, it does our bidding. When we are government’s servant, government brings us down.

If your spirits are low–lower now than when you began reading–buck up. The belief Reagan shared after that litany of problems inspires today as it did the week after the Iranian Hostage Crisis began:

A troubled and afflicted mankind looks to us, pleading for us to keep our rendezvous with destiny; that we will uphold the principles of self-reliance, self-discipline, morality, and — above all — responsible liberty for every individual that we will become that shining city on a hill.

I believe that you and I together can keep this rendezvous with destiny.

Let 2016 be the election year we renew our spirit with a sip of life-giving water from the river Liberty and keep our rendezvous with destiny.


Which Two Industries Suck Most at Customer Service?

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Want to know why Net Neutrality is dangerous?

Forget the Constitutional stuff. That’s important, but most people don’t care. Seriously. As soon as you mention the Constitution or mercantilism, the 99% walk away.

And the remaining 1% already agree with you.

No, the way to scare people about Net Neutrality is this chart from Statista:

Infographic: Which Industries Have The Worst Customer Service?  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

The only thing worse than Comcast’s customer service? Comcast’s customer service regulated by the federal government.

Net Neutrality is the happy name of a plan to make the second-worst customer service even worse.

Which Barack Obama is Right?

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A genius is someone who can hold contrary concepts simultaneously in mind.

What, then, do we call a person who simultaneously argues two contrary concepts?


How ‘bout “demagogue?”

A few weeks ago, Barack Obama told America’s business owners that they are not responsible for their success.  “Someone else built that.”

Today, the same Obama told Mitt Romney that there not many people who consider themselves victims.

Does Mr. Obama believe that people in dire straights are not victims of circumstances? It seems so. Obama’s telling us that if you succeed, it’s because someone else helped you, but if you fail, you fail on your own.

If that is Obama’s meaning, then his idea of cradle-to-grave government dependency would be, simply, immoral. You don’t systematically reward people who repeatedly fail.

I’d like to welcome Mr. Obama to the world of people who believe we are masters of our domains. But we know Mr. Obama is a demagogue, arguing both sides of the same point to secure himself another four years of dictatorial rule.


Meet the GSA’s 8th Grade Minds That Run Your Life

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There are two kinds of people in America: those who grow up to become productive adults, and those who become bureaucrats.

The GSA scandal lit up the 3 Stooges mentality of the “men and women” who would run every aspect of your life if Obama and his czars get their way.

Jeff Neely’s the guy Thomas Jefferson had in mind when wrote:

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.

Neely and his wife showed no shame in living like Donald Trump on taxpayers’ dollars. They posted these photos on Google+.

When you meet one of those undecided voters this year, the ones whose white guilt wants to give Obama four more years to destroy America, show them these pictures of the people who eat the food they can’t afford to feed their kids.

Then there’s Martha Johnson, appointed by both Clinton and Obama to bureaucratic leadership.  While she “will mourn for the rest of my life the loss of my appointment,” she still saw fit to give Neely a fat tax dollar bonus for his work in staging the Vegas boondoggle.

On the flip side, there were heroes, like Susan Brita, the whistleblower who uncovered the nonsense. Trouble is, in a bureacracy, it’s the  arrogant swine like Neely who tend to rise to the top–the ones who believe, like their White House leaders, that bureaucrats are the moral superiors of the subjects, the serfs, the commoners.

If we don’t clean house this November, we deserve the gulag we’ll surely inhabit.

NYT Describes Mayhem of “Taxmageddon”, And It Will Scare You Sick

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What the hell’s going on at NYT? First, they do a piece on Andrew Breitbart. Then they warn the world that Taxmageddon will crush the world in 2013, beginning with the USA.

Here’s how Business Insider summarized the David Leohardt article:

Basically, with no changes to current law, taxes will rise for everyone, and after tax, inflation-adjusted income for the average American will drop to 1998 levels.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/nyt-here-comes-taxmageddon-2012-4#ixzz1s9RHtbZC

It’s largest tax increase in the history of Western Civilization, and it will happen if Congress doesn’t stop it. We could be looking at a 5 percent drop in GDP in 2013 alone.

Taxmageddon is the result of decades of borrowing to feed the entitlement monster. Only real entitlement reform will solve it.

The After Party will be at Crowne Plaza Grille at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Clayton on Thursday, April 19 at 7:00 pm. Join us. Bring a friend.

BTW, David Leonhardt’s strategy for heading off Taxmageddon is electing Mitt Romney president. Imagine that.