The Don Draper Approach To Sequester

Reading Time: 2 minutesA reporter once informed Cary Grant, the legendary leading man, that a Time Magazine poll found him the man most American men wanted to be. Was Grant surprised? “No,” he said. “Everybody wants to be Cary Grant. I want to be Cary Grant.” Don Draper is the new Cary Grant Who doesn’t want to be …

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Dear Conservatives: We Are Already Losing 2016

Reading Time: 2 minutesIf you need to blame someone for our election losses, blame me. I Let You Down I could have done more. I could have spoken up sooner. I could have been more honest with you about the mistakes we made and the opportunities we ignored. I could have worked harder on what I saw as …

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Is Petraeus Taking Obama With Him?

Reading Time: 3 minutesNote:  This is a flight of fantasy. If anything in this post is later shown to conform reality, it’s pure coincidence.  Nor am I accusing Gen. Petraeus of any crime or of compromising of national security secrets. (Just enjoy it, will ya?) A sex scandal rocks the king of spies. An email chain unravels the …

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Media Conspire to Suppress Republican Turnout

Reading Time: 1 minutesSt. Louis’s KSDK.com is doing its fair share to suppress the Republican voter turnout. They’re pumping a handful of counted votes to give the impression that Obama is walking away with the national popular vote: Here’s the scam. Only 42 votes have been counted in a country of 150 million registered voters. In other words, …

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Obama Shuts Down Another Small Business

Reading Time: 1 minutes200,000 That’s the number of small businesses lost during the Obama Administration. If re-elected, Obama promises to accelerate the policies that destroyed American jobs, investments, and companies. Voting isn’t enough. We need your help at 9966 Lin Ferry Drive, St. Louis, MO 63123. Pick you day to work the phones and get out the vote: …

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Here’s How Nate Silver Determines Obama’s Chances of Winning

Reading Time: 1 minutesNate Silver publishes a daily number that represents Barack Obama’s chances of being re-elected. As I write this on October 27, Silver’s magic number is 74%. Nate Silver explains his scientific approach to picking winners in elections.

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When The Three O’Clock Call Came, Barack Obama Froze

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe fog of war is lifting from Benghazi, and what lies beneath should shame Obama’s most ardent supporters. Barack Obama choked, and Americans died. When America came under attack, Obama panicked and froze. When Americans under his direction pleaded for their lives, he was afraid to pull the trigger. Here’s the emerging picture. White House …

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What The Pollsters Aren’t Telling You

Reading Time: 1 minutesPolls do influence elections. That’s why people like Nate Silver and some of the writers at Business Insider are doing somersaults over Gallup’s Daily Presidential Tracking numbers. For over a week, Gallup has shown a tidal wave for support for Mitt Romney. Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight tried to discredit Gallup by blogging about outlier results …

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