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Italy Erases 600 years of Scientific Progress

The next time some liberal tells you the United States needs to act more like Europe, tell them, “no, we believe in science.” Italy sentenced six scientists to prison for the felony of failing to predict an earthquake. Seriously. The people who brought us da Vinci, Columbus, and Marconi believe that those wizards in lab …

2012 Election

Don’t Bet On Election Outcomes

“Anybody will beat Obama.” I get some comments and see a lot of tweets about the inevitability that any Republican will win in November. That’s frightening. The prospect of a Republican beating Obama isn’t frightening, of course—any of the four remaining candidates would be night and day better for our future.  What’s frightening is that …


More Evidence That Al Gore’s A Liar

This gem of bad news for environmentalist wackos comes from the U. S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works via Drudge:  Fewer than half of all peer-reviewed scientists who have written on global warming endorse the idea of man-made global warming. Of 528 total papers on climate change, only 38 (7%) gave an explicit …