NHL For Sale

For $3.5 billion, it could be yours.

The Wall Street Journal reports that he NHL is considering selling itself to a group in Boston:

The audacious move to buy the NHL is the first of its kind involving a major U.S. sports league. If successful, a sale would convert the NHL from a collection of 30 individual franchises to what’s known in the sports industry as a single entity. Such centralized ownership, used by Major League Soccer, the Women’s National Basketball Association and other smaller leagues, significantly reduces the free-market competition for players that has characterized hockey and other sports for decades.

Hockey is my favorite sport, and I miss the NHL.  This move, however, scares me.  What if the owner decided it wanted to get out of the hockey business?  Still, anything to have a season next year, and anything to keep the ticket prices in line. 

Author: William Hennessy

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