Yes, there are many other things to write about. My move to Ballwin, Missouri has interrupted both my observations of the world at large and my commenting on them. Still, a singularly inspiring photo caught my eye:
Pope meet Abbas

The evil, hate-mongering Benedict XVI plays nice with the new Palestinian leader. When I was a cynical young man, I’d have made good humor about this. Today, though, and only by God’s beneficence, I see nothing but hope. Nothing but hope. Hope eternal, in God, through Christ His son, our Lord. Amen.

Author: William Hennessy

Co-founder of St. Louis Tea Party Coalition and Nationwide Chicago Tea Party Persuasive design expert Latest book: Turning On Trump: An Evolution (2016) Author of The Conservative Manifest (1993), Zen Conservatism (2009), Weaving the Roots (2011), and Fight to Evolve (2016) I believe every person deserves the dignity of meaningful work as the only path to human flourishing.