He’s In! **UPDATES**

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Even though he spoke the words much earlier during the Tonight Show’s taping, just moments ago, Americans heard it for the first time.  “I am running for President of the United States,” Fred told Jay Leno. 

If the audience in NBC’s Burbank studios represented a cross-section of the US, then Fred’s announcement is a welcome one.  The audience went wild.

I got the feeling Fred was a little tight just around the time he said he’s running.  He developed a distracting habit of slapping his thigh with his right hand at the end of every sentence, audibly enough that I missed the final word of several thoughts.  Hell, I’d be nervous, too.

His sense of humor is perfect.  “It’s a lot harder to get on the Tonight Show than to get into a presidential debate,” he said explaining why he skipped the New Hampshire debate.

After the break, Fred talked about the war on terror.  He said the kinds of things that, I think, we all wish President Bush had said and would say.  And balances his statements wonderfully.  When Jay Leno speculated as to why so many people around the world seem to hate America, Fred reminded him that part of that comes with being the most powerful and richest country in the history of the world.  He went on [paraphrasing], “I think we’re more unpopular than we need to be.  But  . . . our people have spilled more blood fought more battles for the freedom and liberty of other people than anyone else in the world, so I won’t apologize of our country.”  Thuderous applause.

Now, go watch the video at Fred08.com.  It’s you duty.

The Discerning Texan questions the venue Fred chose to announce.

**UPDATE** It appears Fred’s servers are overwhelmed by the demand for the video.   But don’t give up!  This is great news.  Everybody wants more of Fred. 

**UPDATE**  CNN.com has looping video of the Fred ’08 busses parked outside of a building.  This excellent streamcasting, people, the whole reason Al Gore invented the Internets. 

If You Want Something Done Right . . .

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. . . you have to do it yourself.

That’s the MSM’s motto over the upcoming Patraeus report to Congress on progress in Iraq.

The facts are obvious:  since the surge and offensive began, the terrorists in Iraq have become less effective.  The surge and the offensive are working.  Those who agree with this view inlude these liberals and Democrats:

I can’t the MSM disagree, but I can say they don’t care.  They want America to lose the war, and they won’t sit idly by while George Bush and the military go out and win this thing.

The MSM counted on the insurgents to stage massive attacks prior to the Patraeus report to Congress.  So far, that hasn’t happened.  The MSN, particular through their Associated Press, have filled our heads with every negative story on Iraq they can find–even if they have to make them up. 

If mainstream reporters had any guts, they’d strapped bombs to themselves and detonated them up in malls. They’d join the terrorists outright in the war against Western Civilization. 

But these AP cowards are just that:  cowards.  They run gratuitous, negative statistics about Iraq and ONLY negative statistitics.  They intentionally bury good news out of Iraq.   They invent negative statistics when no one else will provide them.  When nothing else works, they conduct a slanted poll attempting to prove that most American believe Patraeus’s report is a lie.   

How do we start a new service for people who don’t hate America?