Breaking: Racist Wright Resigns From Obama Campaign

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Via Politico:

Spokesman Tommy Vietor emails:

“Rev. Wright is no longer serving on the African American Religious Leadership Committee.”

This is a reversal of the campaign’s official line, according to Gateway Pundit. I guess Barack’s not black enough for Rev. Wright.

See my previous post on Obama and Wright.  

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  1. Thanks, John. Actually, Obama just admitted he’s known of Wright’s anti-US and anti-white teachings since the very beginning of his campaign one year ago [here] and [here]. What a stupid thing to admit. Barack denounced the teachings only because he got caught.

    Obama might not be evil, but he’s a coward.

  2. It is about time.

    Jeremiah Wright’s radical views were no secret. They have been a topic on talk radio for months while there has been a de facto MSM blackout of Barack’s church. It is interesting that Wright’s views were little discussed while Mitt’s church received intense scrutiny. To borrow a phrase, it has taken a while for the chickens to come home to roost.

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