Day: July 27, 2008

Politics, Science

Coming Soon . . . Global Warming Skepticism Illegal *UPDATE*

Steve McIntyre tears to shreds an anti-speech ruling by the British equivalent of the FCC, Ofcom.  Ofcom ruled that a documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” violated rules, essentially, because the producers presented evidence contrary to the party line of the United Nations and the Labor government. In other words, in the UK, thou shalt …

Politics, Science

More on Hansen’s Fraud

While my flaming headline (“Dr. James Hansen of GISS is a Liar and Fraud“) received a fair amount of attention, people a lot smarter than I are carefully documenting the facts that led to my unavoidable conclusion. One such appears on the Telegraph today.  Christopher Booker (corrected link) notes that Dr. Hansen’s GISS center is …

Foreign Relations, Politics

Obama’s 180 on Troops in Iraq

The boy-candidate has changed his mind again.  For the second third fourth umpteenth time in a week, Barack Obama has shifted his view of how long American forces must stay in Iraq.  His latest position “articulated” Saturday in an interview with Newsweek parrots the long-held positions of the Bush administration and of rival John McCain:  …