Peace-Loving Libs Attempt to Kill Republicans in Minnesota *UPDATE*

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Not an exaggeration.  Gateway Pundit was an intended target as leftist protestors hurled sacks of rocks and cement on speeding busses of GOP delegates, media, and participants.  The leftards stood on overpasses above an interstate highway and dropped the sacks on passing busses.

A few years back in St. Louis, a woman–recent emigrant from Russia–was killed by a rock dropped from an overpass over I-64 as she returned home from work late one evening.  A heavy object dropped onto a fast-moving vehicle is reasonably expected to cause death or great bodily harm.  Therefore, everyone who dropped a sack, helped drop sacks, spotted, encouraged, or failed to stop or to warn authorities is guilty of attempted murder.  Will they be charged?

They better be.  The best way to stop this nonsense is not deterrence but incarceration.  They can’t reach the bridges from a penitentiary.

Expectedly, the MSM ignore the story.

*UPDATE* 80-year-old man injured.  Maybe we need some conservative counter-protesters who know their way around a hockey stick.

**UPDATE** Powerline reports that a busload of Cub Scouts also came under attack.  The police should have shot the sons-of-bitches on the spot.


  • Barry

    September 3, 2008

    Even if you don’t like republicans, it’s stupid to be throwing things at their campaign buses. A very stupid reason to have your background checks return results later on in life.

  • rueben

    September 1, 2008

    Since neither Bush nor Schwartzneggar nor Cheney nor McCain nor Ventura is attending the Republican National Convention, Trace Crutchfield just might be the only republican in the Twin Cities and surely the best hope for the Party.

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